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01:34 AM on 06/06/2011
Who needs education? As it is Bloomberg and the companies he controls and works with control what we do in class he might as well be in every classroom staring at us like a Uncle Sam poster. Now don’t get me wrong saving money is important, but there is a difference between saving money and being cheap; and Bloomberg you and your associates are cheap. “Teachers are to blame” NO life is to blame policies are to blame the system that was developed and twisted to better people is to blame not teachers.
12:09 AM on 06/06/2011
There is no logic on testing teachers through students' performance on ABC's tests or whatever performance test they decide to give to the students. And if they are testing or willing to test teachers based on a test because of low budget, the invest on this tests will decrease the budget even more. This is just a fancy and cheap plan that will not work, and even worse, will just destroy education. I don't know how many times we have to say this, Train teachers, don't fire them... Improve the quality of our education, don't take it from our hands... Fix our schools, don't close them...
02:07 PM on 06/04/2011
BE AWARE OF 3TK!! 3TK is is a horrible idea. I don't seem to see how such test would be beneficial to students and to teachers. Many students are no too great test takers, and in my opinion test don't prove how smart a person truly is. Standardized test are based on memory and the ability to follow directions. Standardized test don't truly show how intellectual we can be. Of the many good teachers that are left all teach us how to think for our selves. It would be truly unfair to see a teacher go just because not every one can get an "A" on a test. If anything our teachers should be the ones making these test, not corporations that make 48 dollars per student that take these test. The 21st century education system has become a monetary education system.
11:25 PM on 06/03/2011
As the headline of the article said, the 3TK is an awful idea. I don't see how this test will help in anyway, yet I can find a number of reasons why it is a bad idea. This test puts pressure on the teachers, with the 3TK they will be more worry about teaching students how to pass the test rather than teaching them about the real material we need to learn (for life not just a test). It is also unfair for the students to take extra tests that are use so grade someone also. Thinking about it, high school could be a very stressful time for students. With College research, applications, jobs, afterschool programs, regents, SATs, ACT and finals students already have their hands full. Another thing I don't get about the 3TK is the where the heck did the money come from? I mean, the goverment was doing budget cuts on teachers and schools programs a few weeks ago and now we have extra money to make up a test the is not needed? Why don't we use that money to fix the schools and make up programs that are really needed in our community. Like said before, 3TK is an awful idea.
08:18 PM on 06/03/2011
I think that this idea of testing the teachers by the student's test scores is senseless. There are many reasons that a student may fail a test, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the teacher is doing a bad job and should get fired. If this plan passes through, I really believe that the drop out rate will increase stupendously. I highly doubt that any student will want to go to school to constantly take tests that won't really benefit them in the years ahead. This plan is only focusing on evaluating the teachers but it doesn't focus on how it will affect students in the long run. The teachers would be so pressured that they will only focus on getting the students to pass the test, rather than teaching them the subject to the fullest. There is way more cons than pros in this idea. What if a student happened to fail the test just because he/she disliked the teacher? There's many questions that are being left unanswered in this idea. I definitely disagree with this.
01:09 PM on 06/03/2011
I dislike the fact how the “government “wants to try out the teachers through us students. I think teachers should be the one to be tested at least every year, because they are the ones teaching the students. We are the ones, learning from them and the false information we get from them can lead us to being “uneducated kids." In the other hand test aren't the best ways to test any ones smarts. It’s a way to trick you and confuse you; it’s basically a setup for failure.
09:33 AM on 06/03/2011
This clearly makes very little sense. Due to the fact that when you test prep that is all you do test prep. It doesn't prepare you for life at all. This 3TK thing is going to take college prep out of the picture. It will also take real life learning out of the picture. Another problem with this it will increase drop out rate because students are going to get so bored with school.
05:56 PM on 06/01/2011
Thats crazy! How can they do this to us students. They should not even be doing that because how you really know if the students are really focus. Instead of them paying attention to the teachers they should pay attention to the students that are in need of more supplies and more resorces!
01:37 PM on 06/01/2011
It's awful the way the government is trying to test teachers by testing student. Because this can lead to a lot of misunderstanding with the students and teacher on the way their being graded, and not to mention those students parent will also have issues with that and end up transferring their child out the school. which means less money for that school and less money for teachers.
11:49 PM on 05/31/2011
Wait, aren't we supposed to be in a "Race to the Top"? The top of where? The top of all monetary systems? Essentially, that is what this is all about. If ANYONE believe this ridiculous plan is actually effective they are sadly mistaken. Just as Alan Singer said, the teacher will only train their students for the test and real learning will be swept under the rug. Why in the world does Bloomberg believe that the education system is a business? If 3TK is put into play, high school drop out rates will sky rocket and a high school graduate will become rare. "Dumbing us down" is exactly what we want to do, so essentially, we are 'racing to the top' with two broken legs.
11:33 AM on 05/31/2011
You take the prize. Fabulous post. This needs to go everywhere.
10:10 AM on 05/31/2011
A friend I once knew worked for wells fargo financial and in their conversations they constantly discussed stats and figures such as the ones now discussed by the education community. They all had to make their numbers or face termination. Needless to say they cheated customers and many of those customers have lost their homes. Those employees have also lost their jobs but wells fargo bank now thrives in new york, are we seriously adopting the failed policy of thieves to education. I agree with luis uraina, these new tools will only force teachers to cheat so they can keep their jobs. Standardized test such as 3tk are useless and are intended as a money making tool for test prep companies.
06:11 PM on 05/30/2011
When I first heard about the plan to test teachers by testing students I thought it was a flawless idea that could only benefit students by exposing the teachers that are lazy and careless. After reading this article my mind has completely changed. If 3TK gets approved, I'll be attending school
12:18 PM on 05/30/2011
There is one situation the test pushers did not want to take into account. The students know the tests scores mean nothing to them and their grades. Some of the rebellious teens do not even bother to read the questions and complete the answers . The school reformers demand teachers' accountability however the students are not held accountable for their own learning. As long as the students are let go away with practically everything without the consequences, the school reformers do not have any credibility to cry for teachers' evaluation based on standardized testing.
05:51 PM on 05/29/2011
In the past, when chancellors, superintendents, principals and assistant principals rose up through the ranks from being a teacher, there was no need for such tests. They knew what they were seeing when they observed a teacher. Now, the administrators are business people who haven't got a clue about teaching, and they don't know how to analyze what a teacher is doing in the classroom. All they know is data. Common sense is gone. How can I have students who get 90's, 80,s all the way down to failing, when I am the same teacher giving the same lesson? The variables that have been ignored here are each and every student.