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11:42 AM on 06/05/2011
Do NOT vote for Obama in the 2012 Primary, write-in Anthony Weiner instead, Weiner voted against the Patriot Act Extension, btw.
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03:02 PM on 06/05/2011
Good idea. Although I'd probably write in Feingold - who also voted against the Patriot Act and going to war with Iraq, etc.

But, even though Obama probably won't have any truly progressive challengers and will easily win the primary, at least that's a really good way to make a point with our votes.
11:14 AM on 06/05/2011
Republicrats. They're all the same. Yet, somehow, we feel better when we take sides and point fingers.
Ayla McIntosh
Nothing is new but only forgotten.
10:58 AM on 06/05/2011
Obama never lied, he just had us chanting; oh yes we can! We believed his Audacity of Hope and the Urgency of the rich are richer, Americans poorer, and our online presence, phone calls documented.

I'm tired of O's smile while he looks after the very few and plans his lucrative retirement.
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pushing buttons
11:53 AM on 06/05/2011
You got that one right F
02:27 PM on 06/05/2011
Obama lied often. It's what he does best.
10:20 AM on 06/05/2011
Obama serves the financial elites who profit and gain control with an ever widening Police State.

Most Americans are just Serfs whether they know it or not.
Don't tread on me.
11:53 AM on 06/05/2011
You live in the greatest country in the world.
and corporations aren't people!
03:40 PM on 06/05/2011
You live in the largest fantasy in the world. America is no longer "the greatest country" by so, so many measures. We have income inequality that rates right down there with third-world dictatorships. We have the most expensive health care (by a factor of about two) in the world, but the results of that expense gives us health that is not even in the top ten (barely the top 20). We have institutionalized -- and now have court-guaranteed -- corruption of our legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch, leading to a system of justice that isn't even in the top 25 in the world. I'd go on, but I doubt you'd understand the point -- which is that simply chanting "We're Number One" every few seconds for a decade or two does not make it true.
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11:54 AM on 06/05/2011
Wow! TWO intelligent, non-O defensive comments in a row! F
09:54 AM on 06/05/2011
Yep, the only thing different is that Obama somewhat disarms the opposition to this treason by being a Democrat that calls for changes! Otherwise, if anything it is worse not better!
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11:55 AM on 06/05/2011
THREE... count em 3 thoughtful intelligent comments about the real nature of Obama in a row.... a new hp record of some kind! F
05:16 PM on 06/05/2011
Youi must be having fun doing this. It is all the people like me that voted for Change and got. I have not a clue! But this is not what I learned that our Republic is supposed to be like. We are so far from it. Will we be able to survive?
Pretty far so good
09:49 AM on 06/05/2011
"...Paul Revere rode on his horse through town ringing those bells and shooting those guns so we could be free:" words of famed historian Sarah Palin. But then came the Patriot Act. Paul Revere was a patriot. But the title of this stinking piece of legislation is an insult to our American patriots and a huge reminder of the Bush idealogy. His advisers liked to use terms like "Patriot Act," "Freedom Fries," "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and other Madison avenue slogans to hide their agenda. Maybe Obama knows something that we don't but he'll never convince me that the Patriot Act in its present form is worth anything more than to be rolled out next to the toilets in the capitol building.
Slater Torret
11:22 AM on 06/05/2011
"Deranged man held in psych unit: awaiting evaluation."

A local man has been arrested after riding through town on a horse warning residents of lack of political representation. Paul Revere, a silversmith, is being held in the Lexington Psychiatric Unit and is awaiting evaluation. State law does not require a lawyer be assigned to Revere before his legal hearing to decide if he should be detained. If so, a team of psychiatrists will coordinate a plan of care.

"They won't let me see or talk to him until after the evaluation," said Revere's wife, Rachel. "So, no, I can't say as to what state he is in. Just, you know, very concerned about where our country is headed."

Revere was also shocked by a surprise visit by the FBI. "It was the first I'd heard he'd been detained. I was getting kind of worried, and of course, when they showed me their badges, I feared the worse."

"They took his computer, my laptop and both our cell phones. And since then, I know this sounds paranoid, but there's a funny clicking sound when I use the landline," she continued. "They went through his desk and workshop and took all his files."

"Court order? No, they didn't show me any warrant, if that's what you mean," said Mrs. Revere.
02:44 PM on 06/05/2011
right on!
03:20 PM on 06/05/2011
Except it wouldn't be a news story. We'd never hear about it.
Slater Torret
09:11 AM on 06/05/2011
When Obama voted to give telecoms immunity is when I first suspected he was a fink. At the time, I wrote it off to political pandering, soothing the power elite in a bid for contributions. What a disappointment Obama has become.
I am asking for more soup.
09:58 AM on 06/05/2011
He has been a very disappointing president. Looking to 2012, what is our choice?
Slater Torret
10:07 AM on 06/05/2011
Not good. Hopefully a Progressive will run as an Independent. At least we could show our disappointment by voting for a candidate rather than staying at home, which is, IMO, what happened in Nov. 2010.

This is a re-post, but you may find it interesting:

In the Pew Research Report, "Beyond Red vs. Blue," section 1, "The Political Typology," there's a graph "How the Typology Groups Voted," comparing turn out in 2008 and 2010. About 10% more conservatives voted in 2010 than 2008, but about 14% of liberals stayed home. (I'll admit, those are rough numbers because the eight groups differ in size.)

Also of interest in the report is another chart from "Obama, 2012, and the Tea Party," that lists 37% planning to vote Republican and 47% planning to vote for Obama. That's 16% undecided. If we could get 10-15% voting for a third-party Progressive, and Obama wins without a plurality, we could at least demand a seat at the table the way the Tea-Party has.
Shain Eighmey
10:48 AM on 06/05/2011
Probably no one who is suitable to beat President Obama, but this may be a good chance to slip in many independents into the House of Reps and possibly a Senator or two.
08:49 AM on 06/05/2011
I think President Obama's embrace of a lot of the policies of the Bush administration is just proof that President Bush was right. Once President Obama got a look behind the curtain, he was able to understand why what President Bush was doing was important. It says a lot of about President Obama's character that instead of trying to score political points, he chose to do what he was elected to do, and protect the country.
design & production
12:41 PM on 06/05/2011
make the rich richer ? because that was what boosh was interested in, and that's about it.
08:37 AM on 06/05/2011
the "tone" - yup... Obama is very good at talking for hours without saying anything definitively...

so he can tell civil libertarians to go pound sand with a smile on his face and they just walk away amused.
08:24 AM on 06/05/2011
Does not matter who is president, dem or repub, it's the system thats corrupt. By the time politicians reach the national level they are totally bought out by special interests. They have to pander to us for votes, but they serve the hand that feeds them. The top one percent in this country own most of the wealth, and can buy our government officials via lobbying, which is just legalized bribery. It won't change because the only people who can enact change are the ones being bribed. The country will end someday, probably far in the future, but these abuses of power committed by both sides are the seeds of it's destruction that will bring this country down. Even worse, the american public is becoming more ignorant, and less able to think, which leads to just following blindly you particular ideology. If you think either side is a solution, you are seriously deluded. It's time for a new paradigm, even a new constitution. One that expands on the concept of freedom, in the same way the constitution did over the magna carta.
Slater Torret
09:12 AM on 06/05/2011
Have you seen "Zeitgiest, Moving Forward?" (I think that's the name) It's long but interesting.

Good points.
and corporations aren't people!
03:54 PM on 06/05/2011
I'm your number 2 fan, KLK (somebody beat me to number 1). You said this very well. The only thing you didn't say that I would have added is that the country is so polarized that making any sort of significant change is somewhat likely to require a combined revolution/civil war. While that might be necessary, it will create enormous tragedies along the way.
08:08 AM on 06/05/2011
I like the law is classified and therefore secret from the people. We do not have the appropriate classification levels to even see what is in this law. Give me a break. Where is the openness that was promised to us. Each time they pass this act for another 4 year hitch, they have added more infringments (that we do not know about but they are there) to our basic freedoms.
The senators are pressured into passing the bill "because it will cause a "hick-up" in current investigations. Ok it is legal now. Then the law lapses and things go back the way they should be. So whatever they were doing on the investigation is now Illegal. I get it.
So is that what we really want a Illegal, legal law. Think about it.
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11:56 AM on 06/05/2011
Vell said Heir KKmouse.... I do no haff my papers!
05:10 PM on 06/05/2011
Nor do I, I think we are in deep crap!
and corporations aren't people!
03:57 PM on 06/05/2011
Sadly, the great majority of Congress does not know what the law contains, much less what the secret government interpretation of the law is. I presume that only the intelligence committees are allowed to see those details.

And, my favorite side-effect of this mode of operation is this: they can do whatever the hell they want to any or all of us and tell us that the Patriot Act authorizes what they're doing -- and we can't refute that statement because we're not allowed to know the meaning of the law that is being used to do us harm.
05:28 PM on 06/05/2011
That is part of the problem. No one ever gets the time to read the document any time that it comes up for renewal. Looks like it is a fact a life since Terrorism will always be here in one form or other and so will the Patriot Act. F
Enroh Mot
Veritas Lux Mea
07:42 AM on 06/05/2011
The similarities between Obama and Bush, in both foreign and domestic policies, has been obvious for some time now.
07:41 AM on 06/05/2011
ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.......I am one of this President's biggest supporters and defenders but I must honestly say this critique, if I may label it as so, of President Obama is one of the most insightful, intelligent and spot on analyzations of his style and character.

This quote really sums it up in a perfectly tight nutshell ( "The tendency of Barack Obama in all his ventures of policy-making is to neutralise opposition much more than to enforce respect for principle." )and I feel it has definitely been the most disappointing and damaging quality to his presidency.

"It is the belief of Barack Obama that his being the president of the United States is good for the world regardless of what he does."-------PERFECT ASSESSMENT!!!

Thanks for sharing your classy and respectful thoughts.
08:13 AM on 06/05/2011
Yep, I voted for him but can not in good conscious do so again. I only hope that there will be some Independent out there to vote for. Even a write in for Donald Duck may be better at this point.
Now with 100% less beard.
08:44 AM on 06/05/2011
Indeed, let's show Mr. Obama how people of principle stand on their convictions and not reward him with another term. I voted for him in 2008 and will not be doing so in 2012.
For the right to the pursuit of happiness.
07:25 AM on 06/05/2011
but can you imagine the SCOTUS
without president oama's election,
that alone is worth reelecting him
Don't vote for Obama or Romney
07:33 AM on 06/05/2011
No, it is not.
For the right to the pursuit of happiness.
07:40 AM on 06/05/2011
you want Romney appointing judges?
08:10 AM on 06/05/2011
Obama has done nothing and is not worth re-electing. He is a godless, immoral man who sits around trying to look intelligent.
For the right to the pursuit of happiness.
08:32 AM on 06/05/2011
No it's obama
not Bush,
his FDA and code enforcement
has saved more working peoples lives
than Bush did.
Gas and oil companies and others routinely leave
a trail of cancer and death
when they move their factories
it's called pollution,
and honest judges and politicians are needed,
also people that believe in science
not magic, he is more
with God than you can admit
look around at our country
can you drink from the river
breathe the air
or trust the food
he's trying
the repubs don't care for
the weak and helpless among us
i thought that was religion.
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07:11 AM on 06/05/2011
Aspects of the Patriot Act can too easily be misused and abused which makes Americans uneasy, considering our preference to protect the rights of the individual as long as that right does not violate rights of others. That is litmus test for most legislation and rights. So if applied to the Patriot Act, there are distinct conflicts.

Under the guise of better protecting the social order and community, the Bush-Cheney Patriot Act was a reach too far. It assumed Orwellian oversight was needed. As if the thought police could predict terrorist motives so of course looser standards for spying and what normally would be criminal violation of an individual's rights. The idea being that we all need to lose a little personal freedom for the safety of the group. Bull! Good intel and active police prevent crime, not perfectly but nothing provides absolute security anyway. Terrorism is simply crime. Trying to stop terrorism through invasions of other sovereign nations does not work, as has been proven over the last TEN YEARS by the neoconservative Bush Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So the Patriot Act could be improved through legislation from Congress and if it proves legal, it would pass any legal litmus test. The Patriot Act was rushed into legislation so it could be applied but it had some flaws, as we learn after enacting most legislation. So repair it or abandon it.
08:15 AM on 06/05/2011
The really sad thing is that a vast majority of the people out there do not see it at all. Some like to follow along because it is Patriotic. Others just have no clue about what has really been happening. I would say this is worse then anything that may have happened during the McCarthy Era.