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06:02 PM on 06/03/2011
Just because someone is a loser in highschool doesn't mean they go on to be next CEO of a highly successful internet company. Loser/Nerd doesn't mean you are automatically smart and super talented. Many highschool loser/nerds don't fare any better after highschool than their more popular school mates. Being socially awkward can be hindrance to getting a job later on in life.
Conquer your dark side or become it.
01:34 AM on 06/05/2011

Okay, so for some, being a "loser" develops resilience from suffering unpopularity and constant insults.

Some of us, however, merely develop mental illnesses - which mess up life even more.
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08:26 AM on 06/05/2011
What you said is absolutely true.
11:43 AM on 06/03/2011
i don't know about the last one: a loser becoming successful in adulthood. Winners learn to win after many losses but many losers do not go on to win.
Why not me?
02:51 PM on 06/03/2011
Depends on YOUR definition of success. How many people do you know personally and where are they now?
06:07 AM on 06/05/2011
I think that 'losers' move on to a different game and learn sooner than the 'winners' that there is life after High School. Too many 'winners' get stuck and never move on.

I think what is missed here is that 'losers' that make it have had a good support system. Parents that congradulate the attempt and not the 'win' vs. parents that drill the child to always be the perfect Miss or Little Mr. everything.

I have a 'special' child that was always the one picked on and bullied. She always was at the bottom and never had a lot of freinds. She was a loser by every diffenition of the word. Today she has a job, nothing great, but she is happy, excells in what she does, has a wonderful husband and two boys of her own. Success? I think so.