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09:26 AM on 02/16/2008
Yesterday a TX court overruled a lower court and said people in TX have the right to go buy sex toys and enjoy themselves. This picture was taken in Dallas outside a porn shop. It shows a long line of excited Texans waiting for the shop to open so they could buy their new toys.
10:13 AM on 02/16/2008
Huffpo scrubbed the two references to sen. byrd.

Former KKK leaders, "repented" or not, should not hold high office. Period.
09:23 AM on 02/16/2008
Hey Obama should not take the public and should tell McCain that he is "in it to win it."

McCain is whining b/c he knows Obama and the Dems would slay him in fundraising for this campaign. This campaign is so important that I would forgoe the gov't "kitty" and take all the money that every Dem would give me.

'08 is the race we can't lose. McCain knows that if Obama is the candidate, the electorate is ignited, the evangelicals stay home b/c they can tolerate Obama. If Hillary runs, the chemistry changes, the youth stay home and so do a lot of the new voters that support Obama, the evangelicals are voting for McCain in droves and he won't care what she does when it comes to campaign finance.

Changing your mind on financing your campaign is not as agregious as supporting torture. But that's just me.
Bilingual former US Marine.
09:40 AM on 02/16/2008
Very good analysis. I agree.
10:14 AM on 02/16/2008
Let's see now, Uh! John McCain got $100,000 from Jack Abramoff, after he stole it from Gus Boulis's Sun-Cruz Casino Ship-Lines, then Gus Boulis was was murdered! McCain took even more money from Keating! Is this "public finance"???
11:09 AM on 02/16/2008
"I am not a flop-flipper, Why! I don't even know what a flop-flipper looks like!" Johnny "Ride The Bomb" McCain
I approve this statement which is paid for with the$100,000 that Jack Abramoff gave me!Keating 5 Who??
09:21 AM on 02/16/2008
Truthfully I never heard of Barack Obama until last year. I know he is a great talker, but talk is cvheap. I sort of remember the speech at the 2004 convention but other than that really don't know much about him. I think before I would vote for him I'dd like to know a lot more. Afterall I don't want to rush into electing a guy without facts. We rushed into a war and look where that got us. Americans love to rush into things. With Hillary I know more than I need to. But at least I know who she is. The good and the bad.
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
09:23 AM on 02/16/2008
In 1992 I voted for Bill Clinton solely because he was of my generation.

That worked out okay.
09:31 AM on 02/16/2008
Yes even with all the trouble Bill got himself into he was the best President in my life time. If he were running against McCain it would be a land slide. All the Clinton hatred has been drummed into the publics head by the right wing media over the last 20 years. But it is my understanding that 71% of the Dems still love him. I fell like I know the Clintons like the back of my hand. Not so Barack. He just sort of seems to appeared. I mean who is he I want to know before I elect him what are we getting ourselves into with him?? He a mystery man
09:34 AM on 02/16/2008
Please do. I guarantee you that the more you know about the guy, the more you will like and admire him. I would start by picking up both of his books. He's a first class author, and it will give a good sense of the depth and honesty of the man.
09:39 AM on 02/16/2008
I will, but they might be a little self serving if he wrote a book about himself.
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09:14 AM on 02/16/2008
The prospect of a black man or woman becoming president has got be just nauseating to the christian conservation repubs.

Not only are they racist as hell, but they treat their women in the same manner as the Taliban.
Corporations aren't people and $ isn't free speech
09:13 AM on 02/16/2008
It would be foolish of Barack to artificially limit himself so that his competition could play on an "even playing field". Do you honestly think that if the shoe were on the other foot, that the Republicans would agree to such a request? They would laugh and argue that they wouldn't want to establish a dangerous precedent and "stifle free speech".

IMO, the only thing we should give the Republicans is the finger. Now, they do deserve that!
09:53 AM on 02/16/2008
Damn! I thought that "even playing field" we set up in Florida, was really great! Like, Uh! Black people are not allowed to vote! Hell, they can't even read! and they are all felons! your next beloved War Presinator, Johnny "Ride The Bomb" McCain
p.s. This adverstisment was paid for by the Jack Abramoff Sun-Cruz Casino Ships Fund and approved by the GOP (Grand Old Pedophiles)
08:57 AM on 02/16/2008
When president Bush heard that Barack Obama was now the front runner, he asked : "Is that guy running the 100 meters or the marathon?".
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08:53 AM on 02/16/2008
President Saddam Hussein, Bush said: "After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad."

Even the irony of a President Barack Hussein Obama can't be lost on this blockhead. At least I don't think it can.
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Freedom from fear - the philosophy of human rights
08:59 AM on 02/16/2008
Quoting any comments made by Boo-sh

is not a good Troll practice.

Opening "Pandora's Box" Of BUSH SPEAK is the equivalent of

waving the White Flag of Surrender!
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09:07 AM on 02/16/2008
"The fundamentals of the economy are sound".

Q: Was that George Bush or Herbert Hoover?

A: Both.
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08:51 AM on 02/16/2008
There is a simple solution to your dilemma Mr. McCain - produce the piece of paper your claim Obama signed.


And please, let that famous temper of yours get in the way.
11:46 AM on 02/16/2008
He doesn't need to all he needs to do is produce a commercial with the clip of Obama saying it in the debate followed by a clip of him backtracking on it. Making a statement on national tv that he will do something then turning around and saying he won't do it is stupid. McCaine draws first blood.
08:45 AM on 02/16/2008
McCain's risk here is coming off as a whiner. Clearly he is motivated by the fact that Obama can beat him on fundraising.

Obama's risk is coming off as a reneger. McCain can make this a mantra in his campaign, and though it will bore even his own base, it may hurt Obama's "high ground" image.

But everybody should chill until the two are willing to release to the public whatever paper they signed as a "pledge." I am not a lawyer, but to my mind, a "pledge" does not constitute a contract. When I sign a pledge to donate $100 to my son's school, it is still not a contract. The school cannot hold me to it.

If the deal was purely verbal forget it.

Obama's response should be to paint McCain as a flipper on major life-and-death issues such as torture, immigration, taxes, and so on and so on. Obama should paint McCain from flipping from being John McCain to George Bush Lite. Compared to these huge issues, a food fight about campaign financing is a distraction.

08:50 AM on 02/16/2008
McCain doesn't need him to abide by the agreement.

McCain needs Obama to REFUSE to abide by the agreement. That would be worth millions in campaign dollars.
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08:59 AM on 02/16/2008
If McCain feels there was an agreement, then he needs to produce the piece of paper that he claims Obama signed.

It would be on public record, and with all of his experience, McCain should know where to find it.

It's called "put up or shut up". Now that would be worth millions in campaign dollars.
09:07 AM on 02/16/2008
Folks, if the shoe was on the other foot, McCain would not bat an eye to change his stance on funding (he is the current flip/flop king). Obama should use his advantage in funding to kick the arse of McCain.
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08:44 AM on 02/16/2008
I've yet to see one christian conservative come on HuffPo and say they're going to vote for McCain.

Folks on Fox News are trying like hell to convince each other to hop on McCain's Double Talk Express.

Recycled trash isn't very appealing.
08:52 AM on 02/16/2008
I'm voting for Hillary Clinton in the Texas primary. So are two of my employees, two family members, and a golf buddy. The golf buddy is wavering, but he'll come around.
08:56 AM on 02/16/2008
Well, that settles it then. You've managed to turn the entire election around. GO BETTY! (snicker)
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08:58 AM on 02/16/2008
In your belief that McCain could beat Hillary but not Barack. Not gonna happen.

McCain will be forced off the deep end many times by either Hillary or Barack prior to November. You can't cure nuts. And McCain is nuts.
President of the Sequoia Bison Society a non profi
08:36 AM on 02/16/2008
The old senile warmongering fool knows that Obama will raise a lot more money for the general election than he can, so he is trying to limit and handicap his opponent.

Well, in the past when the republicans knew they could raise more money than the dems, they shamelessly ignored calls for public financing and damn the criticism or consequences.

Obama must side step this well crafted phony taunting and spend the republicans into the ground, we cannot afford to play games with these insane advocates for death and destruction, tax cuts for the few, and out of control military spending, they are ruining our country and must be stopped.
08:35 AM on 02/16/2008
He should be worried about the debates with Omama.
If they allow them to sit down he might have a fighting change. However, if they are standing with Obama looking down and McCain looking up, McCain can kiss it good-bye............
08:32 AM on 02/16/2008
As regards Senator McCain's bloviations, we should certainly await the results of the nominating process THEN agree to nothing UNLESS he is willing to legally box himself into an agreement that offers a full spectrum of campaign restraint and protection - one that includes a willingness to dip into his own ad budget to respond to any third party "swiftboat' smear the beast might vomit from the tops of broadcast towers.

Politics is a tough game, particularly as played by the Republicans - the party of big business, big money, big connections and the BIG LIE (which, as we know, is a gigantic elephant turd shaped by big business into a Statue of Liberty replica and draped in an American flag).

Indeed, the Republican Party is THE malevolent variable in this year's election equation. That's why, even if we believe that Senator McCain's intentions are noble, we must operate in an environment of constant vigilance as regards his party.

We will argue over Hillary Clinton's war votes; over her failure to stand with Senators Dodd and Obama regarding FISA; on her flip-flopping over anti-working class Republican bankruptcy laws; over her SUPPORT for the energy bill for which she suddenly flip-flop-attacks Senator Obama; and over her co-sponsorship of an anti-First Amendment flag burning law. We might even call her on the "Fairy Tale Speech"; the "Jesse Jackson" and Robert Johnson smear campaigns; her now-infamous "Midnight Signature" short-balloting operation to sneak her name onto the Michigan ballot; and her recently-announced decision to work tirelessly to throw out the will of the voters in Denver and steal the nomination.

Go here to sign the petition to the superdelegates to COUNT THE PEOPLES' VOTES:

But we all know that - as long as she announces that she has changed her mind and will not seek the nomination without the support of Democratic VOTERS - I believe we should stand unified at the convention in Denver.
08:31 AM on 02/16/2008
The only reason Insane McCain would do this is because he know would be at a disadvantage for funds and that Obama's campaign funds come from the general public and not the corporations which is the way elections should be financed,by corporations for successful corruption purposes. Obama's supporters, being the voting public, are not susceptible to corruption.
08:17 AM on 02/16/2008
I guess things are looking grm, so he's on to plan B?