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10:38 AM on 02/18/2008
These are just the type of comments I would expect from immature adolescents that seem to be the core of the Obama crowd. If you are going to say something make it constructive rather than the childish foolishness you are posting.
10:43 AM on 02/18/2008
Truth the only one calling names is you.. Growing up my family members always told me that the ones who are losing the arguments are the first ones to call people names.. How sad.. I believe your name calling is a reflection of a losing campaign..
05:07 PM on 02/18/2008
Sounds like Obamaism to me...nip at the ankles and run. lol
10:35 AM on 02/18/2008
Jayhome to refute you and Lynn Sweet who hates Obama..

Obama and Patrick are two different people.. They just are having the same battle..

***Remember David Axelrod worked for Deval Patrick. They faced the same fight in Mass. So they are using the same argument.. It worked in Mass. It is now working nationally..
It’s called strategy..And its brilliant..
10:30 AM on 02/18/2008
The suggestion that Hillary had planned to send Bill and ex-president George Bush around the world to improve the standing of the US, good idea. Send Bill Clinton on that mission now, don't wait, now.
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10:58 AM on 02/18/2008
A round the world good will tour by sailing ship would be a start.
Political Activist
11:04 AM on 02/18/2008
Bill has now become a caricature of a once fairly good leader into a rogue-tounged clown who will do and say anything to rid himself of his wife by sending her to the White House.
11:07 AM on 02/18/2008
Bill will blackmail Hillary into giving him power if she makes it.
10:27 AM on 02/18/2008
gee, too bad it didn't work out so well that Hillary and Bill's attacks on inspirational speeches might take out another candidate.

Bill, give the voters a little credit.
10:25 AM on 02/18/2008
Bill to Obama: "Dont win"..
10:46 AM on 02/18/2008
Its more like:

Bill: Geez Obama looks like the lame experience argument hasn't worked. Way to Go! Go get her tiger.

Obama: Bill who?
10:12 AM on 02/18/2008
Bill and Hill seem to be stuck in reverse. They've gone from Fleetwood Mac ("Can't Stop") to the Beatles ("Yesterday").

Then there's this:
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Sometimes I like to touch other people's food
10:01 AM on 02/18/2008
I know how to shut Bill up. Send him a fat 24-year-old chick with a box of cigars. That will get him off message for awhile.
09:54 AM on 02/18/2008
Could someone remind me how much "experience" Abraham Lincoln had when he was elected in 1860? Don't stroke out, Clintonistas, I'm not knocking Hillary...she doesn't have a lot of experience either.
09:50 AM on 02/18/2008
SOMEWHERE IN today's (Monday) chatter I saw/heard our
monarch,Geo II, uttering from Africa. Who remembered he was there--he was planning to stage a pout by not
going in order to spare telecoms being prosecued for spying on the citizens' phones. But no matter--His Grace left for Africa announcing there we should "forget"
Obama--the Afridans love him. Indeed.
If Mr.Bush thinks Africa loves him, he might consider a few of some 11 countries he dare not enter. The man is
absolutely delusional--and of course, Condy Con is always nearby with rhetoric for the occasion.
This isn't lame Duck--it is a dangerous duck who thinks he is a pteradactyl accompanied by a Mina Bird.
09:44 AM on 02/18/2008
Somebody please put a sock in this man's mouth? ...
09:32 AM on 02/18/2008
A guy who goes around and gets paid thousands of dollars to give good speeches criticizing another on their ability to do so as well. Why doesn't B. Clinton just emphasize HRC policies instead of attacking another fellow democrat? Hillary even admitted that their policies are quite the same and the only difference really is her "35 years of experience" over his.
09:31 AM on 02/18/2008
I have many Republican friends and I would wish them every good in their quest to improve their lives and that of their families. So I ask myself what is the Clinton strategy going forward, Hillary has no mathematical hope of overtaking Obama in the pledge delegates race and despite what she or her campaign says, they do not expect the Democratic party to reverse the Will of the People, so what now.

I came upon this theory: Hillary and John McCain are the very best of friend, they find themselves traveling together and agreeing on the same policies, so say both of them. It's in Hillary Clinton's best interest that John McCain wins the presidential election, that way Hillary could become John McCain's point person in the Senate (since the Democrats will have control in the senate) pushing through his and her own policies, this will boost her standing in Washington and nation wide. By the time the election comes around she will have an impressive portfolio to run for President since McCain will not be on the ballot with his 10 dog years as President.

Should Barack Obama win, Hillary could see her chances disappearing before her very eyes, Hillary will have reduced power in the senate and she will be 68 years old, both things one does not want on one's resume. Added to the fact that she will be running against a sitting VP. Hillary fortunes lie in seeing John McCain, her friend win and Barack Obama her hated adversary loose. Hillary Clinton will work towards that end and try her best to sink Obama.
You're so full of what's right, you can't see what
09:25 AM on 02/18/2008
What is the matter with that man? And if he can't keep his mouth shut now, what's it going to be like day to day if/when Hillary is President? Maybe she could make him Press Secretary and that way he could run his mouth and provide the same sort of lapdog daily commentary we get from Dana Perino now.
09:10 AM on 02/18/2008
I don't quite get your point Dollar Bill.

Not all experience is good experience. As an example, the following presidents had many many years of experience serving in the Congress, as Vice-presidents and as cabinet members.

Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson
George Herbert Walker Bush

Experience and solutions only matter when it includes:
....the right experience
....appropriate solutions
08:35 AM on 02/18/2008
I can just picture Bill leading singalongs of "Blame O-bam-a" to the tune of "Blame Canada".
09:52 AM on 02/18/2008
...I thought the Clinton's said it was the Media's fault.

I caint keep up, they keep changing it.

Who is to blame again why the Billary Machine is stuck in the Mud?

...I caint remember who is at fault I just know its not Hillary's fault.