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10:36 AM on 06/05/2011
My question is simple: How is it "playing god" to show mercy by helping someone die with dignity, yet it is not "playing god" to keep them alive in pain and with suffering? Is that god? I have always believed that we are meant to act as agents of a merciful god...
12:57 PM on 06/05/2011
Well stated.
09:17 AM on 06/05/2011
Those who oppose abortion also oppose choice of life or death in others, so we won't be dealing with that in Texas unless we get to show them a sonogram of a corpse first.
Red Herring
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09:12 AM on 06/05/2011
To the religious right and politicians he was a band wagon they hopped unto to get elected and push their version of the perfect world. That is they would dictate to the rest of humanity how to live and even how to die. Begs the question who in hell are they to inject their vision of life on other free people? Who in hell do they think they are?

To the people he helped die, he was a merciful angel who relieved them of useless unnecessary pain, humiliation and suffering. Rest in Peace Dr. Kevorkian. May thousands of other doctors pick up the torch and run with it.
09:47 AM on 06/05/2011
so true!
The Truth will out
09:08 AM on 06/05/2011
In my own expperience, the frequent scenario is one in which either the family refuses to honor the wishes of the dying person to be let go, or there is no order from the person themselves, and there is major dissension within the family. It is most frequently NOT the person themselves who cling to life, and they are often begging to be relieved of their suffering. I cannot(and never will) understand the families who believe that "Uncle Joe" is better off in a coma on life support than he is at peace with his Maker! And, it seems the more religious the family, the more this attitude prevails - strange, I'd expect it to be the other way around. "Life" in diapers on a ventilator is not a pretty sight, and few people would volunteer for such a loss of their dignity!
09:46 AM on 06/05/2011
so true. don't religious people believe heaven to be the ultimate goal? so what are a few extra months of extreme suffering going to provide when inevitably they will end up in that sanctuary? just let them get there quicker- nobody wants to suffer. if you ask anyone on the street- " if you came down with a terrible illness, had no control of your bowels, couldn't move, couldn't eat, felt excruciating pain 24 hours out of the day- would your want your family to end your sufferng?" would anyone really say no? but when it comes time to make that decision for someone else, then it is not okay- how dare they not want to suffer! it just does not make sense.
The Truth will out
10:11 AM on 06/05/2011
Couldn't agree more! One wonders what sort of perverted sense of "love" leads others to determine that their "loved one" should continue to be subjected to indignities and suffering without any ability to play a part in that decision? And, I don't see where God plays into the decision, since no "loving" God would dictate such a choice for someone who is totally helpless. How can it be Christian to inflict(yes, literally inflict!) suffering on another human being who is said to be "loved"? Makes absolutey NO SENSE!!!!
08:46 AM on 06/05/2011
I recently put my dog of 13 years down. She had been suffering for months, could barely walk, was losing more and more weight and eventually lost control of her bowels. I was so afraid to lose her, to take her before she was ready that I failed to realize what she had turned into. She was no longer her happy, tail wagging self. Everyone was telling me it was time- I needed to put her down and that I was being selfish and cruel to allow her to continue living. So I called a vet to come to our home and gave her a very peaceful exit from this earth. after she got the initial shot of valium and relaxed, I was shocked at how full of anxiety she had been for months. How could I have let her live like this? After she died, my husband said to me, "If I ever, get like that, please, please just give me as shot of something, OK?" this made me think- why are we cruel if we let our dogs suffer but it's murder if our parents, husband, wife, etc. are suffering and begging for us to end their pain?
I am the Pigmâ’¶n
09:33 AM on 06/05/2011
I know that one sad day I might have to do my four-legged brother this service. But there is no one to do it for me, so I must make my own contingency plans.
Trans & Proud
07:53 AM on 06/05/2011
Although it is denied in Law, your right to end your own life is one of the few rights you have that cannot be taken away from you.
When "medicine" keeps a terminally ill or injured person alive beyond viability, what they are doing is not prolonging that persons life, they are actually extending the person's death, and often at hideous cost to the survivors, considering the "profitization" of medical care in this country. If one has a "right" to medical care, one should also have a right to refuse medical care, and even die if one wishes. One does not have freedom to live unless one also has freedom to die as well.
RIP Dr, Jack.
Jack Daniels Esq
Hold the ice
03:28 AM on 06/05/2011
Seeing a loved one swimming in urine/feces on a rubber sheet does not equate to life or love
10:27 PM on 06/04/2011
I am disabled and need help around the house.I DON'T want to die,but I guess that is going to one day not be my call.
french queen13
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02:29 AM on 06/05/2011
Laura, you have the right to help, all the support you need, AND to make the call when you are ready to go - that's how I see it. It shouldn't be taken out of your hands, or the choice refused you, or anyone.
10:26 PM on 06/04/2011
Who "owns" death?

The same damn people who own birth, marriage, graduation, and every other momentous human occasion including the first day of shrimp season.

Who else?

The preachers, that's who!
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10:12 PM on 06/04/2011
I really don't need anyone's permission to take my life, should I so choose. That's what bothers most people who are's just a projection of the fear of lack of control.
there is no
09:56 PM on 06/04/2011
I don't think what he did was wrong at all. These people had terminal diseases and were in pain. I believe it's up to each individual to decide to end their life if they know they aren't going to get better.
Pay it forward, the movie..
09:41 PM on 06/04/2011
My Mother got put to death by her proxies, without her permission.

RIP Jack, I loved you.
Linda Matuskey
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09:25 PM on 06/04/2011
Interesting to read the posts here. I recommend that those who doubt the Oregon Death With Dignity law take the trouble to read the law, see how many steps and controls there are to prevent ending someone's life for the wrong reasons, including evaluations by mental health professionals. They have done everything they can to prevent the "slippery slope." Like some other posters, I am a nurse, and have seen the horrors of life extension beyond reason. If he did nothing else, Dr. Kevorkian opened our eyes to the need for self-determination for end of life decisions. I really admire the states of Oregon, Washington, and Montana for having passed their laws. I can only hope that my state of Maryland, as well as others, do the same.
The Truth will out
09:16 AM on 06/05/2011
Unfortunately, MD is as unlikely to pass such a law as the Vatican is to recall the Pope, and for the identical reasons. Indeed, fifty years from now, I'd expect MD to be the lone holdout, although Massachussetts could be right there along with it. Having served as a member of the hospital ethics committeee in a Jesuit institution, I can certify that any discussion of such a law will end in circular arguments and never be brought to a meaningful conclusion - especially frustrating to a geneticist dealing with infants born with fatal disorders and watching while they struggle to survive against a predetermined outcome! I support your hope, but I doubt it will ever happen.
08:54 PM on 06/04/2011
Kevorkian will be a hero in a hundred years!
Uncle Bob
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09:54 PM on 06/04/2011
he was a hero to at least 130 people.
08:02 PM on 06/04/2011
I would personally choose Euthanasia is some circumstances such as Alzheimers, terminal cancer, etc. I don't think God wants my family to see me suffer needlessly and see that choice as my personal freedom as long as I am of sound mind when I make the choices.