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04:44 PM on 02/18/2008
Who is best equipped to take the fight to the terrorstic evil doers and stop the slide toward bolshevism?

A former first lady, a law professor and part-time legislator, or an authentic war hero and a jet fighter pilot?

'nuff said.

McCain 2008.
04:46 PM on 02/18/2008
Are you high?
04:50 PM on 02/18/2008
Yeah. I am high on freedom and capitalism. You should try it sometime. It's called PATRIOTISM.
05:32 PM on 02/18/2008
No, he just caught in a time loop back in the 50s.
04:49 PM on 02/18/2008

The delusional old geezer doesn't stand a chance. 'nuff said.

How many jets did McCain crash again? And what happened on the USS Forrestal? And why did Admiral McCain (John's dad) sweep that tragic incident under the carpet?
05:15 PM on 02/18/2008
bobby, did you volunteer to fight for our country?
if not, stfup.
04:42 PM on 02/18/2008
They'll probably split it.
04:41 PM on 02/18/2008
gotta be fair:

Did hillary clinton take china from the white house when they left office?

No. When President Clinton left office, accusations were made to that effect. Representative Bob Barr asked the Government Accounting Office to investigate, and the GAO found no basis for the claim.
04:37 PM on 02/18/2008
NAJAF, Iraq, Feb 17, 2008 (AFP) - Radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's movement Sunday announced it was cancelling a pact it signed four months ago with its main Shiite rival aimed at reducing tension between the two groups.

DING! Round Two of the Iraqi Heaveyweight Champeen Buttkickin of the World! You really thought the Surge was workin???
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04:43 PM on 02/18/2008
"The day Baghdad collapsed to the invading US forces, Dick Cheney said Iraq would be producing 3 million barrels of oil a day by the end of 2003, despite the fact that Iraq hadn't produced that much oil since prior to the Iran-Iraq war (pdf). Even though recent production levels have gone up, Iraq still only pumps a little more than 2 million barrels per day (pdf), less than it did before the US invasion."

Surge, surge, regurge. Those silly Republicans. If one lie doesn't work, they just spout another one don't they?
04:56 PM on 02/18/2008
Or the repugs are real good at talking over an issue i keep trying to figure out how they crossed the bridge. Nothing but a bunch of bullshitters.
04:32 PM on 02/18/2008
OT: Please take a minute to help save our troops from more Commander Codpiece penny pinching "troop support" that will cost them more lives:

"We the undersigned call upon the United States Congress to investigate how Sioux Manufacturing received a contract from the Bush Administration’s Pentagon to produce Kevlar helmets for our troops, after the company was found to have previously produced substandard helmets in the past."
04:40 PM on 02/18/2008
Likewise. Between this and the humvees and the vests, it's really getting ridiculous.
04:30 PM on 02/18/2008
Attn: Femi

Since it looks like Obama - how bout Sibelius for VP? Might as well go the whole nine yards. Black man - white woman. Change! Whadya tink???
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A Meat Beetle
Heck no, I'm not crazy. Why? Do I look crazy?
04:41 PM on 02/18/2008

A black man and a white woman? That would give Michael Weener Savage a stroke. Let's do it!
04:30 PM on 02/18/2008
If Hillary is the nominee, previously vulnerable Republican Senators and Congressmen up for reelection will then give their states and districts a reason to send them back to Washington. So President McCain could also have a Republican Congress to work with.


I searched all over Hillary's Website today and could not find where she says she will shut down Guantanamo or restore habeas corpus. She has supported the right thing before, but it's not in her stump speech. Why?

Also, how much money has she taken from the telecom industry?
04:38 PM on 02/18/2008
Just for the record, is it on Obama's website? If you watched the debates, you would have had those questions answered in the affirmative.
04:46 PM on 02/18/2008
What she lies about in the debates is irrelevant except if you happen to be a Clinton sucker/supporter.

How about the COLD HARD FACT she has not pledged to return constitutional liberties to Americans:
04:47 PM on 02/18/2008
Yes it is on his website. And he talks about it every time he give his stump speech. Hillary just doesn't emphasize it, which I find odd.
04:29 PM on 02/18/2008
BOTH?!!! Arianna! What the hell are you doing? NOOOOOoooooooooooo....!!!!!
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04:24 PM on 02/18/2008
Obama was against this fraud called Iraq war since before it started. He openly opposed it when it was politically damaging to do so.

There are questions and doubts about Obama's votes for funding the war. However, there are no questions about Hillary's voting record on the subject.

Hillary has consistently sided with the NeoCons. Consistently.

For those who still consider war an important issue, as I do, there should be no question whatsoever about who they should vote for and support in this election.

And make no mistake, the issue of Iraq war will be at the forefront with McBomb representing the Dark Side.

Only Obama would be able to look straight into McBomb's beady eyes and tell him, "McBomb, you with all your fucking war expertise were wrong, and I was right."
04:28 PM on 02/18/2008
I'm interested in knowing who you voted for in 2004?
04:23 PM on 02/18/2008
Peace - Love and Granola to all the Flower Power People! Keep on Truckin! Today is the First Day of the Rest of Yer Miserable Life! What if they gave a war and only the Republicans had guns???
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A Meat Beetle
Heck no, I'm not crazy. Why? Do I look crazy?
04:33 PM on 02/18/2008

Far out, man! Right on! Tell it like it is! Let it all hang out! Let's rap, brother! 23-skidoo! Off the pigs! Wowie-zowie, what a rush! Let's smoke a doob (you got any?)! You can do your thing but don't touch mine! Kick out the jams, motherfucker!
04:22 PM on 02/18/2008
what does the parent button do? i am scared if i press it i will get pregnant
04:24 PM on 02/18/2008
LOL, it just takes you to the parent post
04:21 PM on 02/18/2008
Howard Dean's "I'm from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" was from Paul Wellstone.

Bush's "compassionate conservatism" was from a minister, unless I "misremember" (to quote another Texan).

Kerry, unfortunately, borrowed Bush's "Bring it on."

And "Yes We Can" is clearly a rip-off of Sammy Davis Jr.

Finally, Hillary ought to know that "Tested. Vetted. Ready." was a total steal-job of Rudy Giuliani, and her campaign is so smart, they thought this slogan would be as effective for her as it was for him.
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A Meat Beetle
Heck no, I'm not crazy. Why? Do I look crazy?
04:37 PM on 02/18/2008
Yeah, and the George Harrison song, "My Sweet Lord" was a direct rip-off of "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons.
04:14 PM on 02/18/2008
8 Years of the Clintons, major losses for Democrats across the nation.

Governors (-12 Ds)

30 Dems after 1992 election

18 Dems after 2000 election

U.S. Senators (-7 Ds)

57 Dems after 1992 election

50 Dems after 2000 election

Reps (-46 Ds)

258 Dems after 1992 election

212 Dems after 2000 election

This MIGHT be the single most important reason for supporting Obama. The Clintons use the Democratic Party as a vehicle to consolidate their personal political power. They gain power by dividing us up like a Thanksgiving turkey and pitting us against each other. They simply DO NOT CARE about electing more Democrats, strengthening the party, or furthering progressive causes.
04:21 PM on 02/18/2008
Uh-huh it was nothing to do with Dem corruption and 40 years of power.

Then Newt the Pure cleaned up DC.....

We all know how that worked out.

04:09 PM on 02/18/2008
I don't want a candidate who'll 'reach across the aisele' to the Repubs. I don't want a 'uniter', which aint gonna happen anyhow. I want somebody to pour Hell to the Repubs with both barrels. That means Hillary the Warrior Queen. But dont pay me any mind - Peace. Love and Granola!
04:18 PM on 02/18/2008
Then don't expect anything to get done. With a Hillary presidency expect a Republican congress in 2010, and Mitt Romney as your President in 2012. An Obama presidency would ensure a Democrat controlled congress and most likely a 2nd term. Hillary can't count on Ross Perot like Bill did.
04:20 PM on 02/18/2008
Peace, Love and Granola.
04:23 PM on 02/18/2008
You mean the warrior queen who always votes right along with them?

She did a great job of giving them hell on Iraq, Iran, and FISA.
04:07 PM on 02/18/2008
As usual, Rush "says more in 30 seconds than most people say in three hours."

The whole "Super Delegate" nonsense arose following McGovern's 1-49 state landslide defeat against Nixon in 1972.

The Dem "party establishment" wanted more control over its candidates, or as Rush stated, once again Dem leaders proved that "they do not trust the voters, even their own."

I googled it, & as usual Rush is spot-on.

"It was designed to prevent a nominee who was 'out of sync with the rest of the party,' Northeastern University political scientist William Mayer told MSNBC. Democratic National Committee member Elaine Kamarck called it a 'sort of safety valve.'"

The Nation 1-4-2008
04:08 PM on 02/18/2008
Good research and for leftists, it's irrefutable because it came from their leftwing socialist bible, The Nation.
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
04:16 PM on 02/18/2008
One thing it isn't... news.
04:18 PM on 02/18/2008
Why don't you two get a room...
04:09 PM on 02/18/2008
rush who

heh... heh... heh...