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05:42 PM on 02/19/2008
Obama's already said he trades lines for speeches with Deval Patrick. What exactly is the story here?

From the New Republic:

Mike and Noam have already done a great job explaining the ridiculousness of the Clinton campaign's charge that Obama plagiarized from Deval Patrick, but I thought I'd add one more point. Obama's already on record as admitting he borrows lines from Patrick (and vice versa). Stumping in New Hampshire last December, Obama said:

"But you know in the end, don't vote your fears. I'm stealing this line from my buddy (Massachusetts Gov.) Deval Patrick who stole a whole bunch of lines from me when he ran for the governorship, but it's the right one, don't vote your fears, vote your aspirations. Vote what you believe."

I look forward to the Clintons' next desperate gambit.

--Jason Zengerle
05:24 PM on 02/19/2008
Does anyone really think using other people's words is going to be an issue in the general election? When you get down to it it's doubtful any politicians (or celebrities) really write their own speeches or books. With a recession, never ending war, spiraling real estate market and international unrest this is the most ridiculous issue to come along yet -- and if Clinton and McCain want to make it one then they are supporting OBama's theory that the only way to change things is to replace all of the old time status quo politicians who are more interested in "winning" than what is best for their constituents. At least Obama taught Constitutional law so he might actually be a President who understands how things are actually supposed to work.
09:06 PM on 02/19/2008
Yes this is a pattern and these little things add up. His memoir is fictionalized but he doesn't say which parts are fictionalized. Then he said his parents met in Selma and the timeline didn't add up.
05:24 PM on 02/19/2008
Just more of the same Clinton desperation. If she had any sense she would find a way to reach voters...oh wait she tried that already. Who is crying again? She may as well pack it up and go home, she is going to get her ass handed to her in Wisconsin, Hawaii and now it looks like Texas as well. It couln't happen to a nicer more genuine gal.
05:17 PM on 02/19/2008
My wife and I have plagiarized each other for so many years that I don't have a clue who stole what from whom.

So, go vote Hillary and be safe in the delusion that "your" candidate would never plagiarize. It might be advisable to stay away from Google though, you might be shocked to find that all politicians, including Hillary, plagiarize. As do most poets and songwriters.

Of course, Hillary was just borrowing without attribution. Obama on the other hand, is a dirty rotten liar and deserves to run out of the party in total disgrace. Sniff, sniff.
05:10 PM on 02/19/2008
The real fact be told when deciphering Senator Obama's rhetoric, especially when reciting other political giants words (Only words, IS the belief the orator has in the concept, the clear ideology behind the words being repeated.

Is it any ones claim, that Senator Obama does not believe in these ideals?


To the contrary, Senator Obama is eloquently expressing his heart felt relationship to our basic American ideals.

I personal share his feelings, as do many other Americans, We, the People... Hold this *truth* to be self-evident.
05:00 PM on 02/19/2008
Jeffrey> if the problem is the perception and image of Barack then I suggest you go check him out. Here this will help you Perhaps, you may consider writing a comparison piece on a ‘heart and soul’ bill of both Hillary and Barack. Barack has more legislation experience than Hillary yet reporters seem not to be following up on the enacted reform legislation that can be found in the Illinois State Senate.
The link I gave u, is an example of how Barack walks the talk.
04:53 PM on 02/19/2008
George Bush: Iran is the greatest threat that the United states and Israel face today.

Hillary Clinton: Iran is the greatest threat that the United States and Israel Face today.

George Bush, after the entire US intelligence community said in unison that there is no nuclear weapons program in Iraq: See, our policies worked." (they were implemented LONG after Iran abandoned their program)

Hillary Clinton (same scenario as above) "see, Our policies worked". (same RIDICULOUS conclusion)

She also sided with George and the Neocons on Iraq, Lebanon, and the Isreali Palestinian conflict.

It's one thing to use other peoples words and ideas in your oratory. It's done all the time and is CHARACTORISTIC of great public speakers.

Borrowing all of your foreign policy Ideas from a PROVEN IDIOT is another matter entirely.
05:27 PM on 02/19/2008
You forgot one:

"Iran continues to be a major threat to the U.S. and its allies," said the Illinois senator Barack Obama.
03:06 AM on 02/20/2008
One whom he counsels diplomacy with. Not the "greatest" threat, not one whom "nothing should be off the table with" not one whom should be attacked without sufficient provocation on their part (and they have not attacked another country for about 250 years). Thats why he did not sign Kyl Lieberman.

That is a HUGE difference between Him and the Neocons (BUSH and HILLARY et al)
In the gutter, but looking at the stars.
05:44 PM on 02/19/2008
"The curtain has suddenly dropped, and behind it we see: the political consultant."
Job 39:5 - Who has sent out the wild ass free?
04:48 PM on 02/19/2008
Jn McCain plagiarised Rudy when he got divorced.
04:45 PM on 02/19/2008
Michelle's going to a HUGE problem.Not

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Barack Obama has picked up a third endorsement from Pennsylvania's Democratic superdelegates.

Former Philadelphia city councilwoman Carol Ann Campbell says she made up her mind Saturday after a telephone call from the Illinois senator's wife, Michelle.

Campbell says they talked for nearly 90 minutes , about the problems of the handicapped, children being raised by their parents and the importance of religion in their lives.

Campbell, who's previously said she was undecided, says she's comfortable with what she heard and decided on the spot to support Obama over New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

With Campbell's endorsement, Obama is backed by three of the 26 superdelegates selected so far. Clinton has been endorsed by 13 and the rest remain undecided.
04:40 PM on 02/19/2008
They better dig a lot harder and deeper if they expect to stop this wave!
04:38 PM on 02/19/2008
Original today is often borrowed from yesterday. There is little new under the sun.

The quality to inspire is not defined by ones ability to create new word groups, but to know which word groups lift, regardless of where the words come from.

Too much ado about nothing.
04:32 PM on 02/19/2008
Obama is vying for the presidency of the United States which makes him a politician and as a politician he used words written by a de facto speech writer. Wow, what a news flash!
He is not interviewing for the presidency of Yale or Harvard or some other academic position (insert your college here) where plagiarism is a serious academic issue.
So who cares if he borrowed words from someone else's speech especially if that person is acting as an advisor to his campaign? Find me a real issue that will cause me to not support him at every turn because these attack dog tactics from the Clinton camp are really turning me off. These types of articles are also a preview of the next 4-8 years if Hillary is elected when Hillary or Bill don't agree with either a Repub or a Dem politician they are trying to swing to their side.
We are almost at the end of 7 years of smear campaigns from Rove and company so why are the Clintonites doing the same thing?
05:13 PM on 02/19/2008
"He is not interviewing for the presidency of Yale or Harvard or some other academic position where plagiarism is a serious academic issue."

No, he is only interviewing for the highest position in the country, possibly the world. He is appealing to his *employers* using rhetoric. And we are finding out that rhetoric is not even his. That is something I certainly want to know as an *employer*.
04:24 PM on 02/19/2008
Nicely nuanced argument, Jeffrey! Makes me proud to have once followed you as a DJ on KRLX.
04:23 PM on 02/19/2008
Well said. Very well analyzed.
04:15 PM on 02/19/2008
I don't believe in God I don't beliveve in the Media Created Obama. If the media, HuffPost and the thousand of other HillaryHating "reporters, bloggers and progressives" would not have tried to destroy her Obama would have had my vote. They are very close in their political outlook. I have spent my life fighting for civil rights and that fact that you all engaged in the process of personal destruction you lost my ( and many I know) votes. You can not call yourself the party of change and open your mouth and have the words of every soul hating republican I have heard for the past 20 years. Party of change my ass.
05:10 PM on 02/19/2008
Um, huh?
05:41 PM on 02/19/2008
Gimme a freaking break...Bill Clinton made the choice for me when he opened up his big mouth in South Carolina. I am a white man and that did me in for the Clintons. They would do anything to get back in the WH and it shows. They feel they are owed a do over, guess what it doesn't work that way!