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01:21 AM on 02/20/2008
Never thought I would see the day. But it's nice to see Hillary getting her head handed to her on a platter.

While I'm not a big fan of Obama's my biggest concern is whether or not he is going to bring out the racists in droves.

I just can't get my head wrapped around either one. My heart still belongs to Gore even though I know he won't run and has abandoned his country for money and fame.

Oh well. If it's Obama (of even Hillary) then I'll hold my nose and vote to keep another Thug party member from stealing the White House for the military/industrial complex.
I say the things that have to be said.
01:31 AM on 02/20/2008
That's a really harsh accusation against Gore. He faithfully served this country for most of his adult life. He was right about everything. The voters, in their wisdom, let a moral pygmy and an intelluctual troglodyte steal the election from him, and only then, having been rejected by a bunch of fools who wanted to have a beer with an alcoholic and another bunch of fools who agreed there was not a dime's worth of difference between him and a cheap, selfish idiot, did Gore walk away. And you have the nerve to accuse him of abandoning you.

Yeah, vote Repig. You deserve each other.
02:16 AM on 02/20/2008
Keep the faith baby.
01:07 AM on 02/20/2008
I think Clinton's waves negative attack ads in Wisconsin failed because the Obama team was able to launch response ads almost instantly. If it had taken them a couple of days to whip up a response then the next wave of attacks would have launched when Obama was responding to the previous wave.

So the reason the Clinton campaign failed in Wisconsin is because their heads were still in the '90's when it did take a couple of days to put together and launch a tv spot. There seems to be a wonderful poetic justice to this.
I say the things that have to be said.
01:36 AM on 02/20/2008
You might be right about this, BitJam, but I think that attack failed because it's so fucking ridiculous.
12:58 AM on 02/20/2008
This long, extended primary has been good for the Democrats because it has energized our base and given states that don't normally have any say-so a voice in the process.

It also has given the Obama campaign a jump-start in creating its grassroots structures nationally.

This structure will be what wins the election in November.
01:13 AM on 02/20/2008
Great point. May I borrow your comment when I try to get my chicken-little democrat friends to relax?
I say the things that have to be said.
01:37 AM on 02/20/2008
You are so right, bb. This is similar to what I said at length on the Tom D'Antoni thread.
12:55 AM on 02/20/2008
Obama throws his own jabs all the time. So what is it you dislike about Clinton's - the delivery? The fact that Obama is your guy? Or the unwritten law that’s throughout the media which says Obama is not to be criticized or even scrutinized at all?
01:56 AM on 02/20/2008
"unwritten law" that "Obama is not to be criticized." He's been criticized constantly for the last three days; stories have run nonstop about whether he plagiarized when no one disputes Deval Patrick authorized him to use the lines. His wife has been roundly criticized for her comments. This notion that the media gives him a free pass is as much of a canard as the one that the fact he delivers lofty rhetoric means he lacks substance.
12:17 PM on 02/20/2008
That's why I'll never support him. I won't join any group that is so patently stupid. LOL*

He's been negatively campaigning since day 1. His NAFTA crap was just a big fat lie, and that IS negative campaigning.

People want to be irrational? Be my guest.

But not me.

He so thoroughly has trashed the party that it's no longer recognizable.
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01:05 PM on 02/20/2008
Clinton's "Absent Vote" crap was just a big fat lie, and that IS negative campaigning.

Two great candidates, both have engaged in disingenuous attacks. Still, either one will be great on the job...
12:53 AM on 02/20/2008
Precisely so.
12:44 AM on 02/20/2008
Excellent post. I can only add that if Edwards wants to be relevant, he should endorse Obama like this week. Hillary may bow out by Saturday.