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02:15 AM on 06/20/2011
I would be more inclined to believe this story if it the discovery was not made by someone with an obviously vested interest. If it were from just an ordinary person, it would be more credible to me.
01:24 AM on 06/20/2011
Sasquatch, Yeti, "Bigfoot"...this story does nothing to bolster the argument that a large, non-human primate with sufficient numbers to maintain a viable population exists now or has existed in the last several hundred years. Faceprints on glass? Really? My three sons and two Great Pyrenees do "spooky" window smudges as a matter of course. This stinks of a hoax.

Being Canadian, and knowing the aboriginal stories of the Sasquatch, I am more inclined to believe that there was, once, a non-human primate of considerable size, but being a scientist, I find it impossible that, given the extent of human encroachment, any such animal now exists. Simply maintaining a population large enough to support a viable gene pool, plus stresses such as caloric requirements and human encroachment, seems impossible. Something that large would require a significant, non-migratory food source--and those disappear by the day.

As for DNA testing, it can only rule out something, meaning that if it comes back as a primate, there is no way of proving it not to be a primate of the Homo sapiens variety.

If there was a population of Sasquatch living anywhere, on occasion, one would be hit by a car, one would be found as predation remains. Put the camera down and pick up a rifle. Show me a body. Audobon himself killed most of the birds he studied; the truly scientific mind would realise the best proof of a new species would be an intact specimen.
05:19 AM on 06/20/2011
I have a problem with the "there was, once, a non-human primate" argument, implying that not that long ago Sasquatch *did* in fact exist, but no more. Are you saying that an animal that survived many hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) of years just happened to die out a couple hundred years ago? Our generation missed out witnessing an extraordinary creature by the proverbial "blink of an eye"? Seems unlikely. Either they still exist in very small numbers, or have never had contact with modern man. If they adapted to the environment in the Pacific Northwest, are intelligent, and were not hunted to extinction by humans (clearly not), there's no reason they shouldn't still exist - and I admit on the face of it, it seems beyond belief.
01:58 PM on 06/20/2011
I apologise for the inference that a Sasquatch population existed and then disappeared quite suddenly, without (European) human contact. It is quite possible, though, for a species--for an entire culture--to disappear in the proverbial "blink of an eye". Think Dodo birds, Tasmanian wolves, the Carolina parakeet, the passenger pigeon, various Galapagos tortoise species, and hundreds more species which passed unnoticed and unidentified due to the indirect effect of human migration; think the First Nations peoples and the Aztec peoples. All either were eliminated entirely or decimated within the last 700 years.

Given the similarity of the Sasquatch and Yeti stories amongst people spread across continents, I do tend to believe that a large, non-human, bipedal primate existed; I would like to believe, as well, that small populations somehow still exist.

The scientist in me, though, wants to see not grainy video or chunks of hair or pieces of plaster; I will only believe that the Sasquatch still exists when I see a body and the Linnean Society assigns a taxonomical classification to said creature.
03:24 PM on 06/20/2011
Third option, the only one with sense: THEY'RE STORIES. LIKE THE BIBLE. THEY'RE NOT REAL. THEY NEVER EXISTED. YOU'VE BEEN SUCKERED BY STORY-TELLERS ALL YOUR LIFE. WAKE UP, THEN YOU'LL FIND YOU'VE GROWN UP. The world is more interesting than giant furry primates which are as real as THE EASTER BUNNY. NO DIFFERENT.
11:24 PM on 06/19/2011
One of the main problems with Bigfoot is the lack of physical evidence, in particular teeth. Teeth are the most common type of sub-fossil and fossil remains. Teeth of Pleistocene cave bears from the same areas in which Bigfoot is said to live are relatively common and can be easily bought on-line. There is no reason why there shouldn't be at least a couple of teeth that can be attributed to a large hominoid primate found over the last century from the areas in question. Such teeth could be easily identified by any physical anthropologist or primatologist. Show me the teeth!
12:04 AM on 06/20/2011
You make a good point, but did you know that the first chimpanzee fossils weren't discovered until 2005? Guess what they found? 3 teeth-that's it. And from a proven and populous species. So should we be so demanding that since bigfoot teeth have not surfaced (other than the piece of a jawbone with teeth identified as a gigantopithicus found in asia) that they don't exist? And another question for you: can you explain the dermal ridges on some of the higher quality plaster castings? How can you fake the equivalent of finger prints on a casting of a footprint?
12:27 AM on 06/20/2011
Well aware of what you say. Problem is that chimpanzees live in an environment that is not conducive to fossilization while Bigfoot does. As regards Gigantopithecus there are three lower jaws and thousands of teeth that have been recovered. That's the point. Gigantopithecus is well represented in the fossil record but Bigfoot is not represented by a single tooth. All the footprints in the world, no matter what characteristics they possess will never convince anyone but true believers. But one incontrovertible tooth would clinch the case.
07:48 PM on 06/19/2011
Some people will believe anything.
07:44 PM on 06/19/2011
So they just so happen to have all this evidence, and then they immediately lose control of the story and allow doubt to be raised by hiring their own forensic expert? Unfortunately, even if there is some truth (which I very much doubt), it'll never matter. Coleman is right. It would have been better if they brought in experts from a university who then brought in forensic experts of their own. They've lost any chance to verify the chain of evidence without the results being questioned. Anything that comes out of this is useless. They've left themselves open to the accusation that the reason they did it this was is to try for their 15-minutes of fame and to make a dime. They know once the story is attacked there will still be believers. Sorry, guys. If this story is real, you've lost all chance to prove it, and you will now be called hoaxsters. I kind word for liars.
07:12 PM on 06/19/2011
Part VI

My "date" looked up in surprise and asked me what in the world had happened, especially to my face. Puzzled, I headed into the bathroom and looked at myself in the full-length mirror above the sink. I expected that I'd be the frazzled sight...but beyond frazzled, I was completely bloodied, from my face down to my arms and legs. Thorns had to be plucked from my palms.

I tried to tell my disbelieving date what had just taken place on the cliffs just outside our room but there was no way I was getting through to him. "This place has bad karma," he finally replied. "We should leave."

And that was my brief encounter with what I have come to realize was Bigfoot. Funny, up till that point in my life, I totally dismissed such tales as fabrications and delutions. Now I am the one whom everyone else is going to heap the scorn upon. So be it. I know what I saw. I don't need anyone to believe me as I have nothing to gain from it -- indeed, nothing to lose, either.
11:44 PM on 06/19/2011
Don't worry about naysayers. There are plenty of us out there who believe you. I know several people who say they have seen one and I have had some pretty weird things happen to me that could only be explained by the existence of sasquatches. One common thread in almost all encounters is the fact that the witness was in a position to be killed or seriously hurt by the bigfoot if it chose to harm them....but they don't usually have any intention of hurting us. I think sometimes they enjoy scaring the heck out of us. Some day the whole world will know and the ones who will get laughed at and who will have much to explain are the so-called experts. Personally, I think the U.S. military, with their hi-tech surveillance technology, already have definitive proof of the existence of these creatures, but any revelations will just cause panic or too much attention to something that needs to be left alone.
07:11 PM on 06/19/2011
Part IV

I don't know how I managed to find the key, but I did -- my bloodied hand attested to that alright. And I plunged straight ahead right through the rest of the bushes and thorns until I'd reached the other side. But I did not dare rest. Not able to see the Motel yet, I did have an idea where Highway 101 would be and I just kept on running hoping that eventually I'd stumble onto it.

And that is exactly what happend. Once onto the deserted roadway I could then see the foggy halo of the Motel sign and I ran towards it with all my might. When I reached my motel room I fumbled jiggedly jaggedly with the key until I was finally able to get the thing into the lock and get myself into the safety of the room.
07:10 PM on 06/19/2011
Part III

But as I turned to run I looked back again and what I saw made the hairs on my neck bristle in sheer disbelief. The form that at first I thought might be a bear was now loping full speed towards me in a back and forth rocking motion -- a kind of skipping from back to front, back to front...but that's not all; the form was at least 12 feet tall and completely covered in fur and it was erect. I also sensed an intelligence or awareness in it that I would not have expected from some "dumb" animal like a bear.

All the more frightened, I pushed my heavy frame into a run of my own and headed back in the direction of the motel. That's when I discovered that a massive fog bank had since moved in off the water and had completely shrouded the motel from my sight. In fact, as I entered the fog bank myself I was unable to see much ahead and suddenly found myself lying face-down in a hedge of thorns. That's when I heard my motel key pop out of my coat pocket into the thicket.

I instantly felt doomed - like I was going to be attacked any moment and here I was lying face down in a thorny hedge, motel key lost...something straight out of Alfred Hitchcock.
07:09 PM on 06/19/2011
Part II

The night was surreal with a moon rising in the East and the sound of the crashing waves unseen to my West. As I normally did when I was young and feeling down, I began to sing. What the heck, I thought, there's nobody around -- and it was deserted, so out came my rendition of the Carpenter's, "I'll Say Good-Bye to Love" with all the saddness and remorse I could muster. It felt good to release the hurt.

I sat down upon a large fallen tree stump, just back from the steep bluffs that plunged into the Pacific and serenaded myself. Or at least I thought, myself. Mid-song I happened to hear a rustling of bushes and the snapping of twigs; at first I thought "great, my date has finally come out looking for me...perhaps not all is lost".

That sweet thought turned to horror as I caught a glimpse of a huge form lumbering towards me from down the coast. Of course my first impression was that it was a bear and that thought was enough to make me jump to my feet and flee.
07:08 PM on 06/19/2011
Part I

At the risk (or rather, liklihood) of sounding quite the crazy person, I'm going to state here and now that I have had a close encounter with Bigfoot. I have seldom told anyone about this but having read this article, it brought back vivid memories and now, some 30 years later, I don't mind sharing what happened to me.

I had driven north from the Bay area mid-summer back in '79, with a new acquaitence -- someone I'd met through a newspaper ad. Both of us UC Berkeley students, we'd dated a few times and then decided to take a two day trip along the Northern California coast.

About two hours north of San Francisco we stopped and took a motel for the evening because we didn't want to travel by night and miss the sheer beauty of the coastline...and I have to add, we were feeling like this might be the time for us to share some physical intimacy, too.

It didn't work out quite like I was expecting per the physical part. Instead of having sex we had an argument. In a huff I grabbed my key off the bureau top and slammed the motel door behind me and off towards the ocean cliffs I sulked.
12:00 PM on 06/19/2011
Oh man, two more beings to complain about immigrants. Great.
Roy Shastid
sleeps well with others
02:01 AM on 06/19/2011
So this is what Harold Camping followers do while they wait for rapture # 3
11:13 AM on 06/18/2011
What a marvelous coincidence. Bigfoot investigators have their vehicles inspected by bigfoot. So it ain't so.
07:43 AM on 06/18/2011
From what I can see it is not a bear. The appearance of LIPS pretty much rules that out. Loren Coleman's comment about it possibly being a homeless person is trying really hard to come up with a reason to debunk this evidence. In addition, a homeless man deep in the woods away from other people which they depend on for change to fund their homeless lifestyle is unlikely. I believe this is genuine but the hair samples are going to be just like all the other hair samples that have been collected. Since their is no known specimen of a bigfoot the DNA tests will show an inconclusive result. The DNA will be very close to a primate and very close to a human but not a complete match to either one. BTW, there are photographs available on the web.....check Loreen Coleman's site I have seen them somewhere and they are actually pretty good. Not smeary unidentifiable grease and grime. YOu can see the eye sockets and t he lips. The face is much more hairy than I would have thought.
07:05 AM on 06/18/2011
there are tons of people just like that in my town.. trust me, you'll run away too..