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11:02 PM on 06/17/2011
Dr. Timothy Huntington was proven to be a liar today by the Prosecution. If you watched the trial live today you clearly would have seen him get causght in numerious lies he was telling to try to help the defense but it all backfired on him and Baez
10:10 PM on 06/17/2011
I think the prosecution is going after the wrong way she may have killed her. She may have tried to put her out to go party and it ended up killing her.She told the lie about the nanny to make it look like she was kidnapped so she put the duct tape on her and got rid of her body. That way, if she was found it would look like casey was taken and killed by the nanny.
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
04:21 AM on 06/18/2011
zanny the nanny was mentioned for up to 2 years prior to the death.
I can't wrap my head around the lies, so detailed.
zanny had a car accident and ended up in hospital and her mutual friend jeff and caylee were going to see her.
zanny's mother is sick and...
zanny drives a silver model x car...
zanny and i are going out and i will use her hair straightener so I won't need mine
09:11 PM on 06/17/2011
One portion of studying to become a forensic entomologist is to "baby-sit" a dead pig in the woods for a year (which is why I didn't do this. I have a weak stomach). Usually they are dressed, however, in human clothing. This is to identify the orthopods and other scavengers that visit the remains and at what stage of decomposition they arrived. Orthopods that feed and/or lay their eggs in decomposing organic material do not discriminate between human or pig.
Brad T Casali
09:49 PM on 06/17/2011
This is interesting. So are you suggesting that the decomposing pig is a more relevant comparison to a decomposing human than the prosecution claims?
03:57 AM on 06/18/2011
Human, pig... Same in death.
A simple man
09:07 PM on 06/17/2011
This murderer needs to be locked away for the rest of her life. She is not fit to be near or around a child. Society needs to rid themselves of people like her. Caylee was a dear little Angel to suffer such an agonizing death.
09:45 PM on 06/17/2011
lucky for her she is innocent until proven guilty
12:48 AM on 06/18/2011
The prosecution has rested. She was proven guilty beyond any doubt at all
retired Democrat
08:45 PM on 06/17/2011
This guy was hired but as always Baez was not qualified. And now this "big suprise" witness that's supposed to have gotten 4 calls from George and this guy didn't even have that phone number during this time. Baez has screwed up time and again, haven't filed motions on time altho he's had 3 years but his constant lying is unethical and I think he needs to be sanctioned. Even the poor man that found the body was called "morally bankrupt".
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Micro-bio curious
10:00 PM on 06/17/2011
Epic fail on Baez's part. Ashton tore apart his defense witness today as well.
Get off my lawn......
01:12 AM on 06/18/2011
Baez doesn't have much to work with.
Theory that is pulled from your rear will generally stink the high heaven.
08:04 PM on 06/17/2011
I have finally developed a theory about this case. Casey & Caylee were living in the pontiac. At some point, Casey (a) used chloroform or xanax to put the child to sleep, in her car seat with her bunny. Or (b) left the child unattended in her car seat with the windows up. I believe it was testified to that the car seat and bunny both reeked. Casey could have driven the car for a day or so with people assuming the dead child was just asleep. At some point, she probably went to her parents' home while they were away. She took trash bags, a laundry bag and duct tape. She applied the duct tape, placed her body in the bags and put her in the woods. Thinking she could be found soon enough that she could state the child was kidnapped (possibly by the fictional nanny) and murdered. Instead, the child was not found until December while she was in jail for most of that period trying to explain what was going on and very clearly stating to "look locally" for the child during a jailhouse visit with her brother.
Brad T Casali
09:46 PM on 06/17/2011
I believe I heard this from one of the 'consultants' on InSession--so, it might be worth a grain of salt. It was proposed that Casey would drug Caylee so she [Casey] could go out and party. Casey might have drugged her too much, and Caylee died.

Overall, I think your theories are very reasonable and similar to that one I heard. I don't think we'll ever find out what happened.
I cahoot with no one.
09:53 PM on 06/17/2011
I pretty much agree with your (b) theory except I think Casey tried to bury the body in the yard and couldn't dig a hole deep enough (that's why the cadaver dogs hit in the corner of the yard). Then she drove Caylee to the woods and buried her there. Other than that I think you nailed it.
07:54 PM on 06/17/2011
The defense's insect expert really should have said that he found no evidence that a pig (without a blanket covering it) had been in the trunk. After all, that's the kind of experimenting he has done. Only a fool or a person willing to deceive a jury for pay would mislead people this way. Very interesting, how the defense witness doesn't bother to mention that he was looking for the kind of phenomenon you'd see with an uncovered pig, not a covered child. Changing the topic slightly--since Baez has admitted that Casey is a compulsive liar (and I assume she either told him this or agrees with his statements in court) could she ever get a Guilty verdict overturned by arguing that she told Baez she was a sexually-abused child, he bet everything on that story, and he shouldn't have believed a confirmed liar? Can she claim incompetent representation because her liar staked the outcome of the trial on the defendant NOW telling the truth? The law is so unpredictable.
Brad T Casali
08:16 PM on 06/17/2011
She could claim ineffective counsel in appeal. And, I agree with you about the pig experiment, for the most part. Some of it may be comparable, and very VAGUE generalizations could be made, but, overall, a decomposing human experiment would have to be done (note this is ethically impossible to perform and would most likely be done as a meta-study or survey).
retired Democrat
08:48 PM on 06/17/2011
Casey will never confuse to killing that little girl but she should at least have the guts to tell Baez to leave her family alone. The smoke cloud around Lee and George is terrible and I hope they sue BAEZ for deframation of character.
09:48 PM on 06/17/2011
he study was about the barrier effect that takes place limiting insect access. the type of body and the condition at placement doesn't matter only the outer most boundary which was the same. pay attention people.
Brad T Casali
07:49 PM on 06/17/2011
Overall, I thought this entomologist for the defense was convincing at times, but not at others. I found what he said with the single blowfly leg to be convincing and made sense, but some of his conclusions were rather belabored. Ashton went off the handle several times. He seemed to get very emotional, flippant, and, in my opinion, childish at times. If I were the State, I'd be a bit embarrassed.

Ashton certainly could have made a better dent in the defense's expert by acting with a bit more decorum. Same goes for the defense expert who acted very belligerent. As an objective scientist, his opinion should not be taken literally, and he should be amenable other possible interpretations and not try to represent such a stagnant interpretation.