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12:28 AM on 02/26/2008
"The polls go up, the word goes out, partisans of all stripes rush to the site, and eventually, the Ron Paul supporters stay up all night to try to generate a result that proves Paul is the only candidate who really believes in freedom."

That is one of the most insightful dismissals of non-random polling on the internet I've ever enjoyed reading. It almost overshadows the point of the article, which is that this was for all intents and purposes a push-poll, done right out in broad daylight by a supposedly objective news service. Why is it that they're rushing to be the new "Fair & Balanced" when we already have FOX?
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Friends don't let friends vote GOP
12:25 AM on 02/26/2008
CNN is so budget - i have no idea who picks the coverage over there, but I haven't been able to watch that network for years - the coverage so light weight.
01:21 AM on 02/26/2008
I have like watching Anderson Cooper. But as of yesterday I put a block on CNN in my household. Hope Anderson goes elsewhere soon
otherwise so long good friend. I call for a national ban on CNN in all the household of America.
10:20 AM on 02/26/2008
You actually put a block on a channel to prevent YOURSELF from watching it?
11:54 PM on 02/25/2008
I'm still waiting for good ol' Jack cafferty to manufacture some of that righteous indignation over this.

I'm kinda doubting he does.Hell,he got mad today because none of his emails were buying into his "does experience count?" bullshit hit job.
11:46 PM on 02/25/2008
The democratic party as shit heads.

When the NYTimes ran that article of questionable journalistic integrity, the republican party was up in arms, defending their own.

The Democrats? I can hear a pin drop.

They're waiting on the sidelines like ninnies, while CNN smears the candidate who might very well end up being the democratic candidate for president.

11:41 PM on 02/25/2008
There is a silent, so far, minority who make it a point not: to wear flag pins, display the flag on bumpers, fly the flag, go to gatherings where the pledge of allegiance is said &/or the Star Spangled Banner is played. Often this minority makes it a point to arrive after the patriotic acts are done or duck into a rest room when the patriotic acts take place. Some elements of this minority: bear scars they got while serving the USA, lost loved ones who were serving the USA, can't stand or move the right arm at any time due to serving the USA, think of overtly patriotic people as sunshine patriots who wouldn't make any sacrifice to serve the USA, have a deep-but quiet-love for the USA, or other very personal reasons for not joining in overtly patriotic acts.
01:47 AM on 02/26/2008
But I say we go out and show that patriotism =Obama. Buy some sticky flags, put them on your car, along with an Obama sticker, and show the world that you're above this petty, divise Clinton-Bush politics. Yes, We Can!
Articulate AND Handsome (he believes!). ;)
11:00 AM on 02/26/2008
That's retarded!
02:11 AM on 02/26/2008
I really don't care who wears lapel pins, as long as no bush or clinton wins this election I'm happy. I would really prefer Obama over the blustery McCain. I'm just going to rest happy to know we aren't raising a monarchy.
11:41 PM on 02/25/2008
We have, for the first time, two great inspirations for our nominee. I am proud to have each be so close in this race and frankly, having been involved in volunteering for campaigns, I can see how, on a national level, you can lose some quality control during the hectic days of the campaign. To say the Hillary or Barack campaign are circulating this or that, is so silly, I can't stand all the hate being flung online. What happened to healthy debate? Let's take an example from Barack and Hillary and show some class.

I for one went to each persons government website, to make my choice. and and it was clear to me, who had done the most. Hillary is my choice this time around. Next time, when he's ready, Obama will get my vote!

I AM FIRST and foremost a Democrat and will support whomever wins our party's nomination. Superdelegates are part of the rules and this system has been in place for years.

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06:20 PM on 02/26/2008
If you want John MCCain in the White House, go ahead and vote for Hillary. I don;t know a single independent willing to vote for her. She's politically radioactive.
11:15 PM on 02/25/2008
I let the Clinton News Network know how shameless they were with that stupid poll. Everyone should contact them about the outrage of furthering this whole stupid patriotism nonsense.

John McCain doesn't wear a flag pin either. This is all just stupid. All the problems this country has and the MSM is talking about this garbage.

I want to know who in the Clinton campaign gave Drudge that photo and I want to know how the Clintons got it. Lynn Sweet was on that trip to Africa with Senator Obama and she said that event was closed to the media. Only a few from the military and Obama staffers were present. So who in the military gave it to the Clinton campaign?
11:42 PM on 02/25/2008
Hey CGrace: Funny cause I let CNN know how shameless they've been - by turning from a respected news station to an advertising agency for Obama and McCain.

What I'd like to know is why did Obama want to keep his picture a secret? Does that mean there are others that are being kept from the public?

Ya think maybe there's more stuff the public should know that has been closed to the media and public? And if so how come? Hell Hillary's life is an open book - so why isn't his? What else is he hiding? and why are you so outraged? Isn't the public entitled to being FULLY INFORMED?
10:49 PM on 02/25/2008
I say that ALL Obama supporters should email CNN advertisers.

First, we had to deal with the inevatable nominee, now we have David Gergan with his own cheerleading post for the Clinton camp.

Then, they throw this, what they tried to portay as this God awful image, in our faces.

Conoco Phillips
Progressive Insurance
Johnson and Johnson
Geico Insurance
Quaker Oat Mill
Cox Cable
Betty Crocker
McKesson Corp.
Edward Jones Investments
Video Professor
Liberty Mutual
Dr. Scholl’s
General Mills
Circuit City
CVS Pharmacy
11:18 PM on 02/25/2008
Actually all democrats should go after CNN and their advertisers on this. They should also write the Associated Press. CNN picked up the story from AP reporter Nedra Pickler who wrote the story how conseratives are questioning Senator Obamas patriotism. Ms Pickler is married to a FOX News employee. In her story she quotes Roger Stone, founder of the 527 aimed against Senator Clinton and its offensive name is Citizens United Not Timid. The most offensive acronym ever.

So maybe instead of fighting each other on, we can all take action, send out an angry email and let em all know we Democrats wont take this crap. I know I did.
11:50 PM on 02/25/2008

Well I was told that a FOX employee is married to a highly placed Republican etc.... So what's to believe. Guess you just can't trust the media can you.

Welcome to the truth. Now if they'd just start reporting ALL the facts, the truth, and nothing but, no spin, no hype, no preference, no swooning over Obama, and give us some real information on his abilities, if any, because who the hell knows what's real about this guy and what isn't after this massive sales job we've had shoved down our throats; sigh... wouldn't life be sweet.
11:45 PM on 02/25/2008

Too late, they've already been contacted and boycotted because of CNN's non stop anti Hillary marketing campaign. And will continue to be until they start to tell the public the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God!
Gee I wonder what CNN is going to do now that NOBODY can RELY on the 'Best Political Team on Television'.

I do agree with you though... CNN IS A FARCE and their commentators and pundits are nothing short of ridiculous.
08:28 PM on 02/26/2008
I blocked CNN also for their anti Hillary crap !!
10:36 PM on 02/25/2008
Big picture, boys and girls. This fight is getting dirty and no one wants to alienate anyone who might end up not voting for anyone because they have been called names. If you can't be a grown up about all this, take you tantrums and go home.
07:06 AM on 02/26/2008
David Gergan loves Obama. What did Obama do to tick him off?
09:33 PM on 02/25/2008
Please don't criticize Obama, all you Hillary lovers. You are just upset that your candidate didn't turn out to be the incarnation of god. It's like supporting the Roman Governors when Jesus was spreading his message, our savior will be remembered forever and worshipped by our fellow Obama supporters, your candidate was too full of experience, when what really matters is the touch of something holy. Amen!
09:43 PM on 02/25/2008
OHHH your snark is sooo clever and so caustic. Ouch. Hillary is too full of something and it ain't experience - of which she has 50 percent less than Obama - the only metric you can fairly the judge the two on when we discuss experience. It's not fair to say that Obama doesn't have 8 years of experience picking out White House china patterns. Perhaps he'll make up for that deficit next January and help Michelle with that task.
11:53 PM on 02/25/2008

Well what can I say to someone who believes Obama is the new Messiah.

God Help America

I bet Oprah's and CNN are real proud.
06:51 AM on 02/26/2008
You obviously didnt catch that sarcasm. Expected from a Hillary supporter.
09:21 PM on 02/25/2008
The irony in all of this is that I would argue that Obama inspires patriotism-- a love for the promise of America. He promises to draw a new generation of Americans away from cynicism and into the mainstream of American politics. Isn't this patriotic?
Looking for honest pols, in all the wrong places.
10:49 PM on 02/25/2008
Excellent point, sugarbox. That's what it feels like to me. Obama's one of few politicians I've seen in my lifetime that makes me feel like patriotism is a new concept. I know exactly how Michelle feels.

But we shouldn't be inspired by lofty goals or idealism. We're supposed to be inspired by those who tell us we're being distracted by the hope that put Bill Clinton in office in 1992.
11:54 PM on 02/25/2008

he promises, he promises, he promises. Hillary actually does what she promises.

Take a look at his promises to the sick and poor and what he actually did for them. Not a nice guy.
01:26 AM on 02/26/2008
better yet you tell us what Hillary has done???
What are these promises you speak of?????
08:54 PM on 02/25/2008
Explain to me how either Hillary or Obama has stood up for the Constitution as a member of the Senate. Do either of them think that bush's behavior rises to the level of an impeachable offense? If yes, why have they not taken leadership on urging impeachment? If not, what does that mean?! But, either way, neither of them is a true Patriot. (Nor is McCain or any of the republiscum). They are all responsible for upholding and protecting the Constitution - the job of a true Patriot.
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left and rightly so...
10:44 PM on 02/25/2008
Election. Gotta stay mainstream. Nature of the Beast. Who do you believe? So sad.
08:53 PM on 02/25/2008
Bush and the republican fascists are patriotic as long as they can dupe the American people into believing their warmongering and profiteering is in the best interests of the nation when in effect it is to satiate their own greed and lust for power. The greater majority of these republican politicians who always wear a flag in their lapels never served in a branch of the armed services or wore the uniform have no problem feigning patriotism when sending someone else to fight and die for a phony war. To single one person out for a test of "patriotism" when others who "talk the talk" but didn't "walk the walk" is underhanded, mean and vicious and CNN is guilty of political pandering that has been the hallmark of a media fallen into disrepute.
11:59 PM on 02/25/2008
CNN has turned into the joke of the century. Pathetic is an understatement. I think their commentators and pundits should be arrested for deliberate defamation of character.

And they should definitely lose their "News Channel" license. They've turned into tabloid TV. They do nothing other than destroy reputations and lives.. and get paid to do it!

Their bias in this election is seriously damaging the country and they are accountable to no one? What's with that?
08:42 PM on 02/25/2008
Does Hillary Clinton have the judgement and good old American common sense to be president?
12:01 AM on 02/26/2008
She does and a heck of a lot more than her opponent I might add.
08:42 PM on 02/25/2008
Here's a question. Has Obama ever been baptized as a Christian?

Is there a date? Or a place? A baptismal certificate? I have not seen anything like this although I could have just missed it.
08:50 PM on 02/25/2008
What a stupid post - he has been going to the same Christian Church for 20 years. His step father converted to catholism when Obama was a young child so he was raised in a Catholic environment. Are you srious with this crap about dates and proof - give me a break.
08:51 PM on 02/25/2008
And the point of this is....What?