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07:35 PM on 06/25/2011
Congratulations to the LGBT Community in New York!

I have read several statements belittling President Obama and hailing Gov Cuomo as a real leader since he was able to bring this Bill to pass. It will be interesting to see how Rachel Maddow and the so called “far left” respond to this Bill later after they have fully understood the compromise (and “exceptions”) included in it. I wonder if they would then excoriate Gov Cuomo for working across the aisle in the same way President Obama was on the Affordable Care Act and the non-inclusion of “Single Payer.”
03:16 PM on 06/26/2011
The journey of a million miles starts with a single step. I would say this is more than a single step.
A Gov has more power than the president in this case.

Obama will fix DOMA once he is reelected trust me.
Now be sure and vote for him.
If you cant laugh at yourself...someone else will
01:06 AM on 06/27/2011
Michelle Bachmann will not fix DOMA, nor Rick Santorum, nor Newt Gingrich, nor Tim Pawlenty....nor any other GOP running for president.

President Obama 2012!
03:19 PM on 06/27/2011
The entire state deserves congratulations, not just the LGBT community, as this is a victory for equality. As a straight, unmarried NYer, I am very proud of my state (in this instance)
We are all here because we are not all there
07:28 PM on 06/25/2011
Oh good, now gays can be as miserable as every married couple.
11:10 PM on 06/25/2011
Some people are not Happy until they have made every one around them miserable. Get out of the marriage business Government.
David N Taiwan
68 YO American in Taiwan
05:44 AM on 06/26/2011
I'm sure you mean well, but this joke is so old and tired.
Fighting for the rights of the already-born
11:32 AM on 06/26/2011
Fanned for writing what I was thinking -- and for keeping it friendly and respectful.
07:18 PM on 06/25/2011
The Rabbi should learn a few more facts before publishing inflammatory BS like this. I've been to Saudi Arabia on business--and my visa application was clear that I was a Jew. Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, but one of 12 members; it does not control which airlines become members. Delta (or any other airline) is not required to prevent Jews or anyone else from boarding. But they *shouldn't* allow anyone without a visa from boarding. Why should? Because (a) the person will be denied entry into the country and Delta will be forced to fly them back, at Delta's expense and (b) Delta will have to pay a fairly hefty fine. (I had that happen when I went to South Africa and my passport did not have a completely blank page. I was denied entry and Delta got a $1800 (as I remember) fine.)

As an extension of the Rabbi's fine logic, think about other people who denied boarding a flight to the US based on the US government having them on an exclusion list that is based in part on religion and country of origin or residence. The Rabbi should be up in arms about that, demanding that the airlines who support this practice reject it--or not fly into the US.

This is cheesy publicity stunt that gets the Rabbi's name in print and his face on CNN. Next time he should research and understand better before he declares the sky is falling.
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still hopeful at 55
still changeful at 56 and now 57 too
11:07 PM on 06/25/2011
hmmm i think you want to post this on the "delta" story!!! great post though!
07:09 PM on 06/25/2011
It's nice to see some good news in the headlines once in a while ... congratulations to all who fought for this in NY.
07:06 PM on 06/25/2011
Honestly, it makes sense that Bloomberg and Cuomo and the NY politicians behind this. NYC is becoming so outrageously expensive and hostile towards "traditional" families, and Bloomberg/Cuomo his friends are determined to make it prohibitively expensive, that the only people who are less likely to have children will be able to make up the tax base. I have no issue with equality, but it would be nice, now, to see the energy and money spent on
making this happen be turned to make NY's lower middle class a fighting chance in this town.
What color is the sky in Opposite World?
08:15 PM on 06/25/2011 is that the issue you straights have? That gays have more MONEY than you?
Arrrr, the laws of science be a harsh mistress
09:09 PM on 06/25/2011
The reasons to hate gay people are getting more and more ridiculous by the hour. The bigots are in their last throes.
If you cant laugh at yourself...someone else will
01:11 AM on 06/27/2011
Gay couples are a couple of D.I.N.K.s Dual Income No Kids.

Congratulations NY!!! Next Stop Minnesota.
09:31 PM on 06/25/2011
Seriously? This it the most ridiculousexcuse I've ever heard. Many gays have children. You can be straight and still not have it. It's not the likely hood of having children that makes NY tax base what it is. If you are in the lower middle class you shouldn't be having children if it's difficult for you to support them lt alone yourself.
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05:57 PM on 06/25/2011
While we enjoy our victory, let's also remember, with charity in our hearts, that those who are against us lost nothing.
Hey a countdown clock. MannNnn that is trouble...
06:52 PM on 06/25/2011
Haha, very truthful and insightful. I am impressed.
05:53 PM on 06/25/2011
It's about time that homosexuals are given EQUAL RIGHTS!!! God bless Andrew Cuomo!!!!
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04:57 PM on 06/25/2011
Andrew Cuomo was amazing.

President Obama, pay attention. This is what it's like to be presidential.
CogitoErgoSum was taken when I signed up.
07:45 PM on 06/25/2011
I didn't know Gov. Cuomo ended DADT and stopped the DOJ from defending DOMA.
07:58 PM on 06/25/2011
Good examples of O's way of just playing equivocating politics and being unwilling to take a strong leadership position. He's big on letter others be in the lead, whether it's Eric Holder or Robert Gates.

It's not that I don't appreciate the end result - but the failure to lead is really sad.

If O had shown the balls that Cuomo did, we might have the Public Option in health care reform after all.
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04:46 PM on 06/25/2011
The definition of marriage is not between man and woman and little is defined around exclusive partnership and respect for all marriage with this change. The exclusiveness of gay marriage and all marriage is now subjected to impropriety. When married people are forced to co-habiatate with other married individuals through work, education or military how can gay marriage or any marriage for the fact be respected within exclusive terms? In the long run we simply devalue the exclusive terms of marriage. I have yet seen the objectives of gay marriage other than we just want it be cause we feel like it. How is it defined and what is expected legally including statues for divorce? How will all marriage be respected in respect to assignment of shared dorms, barracks and other places including military training. There are terms of marriages for the purpose of family continuity and sensible obligations. When a gay spouse wants a divorce and wants to be with the person he shares dorm or military quarters. Is this fair in respect to gay marriage and family continuity?
06:21 PM on 06/25/2011
"When married people are forced to co-habiata­te with other married individual­s through work, education or military how can gay marriage or any marriage for the fact be respected within exclusive terms?"

Same way any other married couple is.

"How is it defined and what is expected legally including statues for divorce?"

Same as any other married couple.

Carry on.
06:50 PM on 06/25/2011
Maybe you are overthinking the topic to much, people would like to live with someone they love and have the same rights as hetero couples have. Is that to hard to understand?
Turquoise Jones
04:39 PM on 06/25/2011
Barack Obama's confusing one living American war hero with a fallen one he honored in 2009, has been completely ignored by the Big Three Networks shows, including the same NBC Nightly News that threw a fit over Sarah Palin's recent recounting of an event over 200 years ago, Paul Revere's ride.
04:33 PM on 06/25/2011
Waaayy more important than the economy? Huffpost would lead us to believe this is the key event in the 21st century which only effects a minority. Do not be pretentious. This story has so many articles and is linked to more than 6 times on many pages...
Fighting for the rights of the already-born
11:42 AM on 06/26/2011
"If there is one person who is still not free, then I am not; if there is one person who still suffers from insult and humiliation, then I do." ~ Ai Weiwei
03:33 PM on 06/27/2011
I probably consider the economy a larger issue, this is true, but my eyes glaze over when didcussing economics, so I tend not to click on those articles, as I guess many do. An issue about civil rights is much more likely to get my attention and perhaps more comments and clicks (that's why there are so many Sarah Palin stories). Couldn't that be the reason Marriage Equality is posted higher? It isn't necessarily and editorial choice, but a financial choice.
Media Futurist
04:28 PM on 06/25/2011
May God forgive your hate for those not born like you
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still hopeful at 55
still changeful at 56 and now 57 too
07:37 PM on 06/25/2011
fanned and faved! beautifuly stated, thank you
04:26 PM on 06/25/2011
Same sex marriages maybe natures way to cut down on the human population as nature limits the population of other animals, but the number of gays is small compared with straights. So we must find other ways to limit the population like China is trying to limit her population only a bit kinder. So same sex marriage helps everyone, remember God made gays and who is going to tell him he was wrong.
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05:18 PM on 06/25/2011
Marriage has nothing to do with nature anyway - it's a human construct.

But your end point is okay.