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03:50 PM on 07/03/2011
What? Everyone doesn't agree it is far, far better that people are arrested, their transportation impounded, their lives and reputations ruined, saddled with a police record and likely lose their jobs and perhaps marriages... than to take the chance of a singed finger from a sparkler?.. THANK YOU BIG BROTHER for looking out for us incompetent little people... For saving US from OURSELVES.
Odi et Amo, Y'all!
05:15 PM on 07/03/2011
I dunno if the right to recreational explosives is really worth defending. You might feel differently if your neighbor set your apartment building on fire. We New Yorker's don't have big back yards to let our kids immolate themselves without risking others!
05:52 PM on 07/03/2011
Hey, downstate, some of us upstaters DO have the "room" but aren't all that keen on having drunken revelers handling explosives or handing them to their kids.

Yanno what, "don't save us from ourselves nanny state" whiners ... you want to risk your lives (or your kids') over some pop, pop, bang, bang? Fine.

Do like the military does with motorcycle helmets (and reflective vests!) -- don't want to wear them? Fine. Then you forfeit any medical benefits you might otherwise have been entitled.

Your "right" to take stupid risks should not then burden the rest of us with the costs of your lifelong disabilities.

The Tea Partiers always rail about not having to pay for others' decisions and not wanting to be told what to do, so how 'bout it?
03:47 PM on 07/03/2011
Aside of firing them at night it is a pretty sloppy way to destroy them , bevcause if they are still in the carsd board box many will be left unexploded somewhere around blown by the explosion , look like the DSK case
Age quod agis
03:35 PM on 07/03/2011
Best fireworks display of the year, especially since I didn't have to endure the cloying musical renderings of the Boston Pops. Mayor Bloomberg, this Bostonian salutes you!
Question everything...
03:34 PM on 07/03/2011
What a waste of perfectly good fireworks. Could have at least done it at night...
"Why waste time learning? Ignorance is quicker."
03:31 PM on 07/03/2011
They could have set them off at night... in a safe place... one at a time... for people to watch... but no. ;>)
03:10 PM on 07/03/2011
agreed , if they had any experience they would have known to set them off one at a time. a lot less dangerous.
Attorney (ret.)
03:00 PM on 07/03/2011
TO:  Mayor Bloomberg
FROM: Floodberg, one of the 99% that are getting poorer so that you and your 1% become more obscenely rich and powerful

I hesitantly write this on behalf of my brethren.  We clearly understand that this Plutocracy is not going to make any meaningful change to our future. We get empty reassurances that 'things are getting better' (certainly true for the 1%) and very rarely an actual gesture.  

Mr. Bloomberg, you want to be President of this sort-of democratically-elected Plutocracy.  You need to step up your game.  (This presumes you still need actual voters, which I for one realize has probably been superceded by computerized voting and counting systems.)  

French and Russian history illustrate the peril when appeasements fail to the level of becoming insulting.  If you wish to temporarily distract us from the miseries deliberately inflicted on us by your ruling class to make yourselves richer, it must be truly memorable.  "Things are getting better' is a cake drawn on the ground; it does not save the starving child.  A small piece of cake won't either, but it creates a feeling of temporary happiness that buys this plutocracy time to finish us off without civil unrest.  

Give us good fresh frosted cake to temporarily stop us from griping about being hungry.  A few dollars appropriated from the perks for NYC politicians and 'civil servants' would have created a memorable gesture, but this video is moldy cake with lead and arsenic.  You cheaped out.  

Here are a few suggestions for next year (assuming the plutocracy is still going strong): 
1) Do this on flat land so you can get multiple video shots (360 degrees) of the full display.
2) Instead of just lighting one section from the top, spend some time setting it up so fire starts from multiple places from underneath.  They'll go higher and fully display, and it will be a much more satisfying video.  NYPD undoubtedly has to reignite the pile multiple times to finish the job.
3) I shouldn't even have to say this. DO IT AT NIGHT.
4) Finally, have your videograph¬≠ers remix it with a great inspiring soundtrack¬≠; maybe even something patriotic like 'Stars and Stripes Forever.'  

If you're not going to throw us an occasional real crumb from your golden plates, make your appeasements memorable.  
If you don't like what I have to say, I don't give
02:56 PM on 07/03/2011
Acccording to Bloomberg and his ilk, all citizens are too stupid to be allowed to do ANYTHING on our own. How pathetic is this country that trash like that can even get elected in the first place?
What Would George Carlin do?
02:45 PM on 07/03/2011
Well what did they think they were going to do with them in the first place?
DW Arnold
Only in America
02:44 PM on 07/03/2011
If they are so bad, wouldnt they be illegal in all states??? Also legal states have less injuries than non legal states. And I lost my thumb to fireworks many years ago, and I see no problem with them...
02:39 PM on 07/03/2011
This is nonsense and a waste of money (taxpayers money for the personnel being paid to do this nOnsense) Like some one else it a night and provide a 'show'..cities are increasingly cancelling 'shows' because of finances. Can someone please tell the GOVT to quit sitting in our lives and telling us when to wipe our butts!!!???. If this is such a big 'INJURY' problem, fine, then outlaw cars, and most home appliances and junk food causing health relaTed illness, and outlaw OBESITY!! How about just adding some tax and the need for a fire permit to offset the cost of the need for Fire emergency services??? There are all kinds of things that can be done other than DADDY GOVT. always spanking the citizens!
02:36 PM on 07/03/2011
Why didn,t they set them off with some of the big display on the 4, but ny is not known for common since
We're all Bozos on this bus.
02:18 PM on 07/03/2011
They couldn't do it at night?
01:58 PM on 07/03/2011
There are laws that many feel are not needed. If people used common sense, many of these laws would never see the light of day. But common sense is in short supply - hence the laws..
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01:54 PM on 07/03/2011
I hope they make sure to go around and pick up all the little leftover pieces...