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10:01 PM on 07/08/2011
The author of this article must be a graduate of the Jethro Bodeen School of Cipherin'. The salacious, News of the World-style headline declares that 50 percent of people who were polled believe Anthony is not guilty, but the breakdown in the second paragraph clearly states that only 19.42 percent of those polled believe she's not guilty. As Jethro would say, Pi R Square, Cornbread R Round. Better practice your Gazintas.
10:42 PM on 07/10/2011
"second paragraph clearly states that only 19.42 percent of those polled believe she's not guilty". Sorry, Jethro, it states that "Another 30.61 percent think she is only guilty of a lesser charge, and 19.42 percent think she is not guilty of any crime."

So the 30.61% also do not think she is guilty of murder, and the headline states "50 Percent Think She Is 'Not Guilty' Of Murder" 30.61+19.42=50.02 say she is not guilty of murder.

I guess you need to study up a bit more on your Cipherin'.
10:38 AM on 07/11/2011
'Scuse me, but Jethro thinks the wording of this article is confusing - it can be interpreted more than one way. Don't forget who has a sixth-grade education, dadgummit.
10:44 PM on 07/10/2011
That's Pi are round, cornbread are square. And 30.61+19.42=50.03>50.
09:57 PM on 07/08/2011
I truly hope she gets all that she deserves
09:26 PM on 07/08/2011

10:28 PM on 07/10/2011
Guilty in the first degree!!!!
09:09 PM on 07/08/2011
How many people dead does it take to realize that a crime was committed?
How many more childrens' bones do we have to dig up for people to realize that children shouldn't turn up in garbage bags as skeletons in the local town dump.
Polls don't tell the truth.
Who did you poll anyway?
10:29 PM on 07/08/2011
Nobody says that somebody wasn't dead. The jury and I believe that the Prosecution did not prove that Casey done the killing. It is called NOT GUILTY. Live with it.
11:31 PM on 07/08/2011
I believe she done it, grammatical issues aside.
11:39 PM on 07/09/2011
Yeah right...all good mothers don't report their child missing after 31 days.
08:39 PM on 07/08/2011
I guess they forgot to get my vote. I think she is guilty.
10:30 PM on 07/08/2011
And I vote Not guilty. so that is 50 - 50.
09:11 PM on 07/09/2011
No, it's 2/3 guilty and 1/3 not guilty.
11:39 PM on 07/09/2011
I second that motion!!!!
It must be really easy to be a liberal!
08:05 PM on 07/08/2011
put her in the general population of that jail until she gets out. There has to be a few moms on there who will take care of her.
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07:57 PM on 07/08/2011
Huff post? Who did you survey? Obama Voters. She is certainly guilty of more than lying.Are those jury members relatives of O.J.? It's unbelievable that she walks but someday she will answer in a much higher place and that may not be as pretty.Just HOT.
08:56 PM on 07/10/2011
Got proof there even is a God? If there was one why would he let this happen to caylee. No one can ever answer this simple question. People hide behind the bible because they probably know deep down this life is probably it.
07:53 PM on 07/08/2011
Wow, some places will do anything for a headline anymore, it seems.
06:59 PM on 07/08/2011
Anyone who is innocent wouldn't keep the fact that there daughter is missing for 31 days without telling a sole!! Anyone who is innocent wouldn't lead the police on a wild goose chase saying that a nanny took her and in the process making it harder for the police to gather evidence when the child is found. I believe that the Anthony family are a very dysfunctional family but If her dad had abused her like she is claiming why wait till your on trial for your child's murder to bring that too light, and before anyone comments on this comment I WAS ABUSED BY A FAMILY MEMBER so I know about it! There are just too many things she did for her to be innocent of this crime!!! Just my opinion.
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07:58 PM on 07/08/2011
Right on Deb,
Dog loving, liberal old white guy living in SC.
08:46 PM on 07/08/2011
She wasn't found "innocent". She was found "not guilty". Big difference. While it's likely she had something to do with her daughter's death, the state could prove that it wasn't an accident. Therefore, there was reasonable doubt. Can't send someone to death row if there is reasonable doubt. The prosecution overreached.
09:15 PM on 07/09/2011
The prosecution may have over reached, but there were lesser included charges she could have been found guilty of, if the jurors had spent more time trying to analyze the evidence.
11:43 PM on 07/09/2011
They certainly could have given her aggravated child abuse...NO MOTHER goes 31 days without reporting their child missing, kidnapped, etc. Then she lies to the Authorities and sends them on wild goose chases....Yeah she is innocent all right.
05:33 PM on 07/08/2011
Lying to the police? Is this all that was apparent. Come on, they gotta be joking. Are we opening the door to more of this type of behavior? Be irresponsible and have children because it never dawned on you to use contraceptives then off the kids when they get in the way of your
"girls gone wild" lifestyle. Wow, simply wow! God bless Caylee's little soul. We can all see that she's in a much better place :(
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
06:47 PM on 07/09/2011
Don't you think Cindy is a little to blame for the pregnancy.
How is it that a nurse doesn't have a sensible conversation with her daughter?
02:54 PM on 07/08/2011
From the very numbers quoted over 75% of the people think she was guilty of the involment in the death of her daughter. Did a number juggle change the main title. How about this . One in five people think she was not involved with any of the death of her child. Even that is an ill concieved scenario .She was there and hid the body for a month..Unbelievable....
02:47 PM on 07/08/2011
I have followed this from day one and with Casey's life style as you all have seen was very hectic, who could keep watch over their child and get ready to go to all those pole dance parties or Hottest Chick parties and dance all night, go sleep with all those dudes and go shopping and stealing money from everyone and getting those checks cashed she stole on top of car theft and more running around, then to have the cops hassle her because they did not believe her so they made her drag them all over town proving where she worked and then trying so hard to find Zanny the Nanny, well folks that don't leave much time to take care of a kid these days, she is innocent because no one can say they saw her do it I dont care how much evidence the had she is a good mother and she will have more and if they happen to come up missin well there is those jurors who know the truth and besides how do you know those weren't chicken bones from someones garbage, I think they will find Caylee somewhere soon, so get over it this is the new america and its only going to get better mark my word
10:32 PM on 07/08/2011
Did the other people at the pole dance kill their kids too, That seems to be th thing to do right after killing a kid.
02:26 PM on 07/08/2011
This result posting MUST be skewed. I know NO ONE who believes this odious woman is innocent.

Also, if a concocted story of accidental drowning is more compelling to these "jurors" than the duct tape and that horrendously egregious heart sticker on a discarded baby, why not just blame it on an alien abduction gone wrong? It's as legitimate a "reasonable doubt" argument as the falsities the defense spewed.

These 12 people might not have believed there was proof enough to convict of murder, but they absolutely had enough evidence to convict of other horrible crimes against this child. May they never again have a good night's sleep over the shoddy deliberations they semi-performed.

Also, may Casey Anthony never survive to revel in the freedom, fame and happiness she thought to buy with her actions. Instant karma should prevail here, as justice did not.
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08:00 PM on 07/08/2011
They must have been from California huh?
10:33 PM on 07/08/2011
Wishing death on someone is about as bad as killing them. You are sure a nice lady.
Author of Getting Back in the Game!
02:10 PM on 07/08/2011
I'm not clear on why it's not a felony to not report a death, particularly in your own residence, and then hide the body. These two acts should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law. ITt defies common sense that she wasn't at least convicted for these criminal acts.
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
06:51 PM on 07/09/2011
I don't they charged her with those acts
11:49 AM on 07/08/2011
I don't know what part of the population you polled but I haven't spoken to 1 person who does not believe that Casey Anthony is guilty of MURDER!! 31 days of not knowing where your child is?! Then lying time after time about where the child is while she is partying and drinking without a care in the world?! I'm sorry but a lack of motive and evidentury cause of death? She wanted a carefree life and the duct tape tells it all! She overdid the chloroform one time too many and Caylee paid the price. She believed she could get away with it, and she did, because Caylee's remains were found too late!
Susan Shaffer
watching you...
06:58 PM on 07/09/2011
You are letting fantasy ala Nancy Grace cloud your thinking.
1. chlorine is relatively easy to make compared to other drugs but you still need distillation equipment. Did they find that at the anthony home?
2. Chloroform has a distinctive smell. don't you think cindy the nurse would have noticed?
3. Cindy and George picked up the car from impound and george knew the smell of death but didn't call the cops immediately. Instead he and cindy drove the car home and cleaned it and sprayed it with Febreeze, which contains chloroform. (Oh and Chlorinated water degrades to chloroform too.) What sort of ex cop allows contamination of what is a crime scene? He cleaned the trunk and went off to work like nothing happened.
4 Cindy reported to the police that the car smells like a dead body has been in it and then back tracks. Perhaps someone told her there had been a dead body in the car. Now it smells like old pizza. Casey? still sticking to the nanny kidnapping. Lee? wasn't even invited to the baby shower. George? The same George who didn't report a possible crime scene.
Now ask yourself why wouldn't he do that. Because he is part of it and for some reason he didn't want an autopsy of Caylee. A broken hymen on a 2 year old would be very suspicious.
08:15 AM on 07/11/2011
You make some very valid points Susan!! That last line especially, hadn't even thought of that one but wow, that would definitely be some serious motive to cover up an accidental death!!
Embrace each moment, each day!
12:11 PM on 07/11/2011
You have quite a fantasy yourself about George.