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09:01 AM on 07/16/2011
This is a fantastic woman. She's the best First Lady we've had in decades. She's vibrant, intelligent, gorgeous, and a fine, fine representative of America at its best.
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08:30 AM on 07/16/2011
I am sick and tired of the media making fun of Michelle's style. They pick the most unflattering pictures they can find. Yes, she made the mistake of wearing some of this the yellow outfit with the too tight sweater and belt that looks like the award given to a boxing champ...but they don't have to make such a big deal out of it when she goofs. Let's hear about her good works and concern for America, not her fashion blunders!
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This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]
12:14 AM on 07/16/2011
Love Michelle's outfit, the Obama's represent the MAJORITY of African Americans, the unseen, the one's that have good morales and values. The one's that the TV executives rarely portray in movies and sitcomes. Part of our society wants to believe that they are better than the other, but they aren't, they just have the power to distract, minipulate and control what's put on the news and in the media. WAKE UP and take the blinders off it's 2011.
Moldova Marsupial
12:05 AM on 07/16/2011
I like all the outfits except in photo 1, 6, and 11
11:13 PM on 07/15/2011
I am not a fan of mixing prints...but if anyone can pull it off, it is our First Lady. I like her casual is pretty tough for her to look bad no matter what she wears!
11:07 PM on 07/15/2011
These are not bold fashion statements, they appear to simply be mismatched outfits. If that's what she wants to wear, that's her choice, however, it does not appear to make a fashion statement positive or negative. I believe that she gets a lot of attention because for many white people, she's the first "visible Black lady". There are many, many more fashionable Black ladies in the African American community, just as there were many more fashionable white women than Barbara Bush, Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton when they were first ladies. Mrs. Obama should not be the viewed as the "only Black woman", as that is what the media has done since the inauguration.
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Yes, this keeps me awake at night.
11:17 PM on 07/17/2011
"First visible black lady"? Surely, you're joking! Condi Rice was all over the news with her thigh high boots during the Bush years. The media couldn't get enough of her style. What about entertainers? Every time they appear in public, the media snaps their photo.

This First Lady is more interested in fashion than any recent FLOTUS. You may not like her style, but it is bold and interesting if you follow fashion news in the U.S. and in Europe.

Keep your politics out of Michelle Obama's closet!
09:15 PM on 07/15/2011
4-9- the outfits are outstanding.

Michelle- our belle. What a pride and joy our first family are to us.
08:48 PM on 07/15/2011
I see the shapeless haters are at it again. Jealousy is not becoming.

My favourite in this slide is the picture of her in the WH garden wearing orange - what I really liked was her hair. It was fabulous.
07:45 PM on 07/15/2011
Yeah, the prints are a little much, other than than that, I pretty much like what she wears but the prints.....I think she can do better. Just my opinion.
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06:46 PM on 07/15/2011
She looks best in yellow. Picture 9 is appaling!