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11:01 PM on 07/11/2011
Of course the Iraqi 'government' will 'ask' the US 'liberators' to keep (or even increase) a 'presence' -- that's the way this always works.
03:02 AM on 07/12/2011
"Washington (as it) prepares to pull out its remaining 46,000 troops." This can't happen so hold on to your hats and prepare for an event that will lead to keeping the troops and placing more troops right next to Iran. This is where they are needed for future events.
08:53 AM on 07/12/2011
Iraqi government won't. Not only Iraqis want their own country back, but also US doesn't have that kind of influence over Iraqi government, Iran does, and Iran doesn't want any US troops anywhere near its borders.
Some experiences in life are ineffable
07:46 PM on 07/11/2011
Our government and military sure do have an eschatological bent to their pursuit for world dominance, don't they?!
06:44 PM on 07/11/2011
Another excuse to stay in Iraq beyond December. Panetta sounds more like Cheney and Rumsfeld than moderating voice of Robert Gates. In Iraq he said the troops went to Iraq because of 9/11... I thought even Dubya was beyond that nonsense.
tony wise
04:54 AM on 07/12/2011
its long been the plan to remain in iraq beyond 2011. ive been saying it forever. why else would obama spend a billion and a half taxpayer dollars for new embassies, 7000 mercs, drones, and other war toys just for us to leave in 2011? that was an abject lie that all the left bought. "hes ending the war! he pulled out all the combat troops!" pure propaganda at the soldiers expense.
06:00 PM on 07/11/2011
All American troops and all private contractors should have been pulled out of Iraq by now. In fact, this should have happened four years ago (as recommended by the Iraq Study Group).
Black Democrat
05:47 PM on 07/11/2011
"He threatened stronger U.S. action to stop Iranian-supplied weapons from killing Americans as they prepare to depart."

This is from the world's largest arm exporter? What is the rebels' military budget? a few thousand dollars, the US's almost a billion dollars and they are crying. These are things you have to think about before you invade a country, not after.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is the new kid on the block. This job is just a stepping stone to his next job, you think he cares about the military? Just another hack padding his resume. Hooking himself up for a higher spot or a lobbyist job down the road.
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an inelastic scattering of photons
05:27 PM on 07/11/2011
What a load!! Panetta's as delusional as Rumsfeld.....oh and BTW the $6-18 Billion in Cash we gave the insurgents have purchased many of the Iranian weapons used to atttack our OWN TROOPS.

Al Queda's in Iraq in the thousands? Let's send them some more money.
05:07 PM on 07/11/2011
If we know who and when the supplies are flowing from Iran, we ought to bomb them back to the stone age.
Black Democrat
05:54 PM on 07/11/2011
Like we did to Russia for supplying the Vietnamese? Don't you think if the government cared about Americans lives they wouldn't jump into a war at the drop of a hat. How many wars do you think the US can handle? We are already cutting medicare and social security to pay for wars.

Are you willing to give up your life and pick up a gun and fight in Iran?
10:58 PM on 07/11/2011
No, I'm pretty sure he's just another arm-chair warrior... spouting off foolish and dangerous comments like that one.
Where has our common sense gone?
12:17 AM on 07/12/2011
For my country, yes.
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Help me Rhonda......
01:09 AM on 07/12/2011
it doesn't work like that anymore. talk is cheap..... were in too deep already.
05:00 PM on 07/11/2011
Heaping Pile of Bovine Excrement Alert!
frank day
Obama cares about all of U.S.
04:50 PM on 07/11/2011
I wonder if the Iraqis themselves will put an end to the Iranian incursions?

No love lost there.
04:56 PM on 07/11/2011
Since the end of Saddam, now that Shia holly sites such as Karbala and Nejaf are open to Iranian pilgrims, some 2 million Iranians travel to Iraq annually. Not only Iran has been building airfields, hotels, powerplants and so on, now the people are connecting with each other at grass root level after some 400 years.
frank day
Obama cares about all of U.S.
05:01 PM on 07/11/2011
Yes, the United States is creating a modern and tolerant Democracy in Iraq.

Let's hope it spreads to Iran as well.
06:01 PM on 07/11/2011
frank - - Let's remember that Iran supports the government of Iraq.
Proud American, Proud Gentile
04:47 PM on 07/11/2011
Umm, you guys established a shiite government in Iraq.

Why would insurgents need weapons from Iran when they can get them from Iraq.
Proud American, Proud Gentile
04:54 PM on 07/11/2011
Ha it ust hit me.

Why would Iran need to arm insurgents who in the overall process cause harm to the central government that is pro shiite.
04:59 PM on 07/11/2011
Well, the insurgent are actually members of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia (Wahhabi that are supported by Saudi Arabia) and Iraqi forces, Police and Shia militias are still hunting them down.
Black Democrat
06:14 PM on 07/11/2011
Being that Iran is shiite and Saddam was Sunni and most of Iraq being shiite too'  the US removing Saddam helped out Iran, did them a favor. Why shouldn't 2 shiite countries unite? As soon as the US leaves and don't push those fake elections they will unite and elect the ones they really want in power.
08:33 PM on 07/11/2011
Traditional western borders of Persian Empire since 246 BC was the river Euphrates, and the reason Eastern Iraq is Shia is because of mass conversion during the 3rd reunification under the Safavid.
12:24 AM on 07/12/2011
Not to mention the fact that the Iraqi Shias are primarily Arab, Arabic speaking, and relatively recent converts to Shiaism, and the Iranians are Persian in descent and speak primarily Persian language(s).
04:41 PM on 07/11/2011
Someone should tell this other warmonger that maybe if he convinced his boss in the WH to bring the boys and girls home, he and the troops will no longer have to face "Iran's armed Iraqi insurgents."
Let them hate, so long as they fear
03:18 PM on 07/11/2011
Don't they know they the US is the only country allowed to arms people? Our arms dealers need to make a buck you know.
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03:44 PM on 07/11/2011
Is the U.S. arming partisan groups intent on killing their fellow Iraqis or is it arming the police force, border guards and army meant to maintain stability.

It's funny when folks who need to view everything through a "merika baaad" prism decide to type.
03:57 PM on 07/11/2011
US is also arming PJAK and Jundollah, two organization on the US State Department FTO list as well.
03:17 PM on 07/11/2011
Oh, sure it will.
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United States Navy !
02:57 PM on 07/11/2011
As long as Iran has an abundant amount of resources left, U.S wouldn't have to think twice before calling it's quits.
02:55 PM on 07/11/2011
The sooner we withdraw our soldiers and mercenaries from Iraq, the fewer targets will be for them!