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09:07 PM on 07/21/2011
Based upon mystercarlyle's comment, he is obviously a man. Let him walk around on 6" heels for a month and then say how great they are. Men are good at talking but they sure can't walk the walk.
Beverly Kidwell
08:53 PM on 07/21/2011
Finally, an article of Truth! I wore them all my life, I thought they made your legs look sexier and it built muscles in your calves to give your leg a shaplier look. Now I have some of the problems described. Would I change it now that I am retired and no longer need to wear suits and skirts to work of slinky dresses in the evening? Probably not. Everyone has to learn for themselves. I do think the shoes are becoming a little ridiculous and far from sexy looking. Do men like them? Well you don't wear them to bed so I doubt it has that much effect.Power does not come from your shows ladies.
08:51 PM on 07/21/2011
I've never worn high heel shoes, except when I was 12, I wore them along with a 1940's style get-up for Halloween. I go bare foot nearly all the time unless that's not acceptable or practical, then I wear flat shoes, i.e., Birks, Crocs or something similar. I wore Earth Shoes when they First came into make - 1970 - I'm over half a century young. I like the message of the movie -- high heel shoes are likened to binding feet. My mother wore high heels her whole life. Her feet are ruined, misshaped. High heeled shoes do cause bad posture - deforming the muscles and bone structure. It's like anything else ... we human's do the strangest things to be unhealthy.
08:50 PM on 07/21/2011
my problem is that "sensible" good-for-me shoes are never as cute or sexy as even a moderate pair of heels, if they are cute at all

But the giant and weird heels that have been coming out lately are waaaaaay to much for me.
The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
08:38 PM on 07/21/2011
I dont believe that high heels make you more powerful, but I do believe that they make your legs look slimmer, and sexier !!
09:37 PM on 07/21/2011
I'm a man and I don't think they look sexy.I think it's dumb to wear something so uncomfortable.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
09:43 AM on 07/22/2011
not all high heels are uncomfortable-mainly stilettos, and ones that are poorly made or mis-sized!
08:37 PM on 07/21/2011
If high heels makes gives you confidence, i think you got a serious problem liking yourself. Only a idiot would damage their feet to get attention.
08:35 PM on 07/21/2011
High heels give me mixed feelings.

I like the way they look, but I dislike how they are symbols of sex.
08:28 PM on 07/21/2011
I just got ankle surgery. My tendon was a mess. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. High heels are pretty but if you wear them, you better take heed and realize there is danger of injury!
08:23 PM on 07/21/2011
crap article with comparisons that aren't even in the same ballpark as one another
Just one more thing.
08:18 PM on 07/21/2011
High heels are the best thing ever developed for women...they are an instant turnon!
08:32 PM on 07/21/2011
Real turn on if she gets hurt and has to wear a boot cast for 6 weeks.
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08:38 PM on 07/21/2011
Just find someone else for 6 weeks
08:46 PM on 07/21/2011
The best thing developed for women? you wear the darn things have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's never too late to be what you could've been
08:16 PM on 07/21/2011
Loved high heels from my teen years to my thirties. Then real life set in in the form of ankle & knee injuries. Thank the good lord for Birkenstocks, ballet flats, driving mocs & whimsical sneakers ... :-D
It's never too late to be what you could've been
08:18 PM on 07/21/2011
Forgot Danskos & Mephistos. LOL
08:29 PM on 07/21/2011
I agree. I just had ankle surgery. I don't think I will ever wear them again. We have other options with beautiful and cool footwear that's safe!
08:11 PM on 07/21/2011
I'm getting a kick out of the women who say they have good posture when they wear high heels and they think they look confident. Most women in high heels do not have good posture and wobble like a weeble when they walk. They definetly do not exude confidence they exude desire for attention.
06:15 PM on 07/21/2011
i laughed when i saw the picture of the folded red high heel. todays shoe designers have decided that women should walk around on 2x4's. try folding that! i think that any shoe designer should by law be required to walk around for 8 hours on cement in any product they put out for sale to the public.
05:12 PM on 07/21/2011
This is going to sound really strange but after a serious ankle fracture requiring surgery a few years ago, I could not wear flats comfortably for months afterwards when the cast came off. The only comfortable shoes I could wear had to have at least a two-inch heel! Only gradually, as greater flexibility returned to the injured ankle, was I able to switch back and forth between high and low heels. Weird.
02:05 PM on 07/21/2011
This article is so on point. When will we learn?

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