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09:15 PM on 07/18/2011
she was under arrest when sean died
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Marooned Star Traveler
09:12 PM on 07/18/2011
"Brooks' lawyer also made a statement to the press in which he said his client was "not guilty of any criminal offense." He said that Scotland Yard "put no allegations to her and showed her no documents connecting her to any crime."

So THATS why she was arrested....
08:52 PM on 07/18/2011
Why would any story about News of the World fall under the "Culture" tab?
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Marooned Star Traveler
09:13 PM on 07/18/2011
Murdoch Business Culture?
GOP --- Greed Over People
08:14 PM on 07/18/2011
Her lawyer claims she's innocent. If all the phone hacking and the police payoffs went on right under her nose and she didn't see any of it .... then she needs a haircut.
07:56 PM on 07/18/2011
Isn't it wonderful???? Her lawyer has informed the world she is innocent.
Gosh!!!!!! I feel soooo much better now.

Hey Rebeckah...tell lawyer I have a bridge for sale.
Evolution is a slow arduous process
07:55 PM on 07/18/2011
Of course you are dear.....
07:22 PM on 07/18/2011
About as innocent as Bernie Madoff....
07:21 PM on 07/18/2011
I am not comparing Brooks directly to the Nazi war criminals. But knowing a bit
of the post war history when war criminals were brought to trial and how they tried
to get out is no mistake.
Hannah Ahrendt wrote the book "Eichmann in Jerusalem", a quite remarkable book.
In it she tells about the plainness of the radical evil, people who do a lot of harm.
There is absolutely nothing mysterious, superhuman, extrodinairy. Rather, it is
the observance of respectable appearance (many Nazi took good care to wear
their, have their hair cut short, really stubborn and narrow minded in their daily
And Eichmann, who was not the only one, really surprised his captors in
Argentinia when he told them that never hated Jews, in fact he had always
liked them. ... While the die hard Nazis were making a victim of grave injustice
out of Eichmann, because he had to stand trial. And so forth.
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RestInPieces GOP/CommentPending
07:03 PM on 07/18/2011
She is innocent of..........?
08:46 PM on 07/18/2011
She probably wasn't involved in the Guy Fawkes plot. ;-)
06:56 PM on 07/18/2011
Man she was awesome on that snowboard in the Olympics. Shame she left it all for a life of crime wokring for Faux.
My micro-bio is still empty.
06:52 PM on 07/18/2011
Women can and do swing quite nicely at the end of a n00se.
It's not about the economy, stupid
06:44 PM on 07/18/2011
I'm sure she wishes she had her laptop and cell phone to prove that she was innocent.

Well, since the police found them today in a garbage can, around the corner from her house, in a parking lot and her husband tried to blame the nanny for throwing them out, i suspect the police will be more than willing to let her use them as evidence.

"In a second bizarre development, a laptop and phone that appear to belong to a major target of the investigation, Murdoch protege Rebekah Brooks, were found in a trash can.

The items were in a bag found in an underground garage near her London apartment, the Guardian said."
Age is a high price to pay for maturity.
07:37 PM on 07/18/2011
Now that's interesting, that's the first time I've heard that. Thank's for the link.
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06:24 PM on 07/18/2011
And I'm the Queen of England!
08:47 PM on 07/18/2011
Greetings, your Majesty, I'm the Sheik of Araby! :-)
Mahi Joe
Think critically...not blindly conform
05:44 PM on 07/18/2011
Wow. Her lawyer says she is innocent?  I wouldn't think that a lawyer who is representing a client would come out and say to the world their client is guilty. I wonder how much her lawyer charged her to make that brilliant statement.
05:40 PM on 07/18/2011
This is a very strange phenomena. 99% of criminals claim they are innocent, and nobody knows why.