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Disabled Vet. Wouldn't have change a thing
06:00 AM on 07/22/2011
Please, someone explain to me how one guy named afterr a muppet can have so much power and pull over a party. This guy from my understanding has never done anything for this country. He was born into wealth, he is anti muslim and has been conected to Jack Abramoff. So to sum it up he has never served in this nations military, has never had to work, is a bigot, and has been conected to a criminal and the Republicans following him like a little lost puppy. Just shows me that the GOP/Teabaggers are not the sharpest t00l in the shed.
resist evil
06:48 AM on 07/22/2011
This content really should be updated. He changed his position somewhat yesterday morning. Anyway, many informed posters are stating that he helped form a pro-Islamic group that has direct ties to terrorism. If so, where is the news about that?
05:45 AM on 07/22/2011
An end to the tax cuts will put us on the path to recovery, and thats what the GOP don't want, you may ask why, but you already know the answer. Its their first and primary goal, which is to hinder Obama in anyway they can.
05:41 AM on 07/22/2011
I say if we really want to balance a budget, we should cut all foreign aid in half for a year, do a flat tax for everyone, close the loopholes for big corporations immediately, create programs to educate and train our people to a higher level than now as a requirement, not an option and totally update and upgrade our infrastructure by using this money to do so both physical infrastructure and electronic. BUT THE GOP IS AGAINST ALL OF THIS! THATS THE PROBLEM.
02:57 AM on 07/22/2011

Grover Norquist Thinks Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen are Incapable of Thinking for Themselves

Norquist’s pledge to “never” raise taxes shows that he does not trust Republican elected officials to be able to make decisions that are best for the country. In general, the people who have signed his pledge are interested in a smaller government than we currently have. That’s clear. Yet, every so often it might be important to raise taxes. The context might call for raising taxes.

Reagan raised taxes – so did George H.W. Bush. They are both in the Republican Hall of Fame. They didn’t want to raise taxes, but felt it was necessary. After President Bush Sr. raised taxes, the American economy began its longest period of uninterrupted growth in its history.

Even Arthur Laffer believes there is an optimal level of taxes (and tax rates), but it’s not at 0. Imagine some future world where our federal government was so small that we could not defend ourselves. We come under attack, yet those Norquist Republicans (and a few Democrats who’ve signed it) cannot raise taxes to help the DoD defend America.

Sorry America ;(. We pledged never ever to raise taxes.
resist evil
06:51 AM on 07/22/2011
And the "Balanced Budget Amendment," if passed would put us into exactly the inflexible position that you mention. Just look, please, at the states with balanced budget amendments that cannot raise revenues.
Alison Kurke
My micro-bio is empty!
02:38 AM on 07/22/2011
Who is this pimple Norquist to wield so much apparent power?
Peanut Santiago
02:31 AM on 07/22/2011
He changed his tune.

He didn't want ANY tax hikes, no matter how they were done.

Yes, some of us have good memories.

I guess even he realizes his position is completely ridiculous AND dangerous to America.

Let's hope the Repugs listen to their great guru's new message.
Liberty and justice for all.
02:20 AM on 07/22/2011
Grover is a slimy squid. He was the Abramoff enabler and I don't understand how he missed jail time because he was caught laundering money during the whole Indian tribe, gambling, Reed-manufactured Christain outrage scheme. Grover also has an unfortunate voice, much like the whiny black-board scratching voice of Dick Morris, as well as the effervescent personality of Ben Stein which doesn't explain his hold on GOTPers. Why repubs feel they have to dance to his tune is beyond me. If they all just said "enough, be gone" Grover would disappear in a puff.
01:39 AM on 07/22/2011
Who is this guy and why do the American people need to follow his pledge? Since when the greatest democracy on earth must suspend its democratic process to follow a special interest pledge? It is unbelievable that we are even discussing this stupidity. Are there no thinking people in the Republican Party?
02:06 AM on 07/22/2011
Yeah i find it offensive and border line treason.
02:17 AM on 07/22/2011
they're all thinking that they need campaign dollars.
01:30 AM on 07/22/2011
Reagan had reason to think taxes were too high. The rates had not been changed from the high levels needed to pay for WWII. That was a time when people paid their bills, so in 1944 a 94% tax rate applied to any income above $200,000 - which would be any income above $2.4 million in 2009 dollars.

In light of the debt that Norquist's buddy George W. Bush saddled this country with by taking us into 2 wars, it seems un-patriotic of Norquist to now stand in the way of solving our financial problems by opposing a raise in taxes for persons in upper income levels. And it's hard to believe that all the tea party people have annual incomes over $200,000. So why do people vote for candidates who crusade against higher taxes for the wealthy when 1) it doesn't apply to them,2) it will reduce the debt and 3) it will give a go to some govt. projects that would put people to work, like repairing a bridge? And isn't putting people to work what we want to happen? Yes, the sooner the better. So Grover Norquist is out of touch.
resist evil
06:53 AM on 07/22/2011
It is apparently all about ideology for way too many. Faith over reason and, even, in this case, self interest.
Knowledge is Power
01:18 AM on 07/22/2011
They don't just need to let the Bush tax cuts expire, but need to hike the tax rate on those making over $250,000 to 35-50% and leave it there for good, then pass the laws to allow the IRS to go gather up all that hidden money sitting in the overseas bank accounts that the wealthy conveniently moved there in order to avoid paying "THEIR FAIR SHARE" of taxes that they OWE the federal government!!! They think they are above the law and they are NOT!!
01:14 AM on 07/22/2011
Mr. Norquist says, the pledge signers were not voting because of him or for him, this was not about him. Well, he does head the PAC called Americans for Tax Reform(ATR) and somebody had to draw up and present this pledge to be signed by 236 Republican Representative from the House and 41 Senators, and this is just Federal Congress. Somebody had to have the clout to get this presented and he is the head man. OK if he says it isn't, but he sure seems to speak like he was. Can you imagine 277 Republican members of Congress committting by written signature to a Pledge to NEVER ever be party to increase to revenue for this country without even having been presented in Congress or negotiated as to why it is needed, and done under threat. I can't believe people accepting this kind of Representation from their elected officials just from common sense, but they did. I wanted to print those idiots names. Too much print.
So, I wanted to show who has the courage to govern and say NO to this Pledge:

NY-24 Richard Hanna
GA-07 Rob Woodall
PA-19 Todd Russell Platts
VA-01 Rob Wittman
VA-10 Frank Wolf
KS-03 Kevin Yoder
7 GOP U.S. Senate Pledge Non-Signers:
IN-Sen Richard Lugar
IA-Sen Charles Grassley
ME- Sen Olympia Snowe
ME- Sen Susan Collins
MS-Sen Thad Cochran
WY- Sen John Barrasso
ND-Sen John Hoeven
resist evil
06:57 AM on 07/22/2011
We should all send thanks to them and send a warning to others who signed it and are honoring that pledge in these very threatening times. If they don't do what is best for our country, by honoring the pledge over the "general welfare" of this country, you will act to recall them and/or defeat them in the next election. Why? Anti-american activities. If enough did this, maybe some priorities would be shuffled. Democracy in action?
07:14 AM on 07/22/2011
He just tossed the pledge to avoid a debt ceiling crisis and the destruction of the USA economy again by the GOP/TP. Now that he has tossed the pledge, the GOP/TP will too. The constitutional oath to the nation is above all stupid pledges that are destructive to the nation.
10:41 PM on 07/22/2011
This man is basically of no consequence or importance in the dealings of Congress other than what we all are, a voice. Somehow, somewhere along the line this man became Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, Vice-President or POTUS and I didn't hear about it or get a vote. The only other option is, like the Murdochs or Koch types, he bought in somewhere. Just the fact that an "outsider" to the Congress can dictate policy over and above the rest of us (according to polls) who speak differently wreaks of corruption and or speaks how dysfunctional our system has become. The Republicans can only be accused of selling their votes and representation if this looks to all like it looks to me. What gives him the clout, the fear, over the Republicans? Can anybody what part of Congress he was voted into?
01:02 AM on 07/22/2011
Norquist is a hijacker. He has taken too many elected officials at both state and national levels hostage. And the only way to stop this is not have candidates running for office out pandering for money to fund their campaigns. It allows individuals and small interest groups with big bucks too much influence. Federally funded campaigns would minimize the corruption we see when our representatives are beholden to special interests.

Norquist followers have as much sense as someone who buys a coat and vows to never take it off. It doesn't matter that we having a heat wave the Norquist crowd still keeps their coats on. In govt. even when the country is threatened with paying higher interest on loans these clowns still say no to raising taxes to help bring down debt and balance the budget. Anyone who signs a pledge to a special interest group should not be elected.
12:45 AM on 07/22/2011
I don't know why the GOP feel as if it has anything to prove to the dems or anyone else. The fact remains, no one likes tax increases, so we shouldn't have to appeal to special interest groups to get the message across.
05:28 AM on 07/22/2011
No one likes going to the doctor, but it is necessary. Taxes are necessary to maintain a healthy & robust society. Only children believe that all things that "feel good" are right. Norquest & the GOP need to grow up.
08:34 AM on 07/22/2011
And I totally agree, they do need to grow up, but is it one instance in which the Dems will concede that they have EVER been inaccurate...SHEESH!!!, you liberals according to liberals have never been mistaken on ANY issue. we ALL need to grow up. I would love for all of us to have fundamental differences and be able to meet in the center. That's how it used to be during my parents' generation. Without getting up all beaten and scarred. We should all be friends with differences that make this country great and it isn't the fact that I disagree with your beliefs that should make me any less patriotic, in fact it is the beauty in disagreements that makes us all patriotic AMERICANS
Reality is liberal indoctrination
06:09 AM on 07/22/2011
As a good Repub, I'm sure you supported the Iraq war. PAY FOR IT. The Medicare part D unfunded giveaway to pharma: PAY FOR IT. The Wall St bailout? PAY FOR IT.
The repubs are responsible for most of the deficits and debt, but you folks DON"T PAY.

For all the complaning you folks do on entitlements, teems to me like you are monumental freeloaders.
08:28 AM on 07/22/2011
Wha, whoa!! Simmer down hoss!!
Of course I supported the Iraq war, doesn't mean I supported not paying for it. The Medicare Part D, did not support it, more entitlement added to an already defunct program going broke. 'Wall St bailouts, supported it like the support I gave for pulling teeth, and according to Obama, we are gonna pay for it. But without a doubt, one thing I profoundly disagree with you on is "who causes more debt" because with all the entitlements and such, none of it compares to the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 that Bill Clinton signed into law that was quoted as the "most sweeping deregulation in American history" that caused all of this mess, right after he repealed the Glass-Seagull Act of 1933 which contributed to the mortgage crisis. I'm not here to attack liberals, I'm here for an honest debate that we can walk away from as friends :)
Never blindly follow anyone or anything
12:42 AM on 07/22/2011
I despise this weasel with all my being... he is without honor and dignity.
you say micro i say give me another brew
12:31 AM on 07/22/2011
i thought they serve all (congress) not just one i diot