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08:00 PM on 03/11/2008
Prostitution has been around since the dawn of man - and woman. To put grown up people in jail for engaging in consensual sex is a waste of money and resources and I really could care less. I'm very consistent on this, drug use, prostitution, gambling - all fall into the category of self destructive personal problems. But not MY problem. Spend some time and money on education and treatment and then be done with it.

Considering that it's legal in some places and is unimportant in most civilized countries, I see no reason why Spitzer should resign. I think he should just concentrate on the family he has probably shocked and hurt and the rest of us should stay out of it.
07:54 PM on 03/11/2008
Bush is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and a trillion dollars of debt while allowing cronies to rob the treasurey and loot the surplus left to him -- all based on lies. The Republican party has looked the other way on WAR CRIMES -- IMPEACHABLE WAR CRIMES, fascism, purposeful and criminal spying on the American public, trading in nuclear secrets and Afghanistan poppy. All this and they want to impeach Spitzer for "links to prostitution." Cheney is still in office with "links to prostitution" through the D.C. Madam scandal.

When will someone give Bush a blowjob so we can get him out of office?

The hypocrisy is an outrage!
08:42 PM on 03/11/2008
wow, you sound mad. take a chill pill. what you wrote about GW cannot be proven. Spitzer has admitted to what hes done. Remember, prostitution is illegal. Poof on your war crimes accusations and this false surplus left to bush. If our govt turns a surplus "profit" then they have OVER TAXED the US wage earner. in otherwords, they stole the $.
10:14 PM on 03/11/2008
Hypocrisy, you say??? Let's talk about hypocricy.

Bush may be responsible for deaths and debt - but it is the DUMBACRATS that keep voting more and more money for the bottomless pit known as Iraq. In case you haven't heard, they have controlled Congress for over a year, and haven't done a damn thing - NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there are those impeachable war crimes. Why the hell aren't the DUMBACRATS, who control Congress, doing anything about an impeachment hearing??????

Spying on America anyone? Just ask the DUMBACRATS running Congress. They are all for it.

NewFrontier?? Wrong, your just old news. Nothing but a whiner and crier for the Howling Howie Coffee and Kool-Aid Club (and it looks like you paid your lamb fees).

If you are implying that Cheney should also be impeached for some link to prostitution, that's fine with me. However, before you start crying HYPOCRISY, you may want to look in the mirror. Your support of the DUMBACRATS, who are just as hypocritical, is nothing more than comical.

And can't be taken seriously..........except by your fellow lambs!!!
07:24 PM on 03/11/2008
Spitzer should resign for putting himself in position where he could have been blackmailed.
10:15 PM on 03/11/2008
No he shouldn't.

He should resign for just being dumber than hell!!!
07:23 PM on 03/11/2008
Although I find that what Spitzer did was foolhardy and arrogant, I feel for his 3 daughters and his wife, he should STAY in office, because I have questions myself as to why Bush's corrupt Department of Justice was investigating a Democratic Governor?

Is this Governor Don Siegelman over again? Are they going to imprison Spitzer and throw away the key like they did to Governor Siegelman....Why do they want to impeach Gov. Spitzer and let Bush and his criminal enterprise stay in business?
09:00 PM on 03/11/2008
Nobody has heard or seen Spitzer all day so he is either working with the FBI behind the scenes to work out a deal where he will resign if they promise he won't be prosecuted or he is doing the smart thing which is staying out of the spotlight and not bringing more attention to himself and letting him people gauge how the public feels about it.

The reason the Republican bullies want him out "in 48 hours or we will impeach him" is because they know once he is out he won't ever be back so they want to pressure him into doing it now. I think we should let them impeach him - the voters will be so angry at them for wasting millions on impeachment when the economy is so bad that it will never work.

And I also agree with you - I want to know exactly why they were investigating him. I want to see the "proof" that made the IRS so sure something was going on that they told the FBI and they ordered a wire tap on it.
11:34 PM on 03/11/2008
"I think we should let them impeach him - the voters will be so angry at them for wasting millions on impeachment when the economy is so bad that it will never work."

Great idea. The Republicans and their eagerness to impeach over consensual sex will really impress the voters.

Let them do it! I'll stock up on popcorn just in case.
07:13 PM on 03/11/2008
Apparently what's good for the goose is not always good for the gander.
07:11 PM on 03/11/2008
So the Repubs call for impeachment. What a bunch of hypocrites. Have they forced the resignation, or called for impeachment of the many Repub senators/congressmen/governors/evangelicals, etc. that face criminal charges/have been caught in sexual situations over the last few years? No, of course not. Many of them, too, broke the law. Many refused to step down. This is not to condone Spitzer, it's just to point out the hypocrisy of Repub politicians & supporters & those nasty, mudslinging right-wing media folks. If they want him out, then let's purge all those Repub creeps as well. Either that or shut up about it. Impeachment? Has anyone destroyed the Constitution or American favor in the world, or killed more people-- both Iraquis & Americans- more than Bush, Cheney, Rove, & the rest of the Bushies? Let's start with their impeachment, then move on to someone in a sex scandal, insignificant in comparison to what Bush & Co. have done..
07:05 PM on 03/11/2008
of course he should resign. Clinton should have. Jefferson should have. Craig should have. No room in government for hypocrites and dems should take the high road and clear out the deadwood so repubs can't use it against them.
09:43 PM on 03/11/2008
The difference is that infidelity itself isn't a crime. Spitzer committed a crime (maybe three, if wire-funds transfer is true. Plus the Mann Act).

Clinton and Monica was consensual--the rest is questionable at best. Clinton committed perjury, but half of Congress would probably have to perjure themselves if asked the same question (or resign in disgrace from the truth).

Spitzer committed 1-3 felonies and could go to prison for as much as 5 years if found guilty in court. Plus, you can't be that morally arrogant--and that morally hypocritical and selfish--and expect to get much public supprot.
11:35 PM on 03/11/2008
Wouldn't it have been funny of Democrats had tried to impeach Craig because he paid for sex and lied about it and promised to resign, then reneged on resigning? Ha ha ha.

Democrats are simply too rational for their own good sometimes.
06:48 PM on 03/11/2008
Don't resign Elliot.

If Silda forgives you, I do!
10:17 PM on 03/11/2008
degjack, you are an idiot. Who the hell said the wife forgives him? Would you? NO WAY
He will fry in hell.
06:32 PM on 03/11/2008
Stay Spitzer, we can't afford to lose you now.

Conservatives wanted Spitzer gone, so they found some dirt.

Maybe Cheney heard about it during some illegal wiretapping. "Reportedly, the information came to light from a federal wiretap of his cell phone"

Now the US Justice system serves the fascist republicans.

Meanwhile the conservative BushCo fascists continue to commit war crimes.
06:25 PM on 03/11/2008
Impeach the Rat!
06:16 PM on 03/11/2008
Now we know WHAT the Bush-Cheney REPUBLICAN WIRETAPPING is all about!

How about we PUNISH CORRUPTION of Joe BRUNO, the republican obstructionist in Albany NY?

JOE BRUNO IS A SCANDAL on the taxpayers of NYState whose money he's wasted and given away to HIS CORPORATE PALS of the "nanny state for the rich" and corporate welfare queens.

When will JOE BRUNO be ousted?
When will JOE BRUNO be forced to RESIGN and stop his CORRUPTION?
WHY should taxpayers put up with THAT SCUM any more?
Love is the new black.
06:13 PM on 03/11/2008
At least he was having sex with an adult female. But what's with dragging the obviously sedated wife into the public humiliation arena?
07:50 PM on 03/11/2008
Why would you say she was sedated? That is your judgement not mine and I think it rather harsh. I think that she looked sad. I felt that at one point she was almost about to cry. She gave a little sigh and my heart broke for her. We could but only imagine how hard it was for her.
I have to admit that my mind went just like the blogger up ahead, I thought of the Bush's wire tap too. I have to say that I honestly believe them capable of that since if I remember correctly didn't Spitzer write an op ed page or an article about how he and several other governors tried to head off the housing problem but they were not allowed to do anything because the administration was with the money people and not with the consumers. Does anyone else remember reading this article? I read the LA. times, New York times, Washington post , plus of course Huttington post so I can't say where I read it for sure.
I will also close with this. I do not condone what Mr. Spitzer has done by any means, but this should be between him and his wife, it is not for us to judge him. It was wrong, he knows it, but you still can not take away the fact that he worked for the common good of many people and that also has to be kept in mind. None of us are perfect. As far as I know there was only one person who walked this earth that was and he was good at forgiving us all our sins, which is something we should all think about at a time like this.
11:36 PM on 03/11/2008
Silda behaved with great dignity. I know nothing else about this woman but I admire her for that.
08:00 PM on 03/11/2008
Are you knocking gay sex on a progressive site ?
05:58 PM on 03/11/2008
I hereby coin the word "spitzered" and I'm sure no definition is needed, although many unforeseen meanings will spring from increasingly frequent usage.
01:40 AM on 03/12/2008

Do you have any personal photos?

-Larry Craig.
05:46 PM on 03/11/2008
Mahogany is very hard. Monogamy is even harder.
05:41 PM on 03/11/2008