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All you need is Love!
04:39 PM on 07/26/2011
I think the Repubs/tea baggers have the most to lose in all this. Pres. Obama has tried to negotiate, giving some and taking some, and the GOP is dragging their feet in a feeble effort to make Pres. Obama look bad. Americans are smarter than to fall for such childish tricks.

The biggest reason the GOP won control of the house in the 2010 elections is because they ran on the jobs issue - it's all about jobs. They are failing miserably.
Darlie Brewster
04:38 PM on 07/26/2011
If you fight Obama, will stay with you but you have t fight! The debt crisis is fake!
Doo-Wop Forever
04:36 PM on 07/26/2011
You know, I don't really think there is anything either Party can do about jobs. They talk a good game but in the final analysis, what can they do about it? The BS about lowering taxes on the "job creators" would only work if those "job creators" could actually demonstrate that they created jobs. Taxes on the wealthy have been going down but jobs are not being created. How many of the wealthy are in a position to create jobs in the first place? Many of them are rich and retired. If a corporation wants a tax break, give it to them but they must prove they have created an acceptable number of jobs and I am not talking minimum-wage jobs. Show me the jobs! Otherwise, no break for business or other "job creators".
04:45 PM on 07/26/2011
What I want to know is where did all the money go that Obama took for jobs?????? He took alot of the American peoples money and said I will help the American people back to work.... The unemployment rate is 9% . Obama said we need to spend money for jobs..... Obama is no better then his Democrate friends.... Lie, lie, lie, Obama is a one term President. The only thing Obama is doing is scaring our seniors..... SS checks will go out Mr Obama and you that.
04:54 PM on 07/26/2011
I guess there is no construction in your area? I hope you don't live in Louisana, because you can go visit several churches the governor donated the money to and see what work is going on there.
05:17 PM on 07/26/2011
Marielct5, good point. I think all reasonable people like you can fill in these blanks now: If McCain/Palin had won, the unemployment rate would be ___%. The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Iran would have all ended in ___. Sarah Palin would have quit her VP gig ___ months after being sworn in. The Tea Bag Party would have ___ been formed. The nation would have had a surplus in ___years.
04:34 PM on 07/26/2011
Obama should have slammed the worthless Republicans and Tea Baggers right off the bat. But of course he had to try to deal with them, which has never worked. Why Obama is so incredibly clueless about the belligerent nature of the right is beyond me, but he seems to have a congenital problem with his pathological political nature. Republicans can't be dealt with because they're psychopaths and ideologues. Obama, it's futile!
Humble, progressive viewpoints since 1972
04:31 PM on 07/26/2011
Polls are a snap-shot view of politics, and an arbitrary one at that.

Just for once, I'd like to see some polling agency conduct a poll among Americans asking how they feel about candidates who sign "pledges", subjecting them to litmus tests of loyalty to a certain special interest group or political cause or individual talking point. We all know now of the chief offender among the pledge-masters, Grover Norquist, who has extracted a blood oath from very nearly each and every Republican in both the House and Senate to oppose any increase in taxes, in whatever form they may come, on penalty of primary or general election challenges in their home districts or states come the next election cycle.

Pledges diminish the candidates and enlarges the pledge-holders to political kingmakers. Conservative icon Edmund Burke says this about an office-holder's responsibility to his/her constituents: "It is his [a candidate's] duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interests to his own. But his unbiased opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living."
04:30 PM on 07/26/2011
Polls can be manipulated to show just about anything that you want...I often wonder who are these so-called "Anericans" that these pollster talk about????
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If I tell you who I am, my wife will disagree
04:30 PM on 07/26/2011
The economy is dragging down the president and Congress? Poor them, it's dragging down the middle class and the poor a lot worse. Wouldn't it be nice if our two underachieving parties would care more about the country than they do about their own pathetic selves? Why should they, sacrifice won't hurt them and what are THEY sacrificing anyway?
04:26 PM on 07/26/2011
The problem is, Obama seems more worried about upsetting one single republican than about upsetting his entire voter base.

Call him pragmatic all you want, but most people will at least outline what they want and then negotiate. Obama will often seem to go in and his first offer will be what he thinks the other side wants.
04:24 PM on 07/26/2011
Given safe districts being drawn up, incumbents can thumb their noses at their constituents. As long as support the hot button issues of majority of voters, they come out smelling like a rose.
04:23 PM on 07/26/2011
Had the Justice Department opened criminal investigations and ultimately indicted Blankfein, Dimon, Fuld, Pandit, and a handful of other investment bankers who had committed millions of counts of fraud over an 8 year period by dumping valueless securities all over Europe using thousands of Enron-like shell companies, they would not have done what they did in 2009 which was: They took our bail out money on the understanding that they would lend it back through the small consumer banks so that business could be supported and employment bolstered while the big consumer banks were rebounding from their fraud. Instead the investment bankers decided to hoarde our bail out money because this would drive the small banks into crisis, and with them the businesses they support and, once devalued, the investment banks could take our bailout money, with the help of people like Buffett leverage it to 3 or 4 times its value, and snap up a lot of failed assets at a value of hundreds of billions. In the wake of this neat trick, nearly 1000 small banks had collapsed, tens of thousands of failed businesses, and spiraling and unrelenting unemployment was here for years to come...and we had a president telling Bloomberg what savvy businessmen Blankfein, Dimon, and Pandit are.
Ann Cornell
04:36 PM on 07/26/2011
Mafdet, I must say I compliment you for keeping it real when you asked the Great question have ,has there been an criminal investigation regarding the terrible acts of our Federal Government organizations. There is plenty of Fraud and criminal acts being done and Overlooked by the Federal Gov. I for 6yrs have begged this administration to investigate my owcp case 132124465 only because if Our federal gov catch a claimant committing fraud immediately their brought to jail which I love the idea. But we must be fair and flip the coin on gov establishments who are committing fraud too.If soc sec is doomed them many of us wont survive this economy then what happens next. who's really listening to people with voices? noone
04:48 PM on 07/26/2011
Our elected officals and our government agencies have absolutely no reason to serve us. They have plenty of reasons to serve banks, corporations, and PACs, but not us.
04:23 PM on 07/26/2011
So where are the stats that match the "lead page" headline that the POTUS is losing support among Blacks and liberals?

Once again a, misrepresentative headline to get readers.

Besides, no one will ever convince me these pollsters know how to or where to even poll such that they get just the opinion of Blacks.
Troy Hunter
04:21 PM on 07/26/2011
Yet the Republicans don't follow polls. They follow the money.
Cancer Awareness, We Must Find a Cure!
04:20 PM on 07/26/2011
anybody that has seen constant NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, hasn't been born yet!
I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused
04:19 PM on 07/26/2011
Almost every policy decision we face nowadays has become a matter of opinion. This is one of the greatest dangers a Democracy can face, because if we can't all agree on the problem, then how can we possibly agree on a solution?
In my opinion, our deficit problem has been caused by two unfunded tax cuts in the last decade, plus two wars and a prescription drug plan that wasn't paid for. That deficit was then exacerbated by the bottom falling out of the housing industry, which tanked financial markets and individuals with 401k's, and caused hundreds of thousands of layoffs, which had to be offset by massive government spending to keep a recession from becoming a depression.
That's how I see things, and I firmly believe that my opinion is supported by the facts. But if I watched and believed what was said on Fox News, then I wouldn't know or believe any of that. So we have two competing realities, and predictably, people seek out the facts that confirm their own opinion about these things.
That is the real stalemate in America today - two very different groups, working from two very different ideological viewpoints. And this "choice" of what news you'd like to believe practically guarantees that we won't agree on almost anything. So now we're like two fighters with no referee, and the only way to win is to knock the other guy out any way you can.
More than ever, we need some objectivity around
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It does not require many words to speak the truth.
04:19 PM on 07/26/2011
That's the point of this Republican hostage taking.