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Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.
01:31 PM on 08/05/2011
While I am a big supporter of animals and love seeing the different people with influence support them as well I cannot bring myself to ever support PETA because of their "Pet policy".

Nobody in their right mind would kill a dog or cat just so that it doesn't end up as a pet. Dogs and cats have evolved to depend on humans. To think we can just release them back into the wild and that they would thrive is very ignorant of PETA.
01:23 PM on 08/05/2011
right message.. wrong organization PETA kills over 97% of the animals they take in every year.. are they telling us that only 3% are 'savable".. or are they just too lazy and too lacking in empathy to care?
They need a quick course in empathy themselves ,.. a shame such a nice man was detracts form his intelligence.. and certainly his "sexiness'.. who wants to be associated with pet killers.?
Marisa Stein
~I solemly swear that I am up to no good~
04:43 PM on 08/05/2011
that's true I totally forgot about that, they're horrible!
01:02 PM on 08/05/2011
Compassion is what's missing from politics and people in general. It's a great message to send out.
12:47 PM on 08/05/2011
I love Tyson, and I know why he won "Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive." It's the 'stash.
Robert Fanney
12:36 PM on 08/05/2011
Cheers to Tyson!

Learn empathy -- care for something/someone weaker, less fortunate and more vulnerable than yourself.
12:15 PM on 08/05/2011
Go PETA and Dr. Tyson!
12:12 PM on 08/05/2011
There is more and more research that reveals animals have larger capacities for emotion and personality than humans usually give them credit for. It's important to instill a sense of compassion and respect for animals in the younger generations of today. Because whether or not we like the taste of meat, abusing, injuring, and ultimately torturing animals is simply inexcusable.
Got elk?
05:27 PM on 08/05/2011
Except meat can be produced without abusing and torturing animals. But don't let facts stand in the way of a good rant.
12:24 PM on 08/06/2011
Oops--I could have worded my comment better. I meant that while most big meat companies offer good tasting meat at affordable prices, it still doesn't excuse the mistreatment of animals that often takes place. Especially when there are many successful farmers who raise their animals in good conditions and slaughter them in a humane way. I just want some of the big meat tycoons to follow the example of organic farms.
12:00 PM on 08/05/2011
I've always admired Dr. Tyson and the wonderful science education outreach work he does, but I hadn't known he was also pro-animal kindness. Way to go, Dr. Tyson!
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˙˙˙pןɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn uɐ uı ƃuıʌıן
11:56 AM on 08/05/2011
I love this man! He's incredibly intelligent, handsome, has a wonderful sense of humor, and a kind heart. Perfect mixture.
11:48 AM on 08/05/2011
Our military is using depleted uranium rounds that are causing deformities in puppies and kittens. Also in humans, but that is less important.
11:46 AM on 08/05/2011
This is a must listen from start to finish
Great compassionate perspective on the stuff we are made of, thanks Neil!
Totally weird that PETA chooses to use this for their extreme work
in the beginning and end, we all need more compassion in this world
Just trying to keep what little I have.
11:28 AM on 08/05/2011
Maybe? There's no doubt about it. We aren't!
General Public
Microbiologists have found my microbio contagious.
11:28 AM on 08/05/2011
Neil DeGrasse Tyson is right, but he ought to realize PETA is not a respected environmentalist organization like the Sierra Club or Greenpeace or a respected animal rights organization like the Humane Society, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the World Wide Fund for Nature. PETA has a well-deserved negative reputation for its ridiculous antics over the years, and there are far more worthy animal rights and environmentalist organizations promoting the same causes as PETA without the wacky antics that detract from the organization's credibility. Even some organizations like Greenpeace that engage in civil disobedience are still taken seriously because they don't go around doing crazy antics like PETA, but actually have a serious point to all the civil disobedience they do. Also, PETA's treatment of women as sex objects to be used in advertisements is not exactly in keeping with feminism. PETA detracts from the credibility of the animal rights movement and environmentalism and they are being counterproductive, especially by alienating feminists.
Chad Wheeler
12:21 PM on 08/05/2011
Normally I disagree with just about everything you write, but in this instance, great post.
General Public
Microbiologists have found my microbio contagious.
01:14 PM on 08/05/2011
Thanks, that's very kind of you to say, although I'm curious what you disagree with me about... anyway, it's nice of you to compliment me on a post you agree with if normally I post things you disagree with. I have looked at your posts and so far the only thing I've noticed that we disagree on is whether Larry Flynt is a good person (you don't like him and you're certainly entitled to that opinion, I mainly just like how he got a victory in the Supreme Court that set a precedent against censorship of free speech). But most of your other posts I think I actually agree with, and I've looked through a few pages of them. You do realize that half the time when I post things I am joking, and usually the things I post that everyone disagrees with are just jokes, right? I mean this one you replied to was serious and I meant it, but lots of times I post silly comments as jokes. Anyway now that I've looked at your posts I'll fan you, since you seem fairly sensible and also nice.
11:28 AM on 08/05/2011
I love it, I love it, I love it! Go Dr. Neil! Way to be compassionate AND brilliant.
11:15 AM on 08/05/2011
I'll stop eating meat as soon as my dog does
11:27 AM on 08/05/2011
Like the oldest living dog, who's vegetarian? Good idea!
11:52 AM on 08/05/2011
I could try, but she still goes hunting, no matter how hard I punish her for it.
Chad Wheeler
12:22 PM on 08/05/2011
Who is the world's oldest living dog?