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Brawndo's got electrolites!
08:00 AM on 08/03/2011
The new debt deal will cause the economy to shrink, so you can forget about the auto sector.

They will be lucky if they don't go into bankruptcy again. This time around there won't be a bailout. We can expect that by 2013 there will be fewer US car companies than today.
06:19 AM on 08/03/2011
No JOBS = No Money for New Cars = No New Car Sales. Auto industry will be looking for another bailout about this time next year.
06:18 AM on 08/03/2011
But, five years ago, CNBC paraded many analysts across the screen stating the world was about to run out of oil.
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question authority
06:08 AM on 08/03/2011
seems to be same s--t as before and yet the ceos say what? "expect to hire people in the coming year," and "expect to increase their capital spending in the coming year," they can't build cars without massive recalls and" industry analysts caution that these statistics should be taken with several caveats." since when did speculation become statistics?
Nothing natural about gas,nothing clean about coal
06:05 AM on 08/03/2011
they could be if people had jobs or atleast some money but as everyone knows only the rich have the money nowadays. trickle down economics is a joke and always has been.
Carpe Diem!
05:48 AM on 08/03/2011
Amazing how idiotic these people can be.  Low wages, massive layoffs, high cost of living, and they claim that the auto industry will pull us out of this depression.  Really, is that how far they are all removed from reality?  Someone please take note, that ca. 500,000 every week since 2007 claimed unemployment and those are only the qualified ones and then consider the workforce and we almost get a 40% unemployment figure.  10%, I wished, we had only 10%, which would be hardly noticeable.  Odd is also, that they keep sticking with the 500,000 number!
06:41 AM on 08/03/2011
I agree, right now the last thing to drive the US economy would be auto sales. Who in his/her right mind would spend on a new car when peoples jobs are in limbo and the basic needs are hard to pay ? I m afraid this latest "compromise" to avoid a US default will even cost people more. The burdens are on the lower and middle incomes and investments for infrastructure are not there. It was Henry Ford who made sure his workforce had sufficient salaries so they could buy the product they were manufacturing themselves. As US companies obviously take advantage of the recession and are able to hire people for peanuts, it is hard to imagine how substantial growth can be achieved. Especially as the US economy depends heavily on inland demand.
02:42 AM on 08/03/2011
GM has more factories and more workers in communist China than in the US. Ford has huge investments in communist China as well. The Mustang's transmission is from China (and yes its Chinese quality you would expect.)

So, it's only a matter of time before the "US" auto makers import cars from China. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened yet. It will and when it does expect more layoffs.
$17 Trillion and Climbing, sorry kids
08:24 AM on 08/03/2011
and in building these plants, which the Chinese govt requires if they want to sell product in their country, the auto mfg's open the door to Chinese reverse engineering and within 10 years the will have an automobile line that is superior to the US cars.
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01:45 AM on 08/03/2011
"Will the auto industry lead the recovery?" that's funny on two levels; first, what recovery? Second, the auto industry? Here's the only way in will happen. Some quick young German Werkstatt will develop a hybrid powertrain replacement kit for mid-size and large vehicles. It will cost about $5,000 to replace your engine and computer and the world will never be the same. The oil industry will send assssins to prevent this. This ill herald the rel green revolution.
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01:41 AM on 08/03/2011
So, how is GM America doing?
12-pack of genius
01:35 AM on 08/03/2011
The entire auto industry top to bottom, side to side is run by jack-offs that would know their poop-cutter from their elbow.
you need faith, trust and a little pixie dust
01:07 AM on 08/03/2011
If people aren't working, who is going to be buying these cars?
01:02 AM on 08/03/2011
I believe the UAW is up for a contract renewal with GM this Fall. That should torpedo any chance of the Auto industry leading any economic recovery.
02:43 AM on 08/03/2011
I suppose you prefer communist China.
I have nothing to say except
12:52 AM on 08/03/2011
Well if the driving industries of our country were auto manufacturers that would be good news. Unfortunately, small business is what drives our economy. We have GM which paid back their loan with another loan from the Feds. Ford which stood alone and does well. Chrysler which was sold to a foreign company, Fiat. What is the joke of this article.
joni brit
The road to success is always under construction.
12:52 AM on 08/03/2011
If a product that is inferior to China's as well as Japan's and Korea's is going to lead us into job recovery, we are in big trouble.
11:35 PM on 08/02/2011
Sure, everyone is running out right now to spend 30K on a car. Vehicles are way over priced, due to regulation. II could buy a 40-50K vehicle if I wanted (cash) but I find some poor dude who's way over their head, work with the bank and buy for pennies on the dollar.