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12:32 PM on 08/13/2011
I go into Queens (Metropolitan Ave) from Brooklyn to TJ's. It's worth it. The workers are super nice and most helpful. It has the feel of a small store even though it's larger. I had to return
something and there was no bad was more of an apology that something was
wrong. Thank you to all the workers looking in at these comments. I'm glad you work in an
environment that is generous with pay and benefits. I pray it will continue, esp these days.
Katherine Maria Apple
12:22 PM on 08/13/2011
getting one built now in prescott Valley ,AZ can hardly wait, My hubby is a trucker and sometimes we'd deliver a load to TJ, he'd be in the back unloading and I'd be in the dtore loading the basket for us to eat. Love it, we have only one health food store and now the prices are coming down so will use both
We actually have 5.
11:50 AM on 08/13/2011
A Trader Joe's opened up just around the corner from us about 7 years ago, and we were delighted. We are in there 3-4 times a week. One of my favorite spots is their demo counter. I frequently buy whatever they are sampling.

Their teriyaki chicken (frozen section) is a staple in our kitchen for a quick dinner when we are feeling to lazy or uninspired to cook - add some broccoflower and some fresh pineapple, and you have a tasty dinner.

Love their flax seed/whole wheat tortillasand the spinach ones, the fresh pomengranate seeds, raw cashews, Ezekial bread, cranberry scones, lauandry and dish soaps, blood orange soda, assorted lemonades, and on and on.

My husband has become a personal friend of one of the employees, who has come over to our house with his young sons to check out my husband's model building workshop. During recent family health crises, he always remembered to ask about how our faraway elderly parents were
doing, and often inquires about the pedal-to-the-metal driving habits of our younger son.
Hillary 2016
11:35 AM on 08/13/2011
I've been shopping at TJs in Southern California for 30 years, and there are some employees that have worked that long at TJs in the Los Angeles area. I prefer TJs to Whole Foods if only for the attitude of the employees.
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10:23 PM on 08/13/2011
i prefer TJ's to whole foods bc TJ's doesn't have whole foods customers in it.
Hillary 2016
11:43 PM on 08/13/2011
That too!!! LOL
Век живи - век учись.
10:47 AM on 08/13/2011
I'm originally from western NY - sadly, no TJs there. When we went to NYC we always payed a visit. But in western NY is Wegman's (a supermarket, but really so much more), which is consistently on the list of Fortune Magazine's "Top 100 companies in the country to work for," and for the past 5 years has been in the top 5. In 2005 it was #1, last year #3 and this year, #2. When you travel from western NY, you always miss Wegman's, and it's always a nice thing to return to.
10:18 AM on 08/13/2011
Have been going to TJ their 14th and 6ave stores (NYC) Love them both. I was glad to change
from Whole Foods. The customer service is Great at TJ, which is really lacking in WF,
What I spend at TJ is half of what I spent at WF. Someone commented the smiles are
not sincere, well give me insincere, which I never saw, than a girl with an attitude as in WF, who does not want to be there.
When you get to a register in TJ they STOP talking to each other, smile, say hello, did you
find everything? I worked many years in retail, and appreciate great customer service.
01:19 PM on 08/13/2011
...Do indeed agree and seems amazing that OTHER cororations fail to fully realize the benefit of great customer servicing is really all about ! THe attitude of some is that THEY are doing YOU a favor is soooooooooooooooooo inappropriate for if customers do NOT shop/spend there is no reason for THEM to actually BE !!!! (add too that indeed too, there are some 'customers' whose disappearance would surely not be missed by the seller or other shoppers !!)
10:03 AM on 08/13/2011
Trader Joes is really ALDI Noord (North) ,while ALDI is ALDI Zud (South). In Germany Aldi founders, brother Alfred and Dieter split, and one took over stores inthe Northern part of the country and the other took over stores in the South. Both are quite similar in offerings and management style. ALDi Noord can be found form Hamburg to Berlin and in countries neighboring Northern Germany.Aldi South is found form Frankfurt to Munich and in countries located south of Germany. Switzerland recently celebrated the arrival of ALDI. Ilove to go into the ALDI websites (one for Noord and one for Zud) to see what specials are offered form one week to another among the countries. Here I have ALDI (ZUD). It is nice to see the cashiers sitting on nice chairs, Euro style, as they check you out in typical pleasant but highly efficient German fashion. Of course if the line goes away for a few miutes, the employees know they are to get up and help out with various other functions in the stores. Sometimes there are really great specials, bargains in imported foods
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Is war about who's right or who's left?
07:48 PM on 08/13/2011
Wow! I'd heard the story about the Aldi split, but never realized Trader Joe's was the other half. Aldi's here in Florida is nothing but off brand stuff, really cheap. I go mainly for staples, produce, milk, eggs, things where brand really doesn't matter. There's no TJ here, but I have friends who talk fondly of it from "back home" and I would have never thought they were ever remotely related.
NRA, making a list and checking it twice!
10:50 PM on 08/13/2011
Trader Joe's and Aldi's are not halves of the same business, they are owned by members of the same family. Trader Joe's was started in California and purchased years ago. The businesses are completely seperate entities here in the U.S.
09:52 AM on 08/13/2011
I'm glad that "Jane" mentioned the condescending people. This happens all over the place. When I worked in a convenience store years ago, a regular customer, (who happened to make over $100k a year), told me that I should never let those people bother me because ALL jobs are important. If there were not people working as cashiers or stockers, cleaning, etc. these jobs would not get done. I also have a friend with a masters degree in social work that chose to work at Subway while her children were young because counseling was too demanding for her to balance. These nasty customers shouldn't be so judgemental, they wouldn't like it if they couldn't get their groceries because the cashier wasn't there.
11:57 AM on 08/13/2011
Scan and bag is difficult? Tell that to Home Depot and other self-serve check-out stores. Scan, bag, pay, leave. Not that hard.
12:50 PM on 08/13/2011 that case, it's okay for those nasty, rude customers to act that way to their cashiers.
01:26 PM on 08/13/2011
...ah , words from a techie evidently who spends more time with gadgets rather than actually interacting with other REAL humanoids....GBO and so it goes...Gathered in groups ,each with their gadgets but not TRULY having TRUE interaction and somehow figuring they are SO in the know not noticing that perhaps the REAL breakdown is the lack of ability to actually REALLY interact with their own 'species' leaves a might void in this haphazard world !! Rather sad...worth noting that sure we have 'machines' capable of various whateverings but the lack of human interaction is NOT totally in OUR best interest for we lose our ability/abilities to BE human and our humanity as well !!
09:25 AM on 08/13/2011
Outside of the training on the register and teaching you what this or that task in the store entails, TJ's is a place to work your way through college.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that a college degree will take you out of mind-numbing tasks or away from rude people.

All jobs have pluses and minuses. You have to decide if what you do (or what means to and end this is) is worth the price you have to pay to get where you want to go.

Otherwise, move on.
Eric Graff
09:19 AM on 08/13/2011
Hope they open a TJs in Scranton/Wilkes Barre PA! THEY ROCK
11:54 AM on 08/13/2011
If they do, be aware that TJ's may have a wonderful item on one visit that they will never have on their shelves again. The CA city in which I live has a TJ's that is notorious for that--it's worse than Big Lots in that regard.

By the way, you're getting a Sonic. There's already a Sonic in Hazleton.
Eric Graff
07:45 AM on 08/14/2011
The sonic has been here over a year already................
Stephen Thorpe
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03:16 AM on 08/13/2011
I have a tough time feeling all tingly over a grocery store, sorry.
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08:59 PM on 08/12/2011
Give me Costco any day over TJ.
06:54 PM on 08/12/2011
I love shopping at TJ's..great prices, friendly staff.
Some of the cashiers don't seem to know how to pack...eggs in the middle of a bag??..if I get one of them, I say (w/ a laugh) "darling, let me do the packing..I was taught how to do it when I was a teenager working at a grocery store."
06:17 PM on 08/12/2011
love Trader Joes. shop there once a week because of the fair trade products and customer service
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05:08 PM on 08/12/2011
There are some items our household simply cannot do without at TJ's ... so, we are in the store at least once every ten or more days. Use to shop there daily, however young children running wildly with little-people carts got the best of me. I like Trader Joe's ... nicest people or "crew members" and great pricing for whole foods. However, the mini-people with carts too much. Now, we spend a little extra at Whole Foods for great choices, including more fresh produce, meats and seafood... Equally important, no mini-people with mini-carts running wildly through the store.