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07:31 AM on 08/09/2011
"At least the slender Duchess of Cambridge can assuredly avoid another Westwood critique; the designer also told the Sunday Times Magazine, "I think you look a lot better if you are thin."


If you view the link that "peegan" posted on designer Vivienne Westwood, you would see Westwood's version of "thin". Westwood's models are so emaciated - it is criminal.
Robin Donald deVallon
06:14 AM on 08/09/2011
It´s good to hear/read all these many comments..
All lining up.. but not for a handout...
In this little Island community of foreign sunseekers (tourists)
I am not very well accepted.. which does not bother me at all.
Navajos are different..
So you all make my day.. by being on Kate´s side...

Thank you.. From the GripeVine..& Donah..//
05:40 AM on 08/09/2011
Her eyeliner is fine. Both color and contrast work towards beautiful makeup. Her eye makeup creates contrast.

The problem with her make up is the following:

Too much unblended blush of a too dark pink color.

Using eyebrow pencil to darken and thicken her already dark and thick eyebrows. They just need a little shaping.

I believe she will look back on her wedding photos with regret because of her makeup mistakes.
07:17 AM on 08/09/2011
Her wedding pictures are probably already being photo shopped.
Lisa Morreira
03:18 AM on 08/09/2011
Isn't VW the crone who designed Carrie Bradshaw's horrendous wedding dress in the first SATC movie, the wedding that never happened?? That dress was over the top, as was the ridiculous headpiece, just like the designer.
Lisa Morreira
03:12 AM on 08/09/2011
Who cares what Vivienne Westwood thinks!? Has SHE looked in a mirror lately?!?! Catherine Middleton is true to herself and I commend her for that. She isn't trying to be someone she isn't, or perhaps I should say someone she isn't YET. I'm sure she will get a stylist when the need really arises. Right now she is a young, attractive young woman who is finding her way through the maze of the Royal Family. Best of luck to her! Princess Diana was from aristocrasy and she STILL had a hard time finding her way but she eventually did as will Catherine. Let's give her time before we start clawing at her style and beauty, eh Miss Vivienne? BACK OFF the poor girl!!
We are created equal. It should stay that way!
02:51 AM on 08/09/2011
Vivienne Westwood, sour grapes. Look your are 70 years old, you are no longer fashion, your time has past if there really ever was one.

I really think all this fuss over fashion is just a huge waste for the most part.

The Duchess is an attractive woman, she is good for the Prince, they seem happy. She also seems sensible which more than I can say for Vivienne Westwood.
05:44 AM on 08/09/2011
I'm not sure that I agree that Vivienne Westwood could be called "no longer fashion."

Remember all the oohs and ahs when beautifully dressed 70 plus year olds are featured on this site.

As long as we are walking and wearing clothes, we are fashion, as you will be when you are 70 years old.
I'd love to kiss ya...but, I just washed my hair!!
09:01 AM on 08/09/2011
Yes...Vivienne Westwood is definitely fashion.
02:35 AM on 08/09/2011
I agree with VW. But I also think American HP is a little to obsessed with the British Duchess.
World Citizen
02:28 AM on 08/09/2011
The racoon eyes on Catherine Middleton are not as bad as they look on her sister, Pippa who looks like she has them on 24/7. Pippa has a smaller set of eyes and the heavy handed racoon eyeliner makes her eyes look a bit beady and weasel-like...
07:19 AM on 08/09/2011
Well it's Kate who is in the eye of the media and a Duchess not Pippa. Who cares about Pippa. It's a nasty look and makes ones eyes look smaller. It's pretty or elegant.
Eat veggies, don't vote for them
02:16 AM on 08/09/2011
The raccoon eyes have got to go. They age her, and not in a good way.
05:46 AM on 08/09/2011
It's not the eye makeup that is aging her. It is the unblended blush and eyebrow pencil.

Her eyeliner creates contrast and highlights beautiful eyes -- looks good with her "winter coloring."
07:27 AM on 08/09/2011
Wrong. It's her entire approach to make up that makes her look older and haggard and slightly trashy. She doesn't now how to properly apply it. She doesn't know how to blend, she chooses the wrong color tones. There are many ways to create contrast and she should be aiming for a soft, natural look. Eye liner does not accomplish that especially in the manner that she applies it.

Eye liner is for formal evening attire and should be smudged to give a dramatic look and certainly should not encase the entire eye as she applies it. It's not for every day wear unless you are a young unsophisticated teen or a person of not much sophistication. The eye brow pencil is ridiculous. Her brows are thick enough, in fact, they need a good shaping not black eye brow pencil.

She hasn't a clue how to enhance her good features. She needs the advice of a professional and surely when out in the public eye, especially for an affair where there will be cameras, she should have her hair and makeup done by a professional.
01:56 AM on 08/09/2011
VW wanted to design Kate's wedding dress and was not even considered on the long list. Maybe next time VW - when Kate's daughter marries and you are 100. I am sure you will look lovely with your perfect eye makeup and wardrobe. I won't mark my calendar however.
I'd love to kiss ya...but, I just washed my hair!!
09:04 AM on 08/09/2011
Try just a little harder...I'm sure you can find more nasty in inside..
01:54 AM on 08/09/2011
VW is an old broad and ought to be wise and humble rather than catty and superficial. She is jealous bc she considers herself royalty, when she in fact is rather common.
07:28 AM on 08/09/2011
B.S. However old she is her advice is spot on.
Free Speech As Dictated By Our Sponsors
01:44 AM on 08/09/2011
I am not a fan however she is pretty. She seems to have a mild form of Carmen Electra syndrome though. If you ever see Carmen without her dark eye makeup she is much more beautiful. The makeup hides the delicate features and shades of the eye area.

A lot of us have one thing that we used to do fashion wise when we were 18 and we just liked it so we did not let go long after it was out of fashion. Sometimes I still employ a hair clip to my bangs.

She should just try lining her upper lid with a light brown liner, a light bronze shade and use less mascara.
07:31 AM on 08/09/2011
She should get a professional. She's in the big leagues now. She advanced from a commoner to royalty. The 18 year old look has got to go and she should take the necessary steps to play the role she committed herself to properly. It's bad enough she ruined her wedding pictures with that dreadful make's time to wake up and smell the roses.
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04:48 PM on 08/09/2011
I know, I could not get away from that stupid wedding and the constant rebroadcasting here in Canada.

At one point I tried watching CBC and they were taking their vows and I know it is horrible to say but I could not help thinking why does she have that hard @ss tr@mpy eye liner and orange tan?

She does the Real Housewives of ... style of eye makeup. She is very pretty, has striking eyes and does not need it. Most people get someone else to do there makeup on their wedding day, I did.
"By their fruits you shall know them."
01:31 AM on 08/09/2011
01:02 AM on 08/09/2011
Every time I hear the name Vivienne Westwood I think of those super high shoes that Naomi Campbell wore in a fashion show and then fell down.
12:11 AM on 08/09/2011
In my opinion Kate Middleton is gorgeous and her hair,makeup and wardrobe always look classy.
People are free to disagree but rude comments instead of polite comments always indicate jealousy.
Free Speech As Dictated By Our Sponsors
01:38 AM on 08/09/2011

Not trying to start a fame war here but whenever someone comments about this woman someone always has to say "but must be jealous", jealous of what? The woman is a 70 year old fashion designer who I find a little wacky but is very influential in her country and made her name by working rather than marrying.

I doubt she is jealous of a woman who looks to thin and too nervous all of the time.
07:34 AM on 08/09/2011
Wow an objective non -groupie voice. How on point and so correct. The woman knows what she is talking about. What she said is 100% correct.
07:36 AM on 08/09/2011