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03:16 PM on 08/11/2011
Ok, how come when the market goes up, it's market forces at work, but, when the market comes down, it's Obama's fault? What a clown! For all we know this clown was just throwing out some rethorical firebomb. Oh, by the way, thanks for the confidence in America.
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03:11 PM on 08/11/2011
In point of fact, the economy has bee strong during the 2 1/2 years of the Obama Administration - relative to the disaster that was the Bush Administration years. Mr. Bush left the country on the brink of depression, and GDP has grown for each of the last 8 consecutive quarters. Sorry for the facts.
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02:49 PM on 08/11/2011
Mourdock sokld his stock prior to the downward spiral? Isn't that some type of insider trading?

Oh, but he simply has a clue I guess, unlike anyone who disagrees with him...
stop the nightmare, end the GOP
02:48 PM on 08/11/2011
i did something similar with stocks - but because the tea party was going to torture the country and the president with default unless they got their destructive goals across

the tea party downgrade collapse the markets
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02:47 PM on 08/11/2011
Here's a seat that Dems can pick up in 2012, Lugar will be primaried by some Tea Party koo-koo and, more than likely, lose. Dems need to find a populist Progressive on the side of farmers being pushed off their land and unemployed factory workers and you'll see a landslide. However, if social issues, like abortion or marriage equality are the focus, he/she'll have a much harder time.
03:35 PM on 08/11/2011
Won't happen. Murdock is running against him in the primary. Too many dumb Dems here.
02:13 PM on 08/11/2011
So the future teaparty candidate calls Lugar a dolt. Well Lugar at least has some ethical integrity. Indiana is putting out some real "winners" of late. Clueless...ya, anything to get elected. TeaParty Bagger.
stop the nightmare, end the GOP
02:48 PM on 08/11/2011
Dick Lugar is one of the last respectable repubs.
05:16 PM on 08/11/2011
How so? I think he can still be civil though and that makes him hands high over the rest. Or is it that he doesn't totally buy into the corrupt tea party leaders.
03:09 PM on 08/11/2011
when you see Mike Pense running for In. governor, you know how crazy we in Indiana have become!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:05 PM on 08/11/2011
I didn't think the Democrats had a snowball's chance to take an Indiana seat until now. That Tea Party line is good enough for Republican primary voters to toss Lugar overboard. Once they do that, how's that horse manure going to fly in the general.
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02:38 PM on 08/11/2011
You dont understand the mind set in Indiana do you????? Living in Indiana is like living in 1958 , Like living in the past The living standard is very low, education is not a priority , The place stinks, from pollution, Gary is a nightmare, And the republicans like it that way, Instaed of building a wall on the southern border, They need to build it around Indiana,,,...........
03:38 PM on 08/11/2011
Move then....there's more to Indiana than Gary. I'm thinking you must have gone to school there from your spelling.
05:45 PM on 08/11/2011
You're talking about my home state.

Sure glad the folks moved out when I was 4.
The time is now
02:04 PM on 08/11/2011
Of course he's clueless...he's like 90 years old and rich. We need age restrictions in DC. As soon as your 60 , your out.
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02:01 PM on 08/11/2011
They took away our penison and forced 401Ks down our throats. Then they stole our money.

01:59 PM on 08/11/2011
I am an Indiana independent and have always voted for Senator Lugar and will continue to do so.
He does not live "in isolation in Washington" as someone stated, but is very much in and
around the state regularly. Furhermore, he responds promptly to concerns of his constituents,
regardless of their party affiliation. In other words, he is principled, ethical, informed, and
a true patriot. Just like our other great publican, now retired, Lee Hamilton.
03:13 PM on 08/11/2011
Lugar is also very knowledgeable about the outside world

I'm a Dem. from In. and have always voted for Lugar

He's not as nutty as the other repugs from here!!!!!
03:41 PM on 08/11/2011
BS, He isn't in Indiana often and while he responds "sometimes", it's to tell you that you are wrong in your thinking, like the "Dream Act" is a good thing for us all. I let him know a couple of years ago, I would vote for my dog before he got another vote from me and up to that point, he had my vote.
01:57 PM on 08/11/2011
Nice to know Lugar can do what others wouldn't be able to do if the Republicans privatized social security ....
01:51 PM on 08/11/2011
It's sad that a man of Lugar's intelligence has to explain himself to the loony right. The ignorami will not be happy till anybody who can think is out of Congress.
03:42 PM on 08/11/2011
He is on the right, he got the votes because of his conservative views. As his brain has aged, he's forgotten what the people who voted him in want. Perhaps he's lost his hearing also because he's not real good at that either.
01:49 PM on 08/11/2011
This is case of the pot calling the kettle black. All of the D.C. mob are clueless on how to correct the problems of this nation that they helped create
Joseph Van Der Putten
01:51 PM on 08/11/2011
They know what to do, but the republican motto is; "Party first, Country last, Destroy Obama"
02:19 PM on 08/11/2011
I would have to add a little to the GOP-TP mantra:
"Party & top 2% first, Country last, Destroy Obama".

The head guru is Mitch McConnell and all the rest blindly follow his chant. Too bad their myopic vision is destroying ALL of us (including their families) and not just President Obama.
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01:49 PM on 08/11/2011
Lugar is a dying breed. A generally reasonable person who does not pander to the tea party fanatics.
aww the flowers of spring are the best
01:46 PM on 08/11/2011
yes he sold them last week but bought them right back this week ...follow the money trail.