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09:18 AM on 08/13/2011
Maybe this is a good place to recount my "Zsa Zsa story."

As a very young woman, I was thrilled to be invited to a big industry party in the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom. I rented a fabulous red designer dress from a (now defunct) store on Olympic Boulevard. I could hardly afford the fee - and, obviously could never have paid to buy it.

When Zsa Zsa, very aged - but, still a legend- swept in and actually sat at my table I was agog.

"Nice dress," she said.

I almost collapsed. She noticed me? She likes the dress?

And then she added the very Gabor coup de grace - "Did you sew it yourself?"
Savage Saint Roger
Card Carrying Liberal
10:30 AM on 08/14/2011
Perfect! Thanks!
05:05 AM on 08/13/2011
Tsk tsk, just sad
09:42 AM on 08/12/2011
Known around Hollywood as "the prince"...? This must have been told by her husband who bought his fake title by getting a German princess to adopt him when he was in his 30's by paying her a lot of money. No one in Hollywood refers to him as "the prince" except a handful of his friends, and him.
screw the real world-I'm an artist!
05:37 AM on 08/12/2011
It must be the proofreader's day off! The correct spelling of Angie's surname is 'Dickinson', Ms. Harper's first name is 'Valerie' not 'Valarie' and The Original Playboy's last name is 'Hefner' with one
'f', not two. And what's up with the sentence that starts, 'In December, I there will be...'?
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
02:53 PM on 08/12/2011
Poor Valerie and Angie, it's like the first time they had their name in a Playbill, and they spelled it wrong...Only now, even after decades, they still can't get it right.
John Galt's last name is McGuffin-Smithee
02:22 AM on 08/12/2011
Eva was the one who had the talent, and from my understanding was a decent ice skater too.
09:51 AM on 08/14/2011
I always thought Eva was the prettiest of the sisters and also came across as a nicer person then Zsa Zsa.
09:28 PM on 08/11/2011
Frederick Von Anhalt has announced a dubious Wedding Anniversary party for himself. Zsa Zsa Gabor(94) could not be aware of it because of her state of health and mind. Mr. VonAnhalt has made statements that are not truthful concerning this alleged celebration to be held at Zsa Zsa Gabor's home in Belair . He claims that celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger,Sylvester Stallone, Lanie Kazan, Kirk Douglas, and a list of big stars are invited. Lanie Kazan told us personally that she received an e-mail invite but will NOT be attending. We checked on the others. You already know the answer. NOT COMING. Not surprisingly one person very important to Zsa Zsa Gabor has not been invited and that would be our friend and client Francesca Hilton, her only child. Von Anhalt has also announced that this celebration ( publicity stunt for himself) will have a Wolfgang Puck/Spago Anniversary Cake. Barbara Lazaroff, co-owner of Spago, has responded. It seems that VonAnhalt had the nerve to ask Spago to donate the cake. The answer was NO. Funny thing, VonAnhalt has been banned from Spago for a number of years after he had an altercation with one of the owners-Barbara Lazaroff herself. So even if he wanted to pay for the cake the answer would of been NO. Next up may be a 'Cease & Desist Order' for VonAnhalt to stop using Spago and Wolfgang Puck's brand to promote himself. We recommend it.
Edward Lozzi for Francesca Hilton
John Galt's last name is McGuffin-Smithee
02:24 AM on 08/12/2011
You already know the answer. NOT COMING

So can I go if all these 'other celebs' aren't going, I'm not anxious to see Zsa or the Prince but I wanna see how 'Grey Gardens' or 'Miss Havisham' their lifestyle is.
Remember John Lennon:Power To The People!
02:55 PM on 08/12/2011
Something tells me the party was just cancelled.
10:50 AM on 08/14/2011
I tend to agree with this. Nancy Reagan's attendance seemed a little hard to believe.
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
06:37 PM on 08/11/2011
Except for Will Smith, most of the invites are old Hollywood and not working anymore. Some people wouldn't even remember who they are.

I wonder how many will actually show up?

I suppose she doesn't need the clothes and furs anymore. Not if she's not leaving the house. But I have to wonder. Money troubles?