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05:31 AM on 03/24/2008
Wow. This page is eerily free of Hillary supporters. I'm so used to hearing/reading their implausible defenses of her, I was actually looking forward to getting some laughs.

Unfortunately for her, the media may have beaten the Rev. Wright story to death and as a new week begins, they will be looking for the next story. There's a long way until Pennsylvania, so unless something pops up, this will probably be it.

Can we examine the actual candidates now instead of their associates?
02:09 PM on 03/27/2008

Discovering a presidential candidate has been mentored by a radical leaning anti American racist
for over 20 years... bears very close examination my friend, and cannot be swept under the table. This is the Presidency..... not a radical fringe group campaign.
02:53 AM on 03/24/2008
Perhaps Hillary took Chelsea to the annual TAKE YOUR DAUGHTER TO WAR DAY.
03:36 PM on 03/24/2008
Jerry Penguin was really witty! The only excuse for the whopper must be extreme fatique and stress of the campaign. I am the same age as Mr. Clinton and I can tell she is really, really tired and desperate.
07:15 PM on 03/25/2008
01:54 AM on 03/24/2008
Huff 'n Puffers, let's turn the page on the Clintons. Imagine another eight years of these people and their friends. OMG, no.
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Ceci n'est pas un micro-bio
12:50 AM on 03/24/2008
No ! No ! Clinton didn't lie, she just got confused!! When your life is just chockfull of experience things get mixed up - Isn't it obvious the sniper fire was on her trip to Africa with Joe Wilson!!!
07:15 PM on 03/24/2008
No, it was during Tea in Northern Ireland.
12:26 AM on 03/24/2008
The point about the NAFTA meetings is a good one. I'm prone to believe Clinton when she says she was anti-NAFTA behind the scenes, but nonetheless supported it publicly for the sake of backing the administration. But I don't see why the Obama campaign isn't making this itself a talking point, or even an ad. Voiceover:

"Hillary Clinton says she opposed NAFTA privately, but that she publicly supported shipping American jobs overseas, for political reasons. She says she was glad the credit card industry’s bankruptcy bill didn't pass, despite the fact that she voted for it -- again, for political reasons. Hillary Clinton says she voted to authorize the Iraq War, despite having personal reservations about the biggest military disaster in a generation. Political votes for political reasons. Isn't it about time we had a candidate with the courage of his convictions?"

"I'm Barack Hussein Obama, and I approve this message."
11:40 PM on 03/23/2008
It won't play at all in the MSM. They're trying mightly to get her nominated.
11:12 PM on 03/23/2008
A memo to Pres. Clinton. This is what I would call her "fairytale" moment.

This would make very interesting "Headline News" if only somebody had the guts to run with. Cowards
one and all!
07:50 PM on 03/23/2008
Mr Ekrow, I hope you post the Clinton campaign's response to the multitude of videos on youtube that contradict her statements. Thank you for this post!
07:07 PM on 03/23/2008
"Like the kid with the funny name" line Barry Obama uses in his speeches, Barry?
"i wasn't there for those kind of sermons" oh wait he did!
"I had little ties to Rezko, only 4-5 hours" oh wait, there is much more!
"i have a record of bipartisanship" oh wait, he voted along partisan lines every time in Illinois

Seriously, so what?
10:26 PM on 03/23/2008
I think you missed the point JWLANDSCAPES. Although this article may be backhandedly bashing Clinton for her very real dishonesty, the author is making a comment about the power of the mainstream media to create a narrative of politics that is designed to maximize viewers than it is in reporting truth. Read it again and this time, look for substance. I know that you, like a lot of people, are not used to reading an editorial that contains substance and not empty political rabble rousing.
11:34 PM on 03/23/2008
The power of the media comes from the profit margins they generate when they can "report" salacious and gossipy gruel for the public to lap up. They make money from anyone and everyone's misfortune, mistakes or disasters, no matter how personal and how distanced from the public's need or right to know. If it sells papers or increases radio or TV ratings it will be packaged and sold to the public and any attempt to thwart this exploitation of other's misfortune will be met with a cry of censorship and high minded bull about the public's right to know. I have seen these creeps interview people waiting to pick up loved ones at an airport when the plane carrying those loved ones is missing or has crashed - asking them how they feel. I wish for once one of these victims would kick the reporter in the gonads and then take the microphone and direct the cameraman to run the video as he asks the writhing worm "how do you feel now?'

So, don't be so hard on JWLANDSCAPES. The comment fits a typical bottom feeder the news organizations cater to - a reliable customer for the disservice being provided.

I have wondered if that "masturbating monkey" Wolf Blitzer, has ever bothered to listen to the whole of any of Reverend Wright's sermons that have been excerpted and glued to other excerpts to make it sound like all that comes out of the man's mouth is outrageous portrayals of whites. I doubt it, and yet he plays the tapes several times an hour every day. What kind of service is it to report on such an unattributed piece of U-Tube editing as if the U-Tube video was the whole story? Why isn't there anyone reporting on the context of each of the excerpts in the U-Tube video? Why hasn't anyone had the Reverend's side of the story up? BECAUSE IT MIGHT KILL THE GOOSE LAYING THE GOLDEN EGG! The news media has to consume humans, mostly humans experiencing some kind of distress or tragedy, to make money. Don't forget it.
...that is the question!
01:51 PM on 03/24/2008
"Dad, Jimmy lied worse than me!"
"Ok honey, we'll let it slide."

Two wrongs don't make it right. This is a story about media coverage. Not who lied worse. This is a whopper......get over it.
07:07 PM on 03/23/2008
Dude are you a journalist or what? Why don't you call her campaign staff out on the matter on the next media conference call that they host? Or, better yet, why don't you ask Sen. Clinton to address the discrepancies? DUDE DO YOUR JOB!!
06:45 PM on 03/23/2008
it's simple. her friends in the media just won't play it.
I'm Just Me!
06:18 PM on 03/23/2008
As Doris said......

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be
06:12 PM on 03/23/2008
How about this you tube video? ... how can this NOT end her horrible candicacy?
if the link doesn't work, try " Hillary Clinton lies about Bosnia: lies lies lies"

Notice her St Patrick's day scarf? This was just last Monday!

To the people of Pennsylvania... PLEASE save us from having to put up with this awful woman after April!
06:43 PM on 03/23/2008
Thanks Candy, I posted the same youtube earlier and we need to keep posting it so EVERYONE sees her lies from her own mouth. Thanks.
04:59 PM on 03/23/2008
If we let everything run its course without attacking Hillary the Superdelegates sooner or later will decide for Obama. I am therefore in favor of attacking the Hannity's of this world rather than Hillary.
06:14 PM on 03/23/2008
Attacking Hannity is the same as attacking Rev, Wright.
To use Bills's words, Hillary is full of "fairy-tales". Better to give up politics and offer her extraordinary talents to Hollywood.
04:40 PM on 03/23/2008
There is an attorney and Clinton supporter in Washington who many Democrats in Massachusetts will remember. His name is Lester Hyman. During the early days of the Clinton regime Hyman was called upon to recommend appointments to the Supreme Court and in 1994, upon the personal recommendation of Hilary Clinton, he was appointed head of the commission that oversaw the construction of the FDR Memorial.

Hyman’s involvement with Charles Taylor began when Taylor was fighting extradition from the United States back to Liberia where he had been accused of embezzling several million dollars. After their initial dealings Hyman had a falling out with Taylor but when Taylor ascended to the Liberian presidency in 1997 Hyman was called upon again.

Hyman became a tireless lobby for Taylor to the Clinton administration, he worked to have Taylor’s indictment for prison escape from Massachusetts overturned, and he purportedly arranged a private meeting between Taylor’s wife Jewel and the then sitting First Lady and presidential advisor Hilary Clinton. Then for all his efforts Hyman was rewarded by an appointment as head of Liberia’s shipping registry company, one of Charles Taylor’s biggest money spinners.

Simultaneously, Clinton confidant and spiritual advisor Jesse Jackson is on a plane to West Africa where he is supposed to mediate the growing chaos in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Being the perceptive international operator that he is he gets involved in a sham of a peace negotiations and calls Foday Sankoh -- a vicious war criminal by anyone’s standards -- the “Nelson Mandela of Sierra Leone.” For this bit of insight he is practically run out of Freetown by an angered mob of Sankoh’s victims.

Following that, Jackson helps to organize a rally for Liberia’s Peace and Reconciliation in Chicago where all members of the Liberian opposition are refused entry. He continues to support Taylor along with the Reverend Pat Robertson of 700 Club fame who himself has gone into the gold mining business in Liberia during a period when Taylor is reportedly doing business with Osama bin Laden.

Micky Kantor, a long time Clinton friend and advisor, has said of Hilary: “In the end she was the last court of appeal for him when he was making a decision….I would be surprised if there was any major decision he made that she didn’t weigh in on.”
Well not exactly. Recently it has been revealed, in a speech that Bill gave at a YMCA in Iowa, that Hilary was unable to convince him to stop the genocide in yet another 1990’s African disaster zone: Rwanda. Had he listened to his wife, Clinton said, things might have been different.
"I believe if I had moved we might have saved at least a third of those lives," he said. "I think she clearly would have done that."
Huh? It boggles the mind to imagine Hilary screaming at Bill to do something to stop the carnage in Rwanda while he patiently explains to his number one confidant that, to quote what James Baker said of Bosnia: ‘we have no dog in that fight.’
What did Hilary do then? Did she go to the press? Did she get on the phone to the UN? Did she use her bully pulpit to try to stop what he apparently knew to be the truth? The record shows that she did nothing.
How is that for moral leadership?
For all her talk of experience and being ready to go on Day 1, Hilary Clinton has shown an appalling lack of judgment with regard to the people she has and her husband have taken advice and counsel from and even when she has gotten credible information, as she did apparently in the Rwanda situation she dropped the ball. (One wonders how only she knew what was going on when everyone else in the Clinton administration was using the old ‘fog of war’ excuse.)
And what is Lester Hyman doing these days? Well his is still a Clinton supporter living the high life as a Washington attorney . He also was in the news again recently.
When Robert Novak recently got into legal trouble over his involvement in the Valerie Palm CIA leak case the first person he allegedly called for legal advice was Lester Hyman.
Ah Washington. What a cesspool.