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10:44 AM on 08/18/2011
Fix the education system in the United States. Too many of our jobs have gone overseas without recruiting others to come in to work. This is not a simple issue to fix but it's one that we need to take care of those without jobs first.
10:43 AM on 08/18/2011
We need to stop quoting the chamber of commerce on employment issues. What is their position on the 1.4 trillion tax patriotization? That's the most important question of the day. We know the teabaggares want 0%. That's not going to fly CEO of Cisco. We all know the Dems will compromise for a deal between 18%-25%.

Let's hire some dam American workers!!
Black Conservative
10:43 AM on 08/18/2011
Hey, just pay $5,000 like every other LEGAL immigrant does, and THEN you can start making demands.
Reality. Progressively-based.
11:03 AM on 08/18/2011
Funny how you equate "Latino groups" with illegal. Thanks for showing your true colors.
11:39 AM on 08/18/2011
Perhaps you should take issue with the Huffington Post? The picture associated with the article is clearly of Latinos and the article itself is found in Latino Voices. Thanks for a pathetic play of the race card.
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cave canem
10:43 AM on 08/18/2011
I refuse to believe that America doesn't have the workers with enough skills to fill these jobs.
10:54 AM on 08/18/2011
Companies purposely give a list of job requirements as long as your arm. Then when no one meets all the requirements, use that as an excuse to hire cheap H1B visa workers.
11:02 AM on 08/18/2011
Why don't you apply?
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What would our future 7th generation think of us?
11:11 AM on 08/18/2011
Even hobos refuse to take some of the jobs that illegals do every day. Xenophobia is the order of the day regarding these threads. Just read the nasty comments from all of the h8ers here. Funny how they forgot how they got illegally immigrating into Native American lands. And as an Indian, I consider the lot of them to be illegals who all need to go back to where they came from.