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11:14 PM on 03/24/2008
Of course George W. Bush is a Christian...just ignore all those dead bodies left in his wake!
08:39 AM on 03/25/2008
Bush is no Christian. Bush is a crypto jew, RIGHT Fleisher???
Thoughtful reflections
11:14 PM on 03/24/2008
Someone ought to explain to GWB that life is precious. I thought a pro-lifer like him would have known that. Four thousand dead Americans and over 1,000,000 dead Iraqis are not worth it. His reckless, murderous policy has destabilized the middle east and the world. He is a murderous tyrant who cares little about human life. He is a disgrace to the United States and the world. May God have mercy on us.
11:12 PM on 03/24/2008
The Iraq was is about OIL. When Bush talks about freedom and tyrants and democracy and WMD's it's all BULLSHIT! I'm sorry if there are Americans who disagree, but I don't think the lives of 4000 innocent Americans is worth all the OIL in the world. And OIL is why Bush invaded Iraq and OIL is why Bush still wants our troops to be in Iraq. If you believe anything else, you're a moron.
02:14 AM on 03/25/2008
The first day of Shock & Awe I told a friend who worked at an ad agency that this was about oil. It was transparent even then. Texas = oil greed. I was born in that cesspool of a state, so I know. Bush = Texas. Yes, I know - Bush wasn't born in Texas, and Hitler wasn't born in Germany.
Moe, Larry, THE CHEESE!
11:10 PM on 03/24/2008
The abject dishonor in this man is beyond description. Five years into a criminal war, and no endgame is even being contemplated. 4000 dead Americans and uncounted hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians butchered, and all this creature can say is we cannot leave until the job is "done"...and yet he provides no description whatsoever of what "done" is. He has never attended to that concept at all, because he simply doesn't know what it means to have a strategy for ending this. Only more words, more death, more destruction, and more profits for his fascist base.
11:08 PM on 03/24/2008
And what of the needless civilian deaths in Iraq? Even if you take the conservative figure of 100,00, rather than the 655,000 estimate of the American/Iraqi study, there are still the millions rendered homeless or stateless.
12:24 PM on 03/25/2008
11:07 PM on 03/24/2008
From the LA Times - thank you commonsense Americans!
11:05 PM on 03/24/2008
Is this America or OZ?
11:03 PM on 03/24/2008
ALLWAYS Remember: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." --George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 19, 2000 (Listen to audio clip)
11:03 PM on 03/24/2008
IMPEACH bu$h :
11:00 PM on 03/24/2008
Before we all agree to stick with the number, 4,000, let's remember that for those soldiers who are wounded on the battlefield, but die later in the hospital, their ultimate sacrifice does not count in this total! Therefore the actual number of dead is unknown to all but those at the top.
12:25 AM on 03/25/2008
I know for a fact, there are also dead troops unaccounted for in desert medical facities. There are many brain dead and badly injured in these places. The only way we can know how many are dead, is to look up their families and ask have they heard from them or have they recieved death notices.
11:00 PM on 03/24/2008
I can think of 4,000 reasons why you're wrong, Mr. Uniter. If there really is a hell then one of the hotest spots in one of the hottest corners is reserved especially for you. Enjoy your barbecue.....
10:59 PM on 03/24/2008
The betrayus plan to stop loss of bribing, arming and telling them to stand down is unraveling:
10:55 PM on 03/24/2008
Too bad HuffPo wasn't around during the Civil War. We could have save 300,000 lives in the North and another 300,00 in the South. That's about 10% of the total population at the time, but was it worth it?
11:01 PM on 03/24/2008
flagged for utter stupidity and extreme lack of relevance.
11:03 PM on 03/24/2008
sums up the 'Post mainly
If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
11:01 PM on 03/24/2008
Maybe you could ask this guy, who knew a thing or two about the Civil War:
10:53 PM on 03/24/2008
Going on YEAR SIX of a War that was only supposed to last 6 months and the Crawford Deserter is still trying to sell his oil war to ‘We the People.’
10:52 PM on 03/24/2008
I'm thinking that someone might want to let him know that American deaths aren't going to stop at 4,000. Will there ever be an amount that sees as too high a price? McCain wants to keep our troops there for 100 years and Petraeus says no more troop drawdowns at this point. Somebody might want to let Cheney know that no one's going to "volunteer" to serve with these odds.