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Mohammed Noori
11:11 PM on 08/20/2011
The revenge attack was already completed in the downing of the helicopter in Afghanistan.
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10:45 PM on 08/20/2011
wow talk about delayed reaction...
10:36 PM on 08/20/2011
wow for a moment their , i figure obama was on the spot, but now its just in iraq...
pansy waist little cave dwellers.. if your gonna brag big, go big...
Represent our wishes; best interests are arguable
10:10 PM on 08/20/2011
I wonder if Bush has gotten his "class ring" yet for the Iraq war ??
10:59 PM on 08/20/2011
Tom sounds like a disgruntled person with no class, let alone a ring.
12:51 AM on 08/21/2011
Tom. You have no class let alone a ring.
Represent our wishes; best interests are arguable
10:08 PM on 08/20/2011
100 attacks ? Fine. The American people dont give a damn as long as our guys are out. Time to redeploy our troops to our southern border.
STOP the politics-- HELP US VETS NOW
09:15 PM on 08/20/2011
Well I guess Bush finally got his Al Quaida in Iraq. All we need now is someone like Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann in office to go back to war there and in Syria, Iran, Yeman, and anyplace else there is a muslim.
08:50 PM on 08/20/2011
It is important to note that Al-Qaeda is rapidly losing power. The death of Osama was a huge loss for them, both to morale and leadership. At this point, they are mostly a paper tiger.
warfare state is pathological
08:18 PM on 08/20/2011
Well of course they will help us to stay as they helped us to go in to begin with as the Reichstag fire of 9/11 was just what we were waiting for having been unable to provoke Iraq to give us a pretext during the no fly provocation zone was in place. Iraq was just a bait and switch invasion.
07:57 PM on 08/20/2011
Killed in Palatine by the US, revenge attacks in Iraq, probably against other Muslims....makes sense....
07:48 PM on 08/20/2011
and of course if they suceed in any way or form it will be pres O's fault since he persevered and got obl. not W's responsability at all who was asleep or playin golf when all the memos went out alerting his administration the nine 11 plan was activated and in motion.
Andrew Long
08:24 PM on 08/20/2011
Of course that would only be after Clinton failed to act while in office when credible information was received on Bin Laden's location. However you and everyone else fixated on Bush seem to forget there was a fellow Dem. in office prior to W. Bush!

Hey, did you know the Zeros at Pearl Harbor were actually Spitfires and Hurricanes from the RAF, that was the only way the Brits figured they could get us to commit against the Axis. You probably knew that anyway because you certainly sound like a conspiracy theorist.
11:18 PM on 08/20/2011
Confused September 11 happened on George W. Bush's watch, not Clinton. Osama bin Laden was known by the CIA but he was fighting the Russian invasiion of Afghanistan. Get your facts right.
07:34 PM on 08/20/2011
al qaeda is a non relivant threat at this point all they do is spread propaganda...they might as well call it quits... they are washed up nothings. a bunch of drugged up wannaBE militiamen
Arthur Harold Cooper
Horse Sense Dwells in a Stable Mind!
07:30 PM on 08/20/2011
Al-Qaida: Official Spokesperson for god. Holding a press conference and photo op releasing god's latest will according to Al-Qaida. Go kill a hundred times and then come back. Sound like any god you know? !
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10:46 PM on 08/20/2011
All gods are evil.
10:53 PM on 08/20/2011
Yeah.. all of them, without exception.
Arthur Harold Cooper
Horse Sense Dwells in a Stable Mind!
07:16 PM on 08/20/2011
Blah, blah, blah....Al-Qaida wouldn't know God if they tripped over Him. Such a peaceful group of folks, blah, blah, blah.
06:35 PM on 08/20/2011
"By God's will, the campaign starts in the middle of the fasting month (of Ramadan) and ends by God's will after 100 attacks exactly," it said. Revenge is MINE sayeth the Lord.
06:30 PM on 08/20/2011
The reason Al Qaeda is attacking muslems in response to the USA's sanction on Osama bin Laden is because they just saw their stock portfolio consisting mostly of General Electric plumet in worth and they don't want to risk causing it to fall more. Yes Al Qaeda is selling GE just as fast as they can.