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I Hope You'll Dance
06:30 PM on 08/23/2011
Like her and her magazine. I didn't like her shows because she tried to be such a "valley girl" but I thinks she has toned that down,

She has had a bitch of a life, being the adult in a household for her younger siblings and working her tale off to feed and clothe them. She is to be admired and I give her applauds for taking on such responsibility at such a young age, and climbing the successes.

I believe she made a lot of money inventing those instant curtains and valences out of foam rubber that gave you all the pleats and ruffles and do hickies (if you remember) must have sold a zillion of those.

I like to see someone succeed who has had a hard life,
Sigrid Wyly
06:14 PM on 08/23/2011
She's much easier to take as a foul-mouthed goof ball than the cloying phony she pretends to be on her show. Between the 'keep it sweet' drivel and her ridiculous tablescapes, she makes Martha Stewart look positively down home. Did any of you see the show where Ina Garten took a shot a 'tablescapes'. All is not sweetness and light in these kitchens! .
07:42 PM on 08/23/2011
"Tablescapes", give me a break.
06:13 PM on 08/23/2011
Whats the big deal, no different from any other outtakes where people flub lines and make gestures !!!
06:12 PM on 08/23/2011
I have now gained a whole new respect for her! I do watch her show sometimes for her food ideas, and I usually find myself rolling my eyes when it comes to the part about the tablescapes. So she's not a Martha Stewart clone after all!
06:11 PM on 08/23/2011
If she grabbed those big boobies and ground her hips like that on every show
I'd watch until the end of time and not miss a second of it.
I want her like the desert wants the rain.
I think Anthony Bourdain is right; her cooking is a "war crime".
06:09 PM on 08/23/2011
Correction-- Stepford Wives
06:07 PM on 08/23/2011
She always reminds me of the Stefford wives bur now we know better lol
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Is war about who's right or who's left?
05:53 PM on 08/23/2011
I find her over-top-perfectionism to be very annoying. Especially the matching apron-pot holder-drapes combos, in a Martha Stewart sort of way. Her real personality is probably much more appealing than the one she uses on her show.
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05:53 PM on 08/23/2011
I liked her better cussing and messing and talking between takes then the personality on her show.
Majestyk Brand Melons
05:45 PM on 08/23/2011
Is she Sara Lee's sister?
05:44 PM on 08/23/2011
I thought Sandra Lee was married to one of Paula Deen's sons, guess I was wrong. She seems okay but could do without the cursing.
09:20 PM on 08/23/2011
She has been divorced for a few years and lives currently with the politician Cuomo in new york.
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05:40 PM on 08/23/2011
I like her even more.
Michael Rauch
Living life in the margins
05:16 PM on 08/23/2011
Never heard of her...nice looking woman. Just seemed like a normal person, making fun of herself
05:11 PM on 08/23/2011
I knew Sandra Lee a few years ago, and this is absolutely a snapshot of her personality. She's warm, personable, funny, self-effacing and swears like a drunken sailor. Honestly, she's a great gal -- genuinely the kind of woman who you'd never forget meeting. And, from what I've heard, her gay brother has been a big reason why Gov. Cuomo has been advocating for LBGT rights. I'd love to see her become the First Lady. :)
05:06 PM on 08/23/2011
Honestly, anyone who's ever met Sandra know this is very 'her,' and seeing an edit like this makes me love her all the more! There's nothing mean-spirited here at all -- which is NOT the case with many TV hosts, who wouldn't be swearing and laughing at themselves, but instead taking their pitiful frustrations out on the staff. If someone posted this to hurt her, I think they've failed. It's kinda awesome!