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09:08 AM on 03/27/2008
Bill Clinton has always made me think. Keeping our focus on the voters - the American people at their best.

I say resist getting mesmerized by Obama's voice. It is a deep baritone voice. It is nearly monotone. It will hypnotize us.

"Words are the means to achieve..."


Stand up and say - "The End"

This is a battle for common sense.
09:18 AM on 03/27/2008
Which voters are those- the ones in states in big states... or those in the battleground states... or those who are in states that comprise the largest electoral count in the general... or the ones in states who haven't voted yet thus allowing this silliness to continue long enough for Obama to make a mistake.They stopped caring about voters long ago. It's the SUPERDELEGATES stupid.
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05:24 PM on 03/27/2008
There are millions of voters who have yet to vote. 10 states plus Florida and Michigan voters have a need to vote in a way that counts. The superdelegates need to especially respect the voters and let them weigh in before making their decisions.
If trolls had minds, they wouldn't be trolls
08:44 AM on 03/27/2008
So, I see that Bill is once again running for his third term as president.
08:36 AM on 03/27/2008
Oh listen, more cowboy diplomacy from the Bush-Clinton ranch house.
02:08 PM on 03/27/2008
No kidding!!! I'm already imagining GW using that line in the next day or so.
08:33 AM on 03/27/2008
Hope he knows that means EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE NOW!! Including his sleazy affair. And Chelsea will be asked about it...AGAIN. And we'll have the right to bring it up because Bill said it's time to saddle up and fight and that to complain about how dirty things get is just being a wimp. If he wants to dig around Obama's past, then we'll have to drag up his past again too. That's basically what he's asking for. He's basically saying, "Hey, let's just take off the gloves and slug it out." So, that means it's okay to ask Hillary why she stuck by Bill when he cheated on her, because she's made it an issue that people should dump someone who does or says things that are not in keeping with your personal values. She's said that Obama should have dumped Wright. But she, I'm sorry... IS THE POSTER CHILD for sticking with someone WHO IS NOT A RELATIVE, even though they may have flaws. THAT'S FAIR GAME NOW, BILL!! I really don't think he wants us to go there.
08:27 AM on 03/27/2008
sounds like the Obama campaign has been called out...can they buck up? from looking at some of these whiny posts by Obamas supporters it doesn't look like they're up to it.
08:48 AM on 03/27/2008
whatever do you mean by 'buck up'? how exactly does that manifest itself?
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In this respect Sarah
08:53 AM on 03/27/2008
Giber much?
08:26 AM on 03/27/2008
What's with the Clintons and the vast right wing conspirators? Does anyone understand the significance of:
* Hillary on Greta Van Susteren on Fox.
* Hillary interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review publisher Richard Mellon Scaife, one of the architects of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
* Bill appearance on Rush Limbaugh’s show the day of the Texas primary.
08:09 AM on 03/27/2008
the last black dude i saw saddle up was the sherriff in "Blazing Saddles". is billy climpton playing the race card again?
08:18 AM on 03/27/2008
Yes, and Bill will play any card he can to get her in the WH. The two of them are just plain nasty.
11:07 AM on 03/27/2008
I'm sorry, but I disagree. I think Clinton is exactly right. Everyone should get to say whatever they want to say. And if there are insults flying around, the insults can be answered, either with or without additional insults. Since when is free speech subject to a bunch of rules ? If someone wants to call Bill or Hillary names, as has been the case throughout this shit for brains blog, then go right ahead, but don't expect kind language in return. It's really very simple and practically runs itself.
07:54 AM on 03/27/2008
Nothing better illustrates how tone deaf the Clintons are than these remarks of Bill Clinton. They REALLY don't get it. What both of them fail to recognize is that Democrats have NEVER taken an indulgent view of Democratic candidates slinging mud at each other rather than at a Republican opponent. Moreover, they and that part of the MSM that seem to think that lies, misrepresentations and mud-slinging are just part of that splendid blood-sport called "politics" have seriously misread the temper of the times. Joe Scarborough and Craig Crawford (who never got anything right as far as I can tell) proclaimed this morning that there IS no new politics. If so, why are Clinton's numbers falling as she engages in the old politics while Obama's numbers remain remarkably steady as he practices the new politics? Sorry, bully boys of the MSM whose greatest pleasure is to circle the combatants and encourage the mud wrestling; your days may be numbered.
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In this respect Sarah
07:53 AM on 03/27/2008
It's time for camp Hillary to lay down their weapons and surrender to the will of the people, taking on additional casualties in the wake of insurmountable odds is wasteful and only serves to give aid and comfort to the enemy (Neoconservative movement) - it's the right thing to do.
07:48 AM on 03/27/2008
The irony of Bill Clinton making these as well as his other comments seems clear to me now. Combine these comments with the ones last week about 'all this other stuff intruding in on our politics' . They are absolutely baiting Obama to bring up Monica. They need this guy to make a blunder of epic proportions and what better case to take to those superdelegates than some sort of comment about one of the more polarizing events in our recent history (tied to the Clinton's) spewed by the candidate who espouses hatred for the politics of destruction. His negatives would go way up, his positives would go way down, and it would tie him once again to the nastiest of his Reverend's comments. She could do the whole 'shame on you Obama, have you no decency' thing. They need him to do it though, not some surrogate of his, or some student at Butler University. The Clinton's will do anything to win this primary so I hope he doesn't take the bait.
06:51 AM on 03/27/2008
well it looks like hillarys military experience came in handy after all.
watch & laugh.
06:48 AM on 03/27/2008
Even Karl Rove said on Fox News that it's over for Hillary. She needs to accept the inevitable fact that she's no match for Barack Obama and his cousins--(George H.W, George W and Dick Cheney) and that they are tirelessly working to wrap this nomination up by June. The Bush/Cheney will never tell you this, but they're secrely rooting for Barack.
08:07 AM on 03/27/2008
so am i
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Wake up! It's 1984.
08:22 AM on 03/27/2008
The Bush/Cheney is wrong about just about everything.
I won't be for its opinion before voting.
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Wake up! It's 1984.
08:28 AM on 03/27/2008
won't be asking
06:10 AM on 03/27/2008
Bill's just mad that he has been eclipsed and completely out classed by Senator Obama. He never expected anyone to be able to do that in his lifetime, which is why he fought hard and helped Bobby Rush to beat Obama's first senate run. Clinton broke hi own rule and endorsed someone during a primary and campaigned with him and put out outs for him. Bill knew back then that Obama was a real threatto his wife's future run and has been trying to kill him ever since. Bobby Rush won because of Bill Clinton .Bobby Rush has endorsed Obama for president.
05:04 AM on 03/27/2008
And you know alot about saddles......don't ya Billy boy........
03:22 AM on 03/27/2008
Yes, Bill, if you and Hillary could keep everything issues-based, and stop trying to destroy Obama (by, for instance, seeming to prefer McCain), then a longer primary would be a good thing. Or at least a wash. But if the Clinton camp continues on its current course, the party - and more importantly, America - will pay the price.