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01:11 PM on 03/28/2008
I used to like Carville a lot more than I do currently. Much like the candidate he supports, his time has passed. It's time for him to realize he is not relevant anymore.
01:07 PM on 03/28/2008
So... Richardson is not that insignificant after all huh?
12:58 PM on 03/28/2008
Maybe he just said "okay...okay" to Bill Clinton in order to get him to stop twisting his arm and leave his house after the Super Bowl.
12:55 PM on 03/28/2008
Through all of this I think the most important thing to remember is that when elected, political office holders ultimately pledge to uphold the Constitution and not to remain loyal to this or that political power broker. In Carville's remarks, we see what Washington has become, and why the people are excited about and looking forward to a change.
I'm concerned my name isn't very clever.
12:44 PM on 03/28/2008
Is it a requirement to be a Hillary supporter that you have to act like a sniveling, whiny little beeyotch?

Cuz that's all I see outta her and her crew.....
Is my hair ok?
12:37 PM on 03/28/2008
Mister Raines? Is that you?
12:29 PM on 03/28/2008
And Bill promised he'd be faithful. What does that make him?
01:37 PM on 03/28/2008
When Hillary and Bubba got down in the gutter, he could no longer support Hillary. He changed his mind, SO WHAT!
04:53 PM on 03/28/2008
no integrity. Didn't you learn that from the GWB admin.? its an integrity free zone!

more caustic results from the GOP led admin.
Forget hope. Agitate.
12:29 PM on 03/28/2008
I'm glad Richardson backed Obama but I don't trust any politician when he says he's not looking for a post in the next administration. No politician really does anything out of pure ethics. Maybe it's the original New Yorker in me. We don't trust anyone :)
12:04 PM on 03/28/2008
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12:01 PM on 03/28/2008
I just took one of the names mentioned and googled it just for fun

guess what I found

One of the key players was major Democrat donor and major-major Hillary supporter, Haim Saban. It's thought that he may even be able to influence the election as a result of his role at Univision. See this by Ed Lasky.

I came across all this while looking into a $10 million dollar loan to the Clinton Foundation from TAC. According to page 36 of the Clinton Foundation's 2005 IRS 990, the interest rate was below 2.5%. Saban is a good friend of the Clintons and wants Hillary in the White House:

Haim Saban, who this year led a consortium to buy Univision Communications for over $12 billion, is ... on a personal quest to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. And while raising money for Clinton’s campaign seems to be on his priority list, he’s shedding some superfluous -if more glamorous- investments. Today, Mr. Saban announced he has put his $12 million estate in Acapulco up for sale.

Within weeks of the library's opening, the foundation also borrowed $10 million from Titanium Acquisition Corporation. The obscure Santa Monica, Calif., firm is connected to an entertainment industry executive who is a close friend of Mr. Clinton, Haim Saban, corporate filings show.

The unsecured, low-interest loan was repaid earlier this year, Mr. Rutherford said.
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A free man creates himself.
12:01 PM on 03/28/2008
Really? If he promised, why didn't he do so earlier? And why did the Clintons have to woo him so much if it was a done deal?
11:57 AM on 03/28/2008
Richardson has the foreign policy Clinton doesn't which explains his diplomatic way of handling his endorsement and Clinton's bungling method of attacking him for it. If he's such a turncoat then why does Carville or anyone else care? In case anyone has forgotten it's still a free country and I'm pretty sure Richardson can do what he wants. Doesn't the CLinton camp realize this continued anger only hurts her chances? Governor Richardson apparently voted his heart - if more people would do that we'd have less bi-partisanship and more woudl get done. Obviously Carville sees more employment opportunities if Clinton is President - great for him. But to be so bitter only makes more people not want 8 more years of Clinton drama. And when Mary goes to work for McCain I guess they can double date with the Clintons and salute their shameless devotion to politics rather than what's good for the country (instead of themselves).
Answer: 42
12:08 PM on 03/28/2008
And unlike Gore Richardson looks good with a beard (yummy)
01:22 PM on 03/28/2008
RIchardson voted his heart???? Richardson thought he saw a victor emerging and jumped on the bandwagon. Governor Richardson is not an impressive figure intellectually or in other ways. What he is is unabashadly ambitious; he's run for President every chance he can. I think it highly unlikely that he would have gotten where he has without the Clintons. This looks more like a case of an ambitious and rather weak figure putting his finger to the wind and jumping onboard. The only one who was really hurt in this instance was Richardson. I can't imagine Obama trusts him; I wouldn't - he comes across as a weak and shallow figure.
11:47 AM on 03/28/2008
YIKES ~ Carville doesn't get it that Richardson's promise was before Hillary joined Bill in the attempt to trash Obama. As I have listened to Richardson, it is clear to me that was the turning point for him, as well it should be.

Why doesn't Carville get this???? Easy to figure that one out ~ he's an over the top loudmouth who values the down and dirty over a focus on the issues that people care about. He doesn't seem to be a nuance man and joins Hillary in his ranking of loyalty over party.
11:39 AM on 03/28/2008
Does Carville really think that ordinary Americans are going to care what Richardson said to Clinton's big donors? I am an Obama supporter, and even I can see that he is just underscoring the perception of Clinton being tied to the establishment. Is Richardson beholden to these people more than his own conscience? I think for the sake of Clinton, Carville should be quiet. He sounds as if he is trying to threaten other people who might want to endorse Obama, which will likely have the opposite effect. Threatening Pelosi to didn't work, either.
12:51 PM on 03/28/2008
He's just pointing out that Richardson lied and misled people which I think we can all agree isn't a good political move for him. He's making sure that no other democrat broadsides Hillary's campaign like this. Notice, they haven't gone after anyone else who supports Obama. This is a special case.

But is it really necessary to call Carville "the raging Cajun"? I find that really inappropriate and racist.
Micro-bio this
01:26 PM on 03/28/2008
Richardson said in the endorsement that there was a call with Hillary. Broadsides?
01:54 PM on 03/28/2008
"Raging Cajun" is a mild description of this hothead. He has become an embarrassment and needs to step down as a Dem mouthpiece. Every time I see him I cringe. His comments aren't even intelligent. He rants and raves, and reminds of me of (gasp) Ann Coulter.

His time in the spotlight is over. The same is true of the Clintons. They are all hypocrites and need to slither away.
11:34 AM on 03/28/2008
Wa Wa Wa all the way home!

Really, get over it.

Clinton has run a lousy campaign, is a dishonest candidate, and as she shows her true colors people are offended, including those who might have supported her had she been an honest and ethical person.

Carville obviously needs a reality check. I do hope he goes to New Orleans soon and we don't see him or his horrible, horrible wife ever again.
11:52 AM on 03/28/2008
Is this part of the Obama "lets bring everyone together" campaign to insult a man's wife because she happens to be Republican. This is reaching across the isle?
01:29 PM on 03/28/2008
Carville's wife isn't insulted because she is a Republican, she is insulted because she is an obnoxious shrew.
02:20 PM on 03/28/2008
Mary Matalin does not just "happen[] to be a Republican." She is among those most responsible for empowering Bush, Cheney, and their congressional relatives. Further, she (and Carville) have done a great deal to weaken the Democratic Party by doing their best to turn it into a proxy of the GOP.
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01:30 PM on 03/28/2008
She has also run a dishonest campaign and is a lousy candidate, too.