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David Amaya
... and I approve the following message;
08:43 PM on 08/30/2011
I used to throw the shot upt in high school, when the duel meets were nearing the end, we would have a 440X4 relay between the shot put teams, sure you could time the winner of the shot put with a sundial, but it was all in fun, or when those rare time when the meet was declared a tie in event points, winning the strongman relay would break the tie for bragging rights (We even came this close[insert image of holding fingers hair width close] to running the SMR at league finals, until the state rep said illegal events could ban the schools participating from competing in the section finals.
08:38 PM on 08/30/2011
Why does it have to be such a disgrace... REALLY LOOK at the race.
To the first line. it take ALL off the runners including big guy 8 steps approx.
The only thing holding him back is turnover and force application....
...ok maybe his weight is an issue for this sport...
he is simply not quick to his speed and has physics working against him in this class of race.

but by no means should he be ashamed, take those sprinters onto the infield and they would not past the muster in big boys event either...

y ppl always looking down on others...i BET only a SMALL handful of yall criticizing could beat big guy in this race....

of course only athletes could appreciate his efforts knowing the deal....
couch potato unathletic critics who only run to the grocery store for chips only see failure,,,,oh yeah, failure they could not match or do better than themselves.

and at least he has the courage to go out and do it. most of yall woulda been heading to pizza hut if told to run a 100 vs a bunch of pro runners.....gimme a break.
Mura Murashimas! -Kondo
12:19 PM on 08/31/2011
as a retired triple jumper, I concur!!

man i can't wait for the summer olympics!
08:32 PM on 08/30/2011
Golly whizzers......such a surprise.

There are many, many NFL linemen that are as quick off the line as any sprinter.....although, admittedly, not as fast for the duration. A plowhourse isn't a racehorse & a racehorse usually isn't
a good plowhorse.

The idiot is the person who decided to participate in this "race".
10:51 PM on 08/30/2011
He did it for his country. Did you read this or do you just throw stones?
08:08 PM on 08/30/2011
I don't understand why the organizers had to admit him into the 100m race. A race he surely does not qualify for. Why not keep him within the shot put,if their going to be lenient. he did train for that event. He didn't qualify for the shot-put, hence he's out, but he should run the 100? Did he qualify to run the 100m? I don't think so. So....I'm confused. I'd love to give him dabs and a high five for running, but couldn't he have thankfully decline instead? I think It was at best humiliating. Not sure what they were going for. I understand pride, but sometimes, well..
Feeder of slot machines
07:59 PM on 08/30/2011
They won't laugh at him when he rides the winning horse at next year's Kentucky Derby.
07:52 PM on 08/30/2011
The kid is 17, and he gave his best. I applaud him for doing something he knew he could not win but he did it anyway. THAT, in itself deserves the highest praise. Mark my words, one day he will be great.
As a matter of fact, I AM a wise-ass...
07:43 PM on 08/30/2011
It's definitely the shoes that make the athlete... not the athletic ability, the physical training, the experience, the stamina, the health, the strength, or the endurance...
07:38 PM on 08/30/2011
PTRgamb has it right.Faster than 80% of the people out there, is my guess! This guy is as fast as an NFL lineman, with comparable size (290 pounds). Great effort by the kid!
never fry chicken in the nude
07:23 PM on 08/30/2011
I so admire his tenacity! WTG...sort of lol.
07:13 PM on 08/30/2011
He's still faster than most of the people posting here, including me
07:09 PM on 08/30/2011
I do not know Don Treadway, the author of this article, but it appears he is not a track and field athlete, or at least is woefully uninformed about technical terms in that field. The statement that Sanitoa was "expecting to throw the shot put" is wrong on two counts. First, the heavy round ball is not a "shot put", it is simply a "shot", much like the little round pellets in a shotgun shell are referred to as "shot". Second, when the shot is propelled down the infield, it is not "thrown", but is "put". Hence, the event known as the "shot put" is more accurately known as "putting the shot". There is no such thing as "throwing the shot put".
07:32 PM on 08/30/2011
really! really? Really!! Calm down and drink a soda guy. I don't think its that serious. Are you a sports teacher or something? Oh, Oh, your a PE teacher.
08:58 PM on 08/30/2011
Wrong!!! I am a veterinarian and lawyer. But I did take high school English. Is there a problem with people who write articles for national publication at least knowing what they are talking about? As I instruct my veterinary technicians and paralegals, "If you don't know it, don't say it."
09:03 PM on 08/30/2011
Thumbs up! You're right.
07:07 PM on 08/30/2011
AOL...are you serious? This article is nothing but national humiliation. Shame on you guys. I admire the young mans spirit. How many people do you think he has already had to defend himself against? Poor, poor article. Better luck next time young man. I admire your determination!!!
07:42 PM on 08/30/2011
there it is! I agree with you 110% ken. This guy has heart and spirit above and beyond a lot of others. He should be applauded not made fun of. Hold your head high, and don't let anyone lower your aspiration.
O K Ali
Wash your hands, seriously.
07:01 PM on 08/30/2011
One question. Why?
04:15 PM on 08/30/2011
I give him credit. I dont know whats so funny.
07:04 PM on 08/30/2011
I agree. Wrong shoes? Why? Didn't know or didn't have the money for more?
07:30 PM on 08/30/2011
Maybe different shoes, would have made a difference.
Mura Murashimas! -Kondo
12:22 PM on 08/31/2011
he puts shot, i don't believe they are required to wear spikes, i could be wrong though.