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07:55 PM on 03/30/2008

As Hillary has said, the President was given the authority to attack Iraq and did not wait for the weapons inspectors to do their job.

I wonder why? If the inspectors reported that there were no weapons of mass destruction, there would not have been a reason to invade.

The President and his advisors would not listen to our military commanders concerning troop levels needed.

The Iraqi army which initially was supporting us in the invasion aftermath was disbanded without any debate about it!! We have seen the result of that move despite the administration's protestations to the contrary.

The question now, is what next?? Will the Presidential candidates (McCain, Obama and Clinton) even talk about what next much less in anything more than a 30 second soundbite??

What do U think???
07:48 PM on 03/30/2008
I love that poster of Al-Sadr.

He's got an evil, "We're gonna beat a superpower at it's own game" stare that's unmatched. Dick Cheney's smirk comes in a distant second. I reckon it's going to go down in history like the posters of Che, and the Ayatollah. But he's a fat guy. He could become the first world famous fat-dude icon.

I reckon this is what happens when ONE SOLITARY person has faith, whether it's Ho Chi Minh, or whoever, that THEY ARE GONNA PREVAIL. That cosmic forces beyond guns and bombs are on their side. That the other side has lost the MORAL HIGH GROUND.

Tell me, does anyone THINK GWB has that look of faith? He's more like a four year old pitching a temper tantrum to me -- and getting his way from panty-waisted parents --- Congress! He wants to win, thinks war is "romantic" but not romantic enough to have served in Vietnam, or made any sacrifices from his own family. He's sold his soul to the devil, not for a cause that's just (like kicking an occupying country out of the USA) but for oil, for ego, for his friends in the defence biz.

It's the fat boy versus the frat boy.

I predict the posters of fat-boy Muqtada Al-Sadr are gonna be a painful reminder of America's little unprovoked Middle-Eastern misadventure 20 years from now.
09:43 PM on 03/30/2008
"the first world famous fat-dude icon"? I believe Budda has him beat by a couple of thousand years.
07:23 PM on 03/30/2008
You know I read these comments and all I could think of is what a bunch of hypocrites. If you were really so upset about the dead, the war then why aren't you doing something positive to end it?

You sit in the comfort of your homes spouting off criticism and worse at people who did they best they could with the information they had and who have worked their asses off in service to their country.

Its easy to sit around and condemn... Why aren't you out on the street protesting, demonstrating, practicing civil disobedience?
Why aren't you making real statements that may garner real attention, why aren't you serving your country if not by participating in government (which is you by the way) then by taking risks to push the point that the war is illegal, wrong, immoral, whatever.
Chain yourselves en masse to the fence around the White House, don't get pushed into free speech zones. Interrupt the senate, find a way to make the media pay attention, again... NO free speech zones. (that is ironic isn't it?)

I'm so sick of seeing the same middle aged and older faces doing the work they have been doing for decades while the rest sit around and point fingers. If you are busy working you can't be spending so much time in self righteous hatred.
07:23 PM on 03/30/2008
yea, yea, yea,-----------------

With all due respect, Senator Hagel, what you have summarized is now all well known. Now explain why you and your colleagues have not hunted down every one of these buffoons that got us in this mess by lying to the American people and violating every moral and ethical mandate (not to mention all of the laws). It is like everyone has just accepted the illegality and incompetence, and are waiting for the next guy to take a shot. Almost like the errant child who has spilled grape juice on the carpet, we are waiting for the little boy to leave the room. These folks should be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. They should not be writing books, appearing on Faux news or flying around the middle east with a full security detail on a travel junket in their C-17 at taxpayers expense. Stop selling books and going on news shows and telling us what we already know and kick y our colleagues in the ass and take these guys down.

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07:14 PM on 03/30/2008
How many times did you vote to support Bush?

Are you now saying that you regretted your actions?

Any of them?

Which ones?
PP, not SGK
07:06 PM on 03/30/2008
It is so refreshing to hear a politician who can think for himself, express different views than their party, and discuss a dire situation with such honesty. He will pay a price by being criticized ad nauseum by the neocons. He is worth more than any other senator in his party. He has the courage to stand against his party on this issue. You are an honorable man, Senator Hagel!
07:55 PM on 03/30/2008
which is why he is not seeking re-election. he has cut himself off from his party by not marching in lock step.

he is a man without a party.

a noble man, for sure, but a lonely. party-less man.

at least he can sleep at night knowing that he is no longer blindly supporting the disaster in the white house,.

more power to you, mr. hagel
09:06 PM on 03/30/2008
Actually he is not a "man without a Party", rather the RepubliCONS are a Party without MEN.
09:34 PM on 03/30/2008
Your right he is a man. He would be a great VP or Sec. of State for President Obama. Bipartisan at it's finest. Hagel don't mince words. Refreshing. (plus he could kick the dogshit out of dubbya)
06:44 PM on 03/30/2008
When it comes to the truth, better late than never. For the 4,005 Americans who have died in Iraq--and for their survivors--I'm sure that's little consolation.
07:28 PM on 03/30/2008
why do so many leave out the cestimated 600,000 Iraqis" There deaths are equally important.
Why leave out the maimed, the widows and orphans in Iraq (and here of course?)
When you put it all together then the horror actually shows itself.
09:06 PM on 03/30/2008
Those deaths are just as important and painful to their survivors and loved ones as are the deaths of American soldiers. In that reply, I just didn't want to go into all of the horrors of what's been done in our names in Iraq--because all of it sickens me.
06:37 PM on 03/30/2008
Where was this coverage and commentary 5 years, 4000 American and 100,000+ Iraqi deaths ago? Its disgusting to see the parade of ex Bushies writing books and making comments, like they were the only ones who saw this as a mistake and are not surprised now that these thugs in the administration have raped Iraq and the US treasury. There were at least 10,000 people protesting in my area before the war.

If Hagel is so shook up why doesn't he push for impeachment hearings? War profiteering ( is still a crime as is torture (waterboarding), as is treason (Vallery Plame), as is obstruction of justice (commuting scooter Libby), as is lying to congress, as is inherent contempt, as is document destruction (millions of emails, torture tapes etc.), as is perverting justice (Gonzalas and the DOJ) etc. ad nauseum.

Impeach Bush or shut up!
06:26 PM on 03/30/2008
It's more than arrogance and incompetence. Lets be real here. It's always been about the oil and raiding the treasury. If they went to war, they could keep the price of oil artificially high as even a child knows that any conflict in the Middle East leads to skyrocketing oil prices. Then they can borrow more money if at war, and hand it over to their cronies, backers and lackeys through Government contracts. It's just a vast transfer of wealth from American taxpayers to the military industrial complex and big oil. The administration counted on bankrupting the country, to take away any last vestiges of the New Deal. The first step was privatizing social security. That failed, thankfully. Bush, Cheney and the rest of the administration are nothing more than crooks, who used the blood, limbs and tears of American soldiers to justify their grand theft.
06:11 PM on 03/30/2008
Hagel's commentary excuses Bush from his real crimes. Arrogance and incompetence, are not crimes in themselves, nor is stupidity. However, using the powers of the powers of the presidency as did Bush to start a war in order to garner a positive approval rating for the purpose of securing votes to get himself re-elected, ergo, for political purposes... is the crime that Hagel overlooks. And depraved indifference to the loss of life and treasure that ensued is the evidence. Bush and his accomplice, Dick Cheney should be held accountable for thier high crimes against humanity in the same way Saddam was.
05:46 PM on 03/30/2008
If Lieberman can endorse McCain why can't this guy come out for Obama or Hillary? If he truly wants to back up his words then he should start caucusing with democrats...
06:15 PM on 03/30/2008
Lieberman is an Independent. I really respect this guy, I wish he would endorse Obama, Shrillary is DONE.
06:57 PM on 03/30/2008
It's so refreshing to hear a true conservative republican tell the truth, instead of spin. Hagel, most likely had enough BS from party leaders that he decided to pack-it-in, and I can't say I blame him.
05:37 PM on 03/30/2008
Thank you Senator Hagel.

I don't know how anyone -- anyone -- can think that Hillary Clinton will be "ready on day one" or that she deserves to be elected president when she has never truly admitted the mistake she make in voting for the authorization to let Bush go to war in Iraq. For me, everything else pales in comparison. And how so many feminists can support her is beyond me.

As a feminist legislator and leader, Hillary Clinton failed the most important test she faced in her political career.

I will vote for her for president because the Republican candidate thinks the Iraq war continues to be a good thing -- BUT I CANNOT SUPPORT ANYONE DURING THE PRIMARY WHO WILL NOT COME CLEAN THAT A VOTE FOR THE WAR AUTHORIZATION WAS A FAILURE OF JUDGMENT.

And that is why I do not understand why Al Gore and other anti-war Democrats have not supported Obama all along.

(And, don't give me the crud about "troop support votes" in Congress. Giving our brave troops money is NOT the same same as giving that neo-con adventurer president the right to invade -- especially if you assigned your staff to read the NIE for you.)
07:50 PM on 03/30/2008
All senators running for president voted for the resolution except Obama, and he was not in the Senate at the time. We will never know how he would have voted had he been there.

It took courage to vote against the resolution and be called unpatriotic, weak on defense and not standing up to protect the nation. The public opinion was manipulated and they supported the war. It was supposed to be a cheap and quick war. Remember the cake walk. And now we hear how successful the surge is and people are willing to support the war again, believing again.

What if it had been a short war, after all Saddam had no army to speak of, militarily we could not lose. The risk was to be weak on defense if one wanted to become president. It was a purely political decision in my opinion.
08:14 PM on 03/30/2008
23 Democratic Senators voted against the Iraq resolution. Hillary had just been elected in 2000 -- she certainly didn't need to worry about re-election.

Obama was in the beginning of a primary battle during the time of the Iraq War vote. He was running against 5-7 other potential Democratic candidates for IL Senate. He was willing to go to anti-war rallies even though he also had to get voters from the more conservative ares of Southern Illinois to support him.

The other Democratic Senators running for President in the current election were openly apologetic and acknowledged their mistakes. Hillary Clinton was the only one who HAS NOT done these things.

There, now Hillary supporters, continue rationalize your support for Hillary Clinton versus Obama on the war all you want.

I cannot.

And if you still want to vote for her, fine. But, Hillary's Iraq was vote is a DEAL KILLER for me as far as the primary is concerned.

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05:15 PM on 03/30/2008
There goes old Chuck, singing to the choir.

heckofajob, Chuck!
07:28 PM on 03/30/2008
"singing to the choir"

Yea, he's finally leaving the Church of the Republican Party as a heretic because he's sick of the Preacher-in-Chief and his right-wing Apostles spreading the false neocon gospel of death, destruction and war-profiteering.
05:02 PM on 03/30/2008
It is understandable that Senator Hagel is attempting to distance himself from Bush, for at least the sake of history. But that really can not be done when you examine the record and see that he was among the 77 (including Senator Clinton) that said yea to this disaster. The 23 Senators who said Nay, are the ones whom history will respect. H.J.Res. 114 will and should be remembered as an infamous document.
06:31 PM on 03/30/2008
lISTEN Chuck Hagel was always against this war. He's spoke out many times. But no one wo9uld listen. If we had more people like him, with the guts to step up to the plate in Washington, and yes people in there like Obama--------------we wouldn't have been in this War. Chuck Hagel is a good man. this man said this five years ago-----to a brick wall------------and one of those bricks not listening was Hillary Clinton. I truely lhope Obama will be the first President to put both Republicans an Demacrates in his administration and I hope he starts with Hagel. This will do a lot to heal this country and start a good an new United Goverment, so we are never divided again. We can keep our parties, just head them in a direction of working together, instead of divided. Divided we fall, United we stand!
09:42 PM on 03/30/2008
Well said treadway123! Obama / Hagel '08
Disabled Vet. Wouldn't have change a thing
04:50 PM on 03/30/2008
An 4005 died because of it. Can we say traitors because that is what they are.If you would like to learn more PBS frontline ran a good show here is the link. Its worth the time to watch it.
05:09 PM on 03/30/2008
This is an outstanding PBS Frontline documentary, in 2 parts.

It makes sense of all he horse manure fed the public leading up to this fiasco.

Focused, concise, analytical,'s worth the watch.
07:09 PM on 03/30/2008
I agree.

they also have a good one on Cheny, one on Rummy too I think.
Or am I imagining it.

Maybe just Rummy, I forget now.