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There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!
04:11 PM on 09/06/2011
I still say we should have the OPTION of walking through NAKED - NO Irradiation and NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL GROPING BY STRANGERS!!

We could just breeze right through!

How refreshing - but None of GWB's cronies can MAKE MONEY on That!!
is not Chicago
04:24 PM on 09/06/2011
I say, why limit this policy to airports!
05:35 PM on 09/06/2011
We could just breeze right through! How refreshing ..............the operative language here being "breeze" and "refreshing"
Co-Conspirator In The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
06:29 PM on 09/06/2011
I see what you did there.
03:53 PM on 09/06/2011
When traveling in Europe for the first time in the summer of 2007, I started to remove my shoes at the security checkpoint as I prepared to board a flight from Rome to Paris. The security staff rolled their eyes at one another and chuckled, then one told me "you don't have to do that here, only in America".  This was in the Rome airport, where paramilitary security officers carrying sub-machineguns patrol catwalks overhead in the main terminal. The fact of the matter is, whether your shoes are packed solid with explosives, or are solid wood, leather or rubber; they are going to look solid on a X-Ray machine. 90% of what we are forced to do at security checkpoints in US airports is useless theater designed to convince passengers that we are safer, and to perhaps intimidate would-be terrorists, but the acts themselves are meaningless wastes of time. It can also be argued that these "precautions" are designed to make the public more compliant and submissive. After all, the position one is required to assume for the body scan just happens to be the universal sign of surrender, and people who balk at choosing between being felt up or dosed with radiation are subject to the scorn of the passengers behind them who just want to hurry up and get to their flight.
Is this creamy white enough for my micro
05:23 PM on 09/06/2011
I fly all over the world and mostly Asia which has the top rated Airports and no where do they require you to take your shoes off. Only one place that follows anything and everything American..........Manila, last week, made us take off our shoes. Guess they want to be just like the good ole US of A?

The US airports are, by far, some of the most embarrassing, decaying airports I have been to in this new world.

America falling behind in another area.
09:46 PM on 09/06/2011
You are right. We need to spend money on our infrastructure and quit handing out entitlements to those that won't work.
trying to organize hummingbirds
06:32 PM on 09/06/2011
Just expensive hoops to give us the illusion of security. *However, the Little Rock Airport offers little paper booties so sockless travelers don't have to walk on gucky floors.
02:47 PM on 09/06/2011
About time. Now can you fix the new 150K x-ray machines so I can keep my wallet in my back pocket and not have to send it through with my luggage and computer.
Progressive US Expat in EU
01:19 PM on 09/06/2011
Its about time. We do not have to take our shoes off here in Europe and we have been safe so far from shoe and sock bombers.
Is this creamy white enough for my micro
05:24 PM on 09/06/2011
Nor in Asia..