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10:10 PM on 09/07/2011
If that's a "she", "she" needed a sex change!
Ernest Adams
Justice and Pardon for Don Siegelman
10:09 PM on 09/07/2011
10:05 PM on 09/07/2011
Which ones the dude.......................??
10:00 PM on 09/07/2011
Reminds me of Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino.
"So much that Liberals know, just isn't so"
09:48 PM on 09/07/2011
Niether one would look good as a woman or a car. ; - )
12:46 PM on 09/09/2011
one was born a woman and is having a sex change to be male
"So much that Liberals know, just isn't so"
11:48 PM on 09/09/2011
Let me know how that works for them.
09:48 PM on 09/07/2011
The article says one of these two people is female. Is it just me? Because I can't which one of them is a girl.
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09:11 PM on 09/07/2011
Should have asked me. Would of taken my trusty barlow and did it for free. Seems like some folks are never satisfied with what they have. sad eh ?
09:08 PM on 09/07/2011
I am sure this happens everyday somewhere.
"So much that Liberals know, just isn't so"
11:50 PM on 09/09/2011
Gawd, I hope not.
Common Sense Person That Doesn't Read Replies
08:53 PM on 09/07/2011
It amazes me how many people are full of hatred toward something you have no knowledge about. It also amazes me how the news media always glorifies this kind of story to show it in a hateful way. Maybe one day the hatred will be gone but I doubt it.
10:12 PM on 09/07/2011
the news media is NOT glorifying this story nor showing it in a hateful way, its just showing it FOR WHAT IT IS. If you don't like crimes made by gays/transgenders being announced, that's too bad.
01:49 PM on 09/09/2011
they are glorifying it in the fact that this story wouldnt even be news if one wasnt transsgender....i am sure lots of people steal from walmart everyday
1 Realist
America First
10:18 PM on 09/07/2011
How much first hand knowledge do you have regarding this story ? In the first instance, many of the people who post on this site have a great deal of knowledge about matters such as this- including transgender folks, mental health professionals, etc. Next, where is the hatred in this post or the comments? In it's liberal-sort-of-way, HuffPost is attempting to set forth the facts, and the posters here are commenting on the facts- There is no hatred- only commentary.
08:52 PM on 09/07/2011
Oh God! When you think you've seen and heard and read everything, comes this newsworthy morsel, straight from the roll-back world of Wal-Mart. What the hell does a sex change operation go for these days, anyway? And how much did these two dimwits think they would get from burgled Wal-Mart merchandise to pay for said surgery? Why does the Huffington Post and AOL think we need to know about it? Too much information.
08:51 PM on 09/07/2011
I hope they don't use Ann Coulter's gender re-assignment sugeon!!
Hannah Knise
I can procrasturbate in heels.
08:43 PM on 09/07/2011
So someone posted a comment and I can't find it but it said something along the lines of "Maybe they will go to jail and the system will pay for the sex change operation..." the tax payers money is so-posed to pay for their incarceration for stealing AND the girl's sex change to? She can do what ever one else does and save up legally on her own instead of expecting a free handout from the state. Its not anyone else's responsibility but her own to pay for her ELECTIVE surgery. Honestly she looks manly enough im sure she could pass off her boobs as moob's(man boobs) Chaz Bono has them lol Also from what I heard the fake penis they give trans female's to male's isn't that great.
08:41 PM on 09/07/2011
Stealing to pay for a sex change?
Wasn't that the plot for the movie DOG DAY AFTERNOON?

Pacino was awesome in that.
09:18 PM on 09/07/2011
It was, but Pacino and John Casale were robbing a bank. Not a Walmart. Hum, guess that means these guys were goin' on the cheap. Yeah. :D
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