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01:03 AM on 04/08/2008
Based on McCain's performances of late, if there is a McCain "administration", he'll make Bill Kristol the press secretary.
01:02 AM on 04/08/2008
“The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.”
John McCain
Couple that with McCain’s almost daily gaffs about what’s really going on in Iraq and, you have a republican nominee who, by his own words, can’t address the two most important issues facing voters this year; Iraq and the Economy!

Nice choice repubs...nice choice.
Brothers and sisters of the same mother
10:44 PM on 04/07/2008
Its time to ask McFlip Flop about the 2 million Iraqi refugees, don't you think?
08:00 PM on 04/07/2008
Look, if we're going to make a big deal every time John McCain can't get the parties straight in one of our wars, it's going to be an awfully long 8 years.
You are, the wind beneath my wings.
07:38 PM on 04/07/2008
The best the Republican's can offer 'merica.

10:24 AM on 04/07/2008
BAGHDAD, March 30 (Xinhua) -- The Iraqi government on Sunday welcomed the statement by Shiite cleric Muqtada Sadr calling for withdrawal of his militants from the streets.

"The Iraqi government welcomes Sadr's decision to stop bloodletting and end armed appearances," Ali al-Dabbagh said on Iraq's state-run television, adding that "this was an expected stance from Sadr."

"After this decision, anyone who carries weapon will not be from the Sadr movement and out of his instructions," he said.

He also said that Sadr's move "would largely promote peacemaking efforts which will bring back security to all theIraqi cities."

The radical Shiite leader ordered his Mahdi Army fighters to stop showing up in streets with weapons and targeting security forces, government institutions and political parties' offices. Anyone who violates the order "will not be one of us," he said.
10:12 AM on 04/07/2008
Observe how much McCain has to read from teleprompters or notes. It's frightening.
Voters had better think twice before voting for him because he's clearly showing signs of not being up to the job. We may have another GOP puppet in office again. But then, that's JUST the way they like it.
06:42 PM on 04/07/2008
Yes, you are correct, but please don't forget that Mr. Paul is still in the race. It's kind of comical how the traitor's been acting lately. So scripted. So counterdictory.. So Reviled, and hated.
I mean, this guy looks really bad right now.
Mr McCain will never happen. The party will be turned over to Ron Paul before you know it. This guy's so bad, its a wonder they have any kind of loyal party left. I still think Ron Paul is going to win this thing. If that's the best they can field, you know this country is in deep-do-do. It is high-time that the people of this great country rise up and declare "enough is enough"!

Ron Paul. Our only hope for this great country.
You are, the wind beneath my wings.
07:20 PM on 04/07/2008
Keep dreaming. Ron Paul is the right's Nader.
09:05 AM on 04/08/2008
There is no way the republican party will ever let Paul be the nominee. He is opposed to everything they stand for. Huge debt, biggest government ever, nation building, corpoarte socialism, run away fed, etc., etc.
11:24 AM on 04/08/2008
This is the start of dementia
10:00 AM on 04/07/2008
I see the McCain is now fully trained in the art of the Bush administration where facts become true once they are quoted by the press 10 times and shown on Fox News repeatedly. When all else fails, and your policy is in need of true facts, just make them up, repeat them over and over again until the media forgets the it was a lie in the first place.

NeoCon media engine at work.

McCain IS a War monger. I would not have apologized for stating a truth.
09:25 AM on 04/07/2008
Facts?, Facts?, we don't need no stinkin' facts!
If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
09:20 AM on 04/07/2008
Was that "Weak on the stump" or "Dumb as a stump"?
09:12 AM on 04/07/2008
I am always amazed that the military goes for Republican's! When Republican's screw the military as bad if not worse than the general public. McCain is a pathetic candidate. I don't remember Bush's incompetence showing as much as McCain's does. But, then again I haven't listened to what a Republican has to say in 20 years now. It's that same old slop they regurgitate year after year after year! With nothing new to add to the pot.
08:57 AM on 04/07/2008
It's very refreshing to read how so many Democrats like McCain as a human being but cannot vote for him because he's just another Republican warmonger.
I wish I could be so magnanimous, but I don't like McCain as a human being.
I believe America has endured enough multimillionaire Republicans who have no empathy for the common people. Adding an old, grouchy, disabled Republican to the list of bad presidents is not what America needs.
08:49 AM on 04/07/2008
Oh yes - bring our troops home! Airplane gas out of sight, we're paying as much for military supply as we are at the pump here.

I see how this war will end now.... when we can't borrow another penny to hand the saudies for
their oil so we have gas to fight their war...

The airforce is going to start coal gassification, but the first drop will be years from now.

Chimpy was out to lunch this entire year and has not a single plan to keep our commerce moving if
we don't have mid east oil, let alone a war.

$12 billion a month....$12 billion a month...$12 billion a month....$12 billion a month

and rising.
07:08 AM on 04/07/2008
TEN (10) times in a row McCain has voted AGAINST Veterans benefits .He will vote to send but votes against benefits after we serve.....very very Republican of you John.
08:52 AM on 04/07/2008
Is this true?


Republicans supporting this war won't vote for vets benefits?

That is a crime....

Wait until the American public understand that!
09:31 AM on 04/07/2008
YES! It IS true! From -

INFORMATION PAGE -- See how the presidential
candidates voted on veterans' issues:

McCain REALLY went partisan on the vets in 2004 or 2005.
Look up ALL VA bills and which way the votes went. Republicans ALWAYS vote against the VA. Just last week on HuffPo, there was the article about McCain and his nonsupport of the GI Bill.
Grades: Clinton: A-, Obama: B+, McCain: D
06:51 PM on 04/07/2008
Ron Paul. Start talkin about Ron Paul. He has the right stuff...
President of the Sequoia Bison Society a non profi
07:00 AM on 04/07/2008
Schultz was right the man is a Warmonger no other way to accurately describe the guy. Or you might say he is a strong proponent of War.