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Freelance medical transcriptionist
11:00 PM on 04/09/2008
Translation: The Iraqis still haven't handed over the oil, so the US reign of terror will continue.
11:57 PM on 04/09/2008
Think how much cheaper that oil would be if we just bought the damned stuff? Of course Blackwater and Halliburton and the rest of the war profiteers would be hurting a little, but I can live with that. I can't live with that arrogant, faux cowboy and his puppeteer bullying us into supporting their greed and incompetence. Impeachment is definitely in order.
12:20 AM on 04/10/2008
How do we get it done though? We've begged, screamed, posted endless comments, protested, written letters to the editor, voted the republicans out of congress, written and called our representatives and senators, etc., What is left? It would be nice if we could get a few million people to sit down on Wall street and stop the market for a while. That's about the only non violent way to effect a change on the criminals running our country and their enablers.
10:45 PM on 04/09/2008
Uh, guys? The rest of us have known that for a very long time. Too bad you aren't smart enough to have seen that some time ago - might have saved a lot of lives, misery and money. None of which seem very important to you.
Not motivated by fear & loathing
10:43 PM on 04/09/2008
Everybody agrees that the Iraqis are unprepared, AQI, The Iranians, the Sons of Iraq and

our troops who have supported them & doing their jobs for them but paying them anyway.