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11:41 PM on 04/10/2008
robbinhood1, What I can imagine is you being unhappy that you are still alive at 85 and driving a small hydrogen car made from recycled tires, plastic bags and beer cans; and you whining that some rich matron of Beverly Hills zooms around in her shiny red airscooter propelled by seaweed oil; and you really angry that trees are being replanted in rainforests so we can harvest certain bugs for vaccines and breath the oxygen they exhale to replenish our world supply; of course you are offended that influential scientists and leaders who are world travelers get to live and work in luxury residences. What is your real objection to Al Gore, and thousands of others, improving the environment? Does it mean that you will have to change your life style or sell your Exxon shares? What is it?
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01:11 AM on 04/11/2008
Where do you get that hydrogen for the car? The hydrogen tree or maybe hydrogen fairy?
01:52 AM on 04/11/2008
Wind, tide, solar and nuclear power.
may we all know the truth directly and consciously
11:01 PM on 04/10/2008
that was very good.
it's amazing how different gore and bush actually are.
imagine how the world would be different if he was given his chance.
02:59 AM on 04/11/2008
Yes. Just imagine how much bullshit you would have to buy to be an eco-compliant monkey. Carbon credits. What...a...scam! I guess it pays for the solid gold crib, eh, Al.
06:55 PM on 04/11/2008
Yes it would be. We would be paying $8.00+ a gallon for gas, unemployment would be in double digits, and only the rich, who could afford to buy Carbon Credits, would have air conditioning.
09:32 PM on 04/10/2008
Thank-you Al Gore for working to restore America's credibility in the world. The nattering naybobs of negativity that follow you have nothing to offer but continued destruction of our environment and the public health.
05:46 AM on 04/11/2008
Try "facts", Rove. Actually, the world is COOLING, there's NO EVIDENCE for ANY temperature-rise in the oceans and, as short as 5300 years ago, a. the world was up to TWO DEGREES WARMER THAN TODAY; b. this meant neither, that the sky was falling on humanity's heads, nor, that the polar-bears went extinct (because, otherwise, there would be NO polar-bears around today, any more).

Coming to c. What CAUSED planet Earth warming up, up to 2 degrees above today's level. 5300 years ago?

It positivly CANNOT have been by carbondioxide from cars and powerplants. So, by what else? Perhaps, by farting mammoths releasing a surplus of methane...? Get real! The alternating warming and cooling of the Earth is a natural cycle. The world will survive - and so will we.
09:04 PM on 04/10/2008
Al Gore is on Apple Computer's board of directors so he could have more influence in getting the company to stop its wasteful energy practices than the average person.
09:00 PM on 04/10/2008
Can you imagine the matrons of Beverly Hills or Brentwood riding a public LA County bus? Can you imagine Al Gore riding a public bus? Get real. Energy conservation is fine as long as someone else bears the burden. Mr. Gore could set a better example by selling his Tennessee compound and moving into his recently purchased San Francisco condo full time. If he needs more space for his work activities, there is lots of office space available to rent within walking distance of his condo. The condo is a lot closer to his venture capital interests on the SF Peninsula than is his compound in Tennessee. There is also train service between downtown SF and the Pensinsula and a direct train line to SF Airport. It is very energy intensive to have multiple luxury residences. And while he is at it, maybe he should visit the Walnut Creek Apple Computer store on a hot summer day. The first thing he'll notice is that they keep the front door sopen even when the temperature is 90 F outside and the air conditioning is running full blast inside. Energy conservation begins with you Mr. Gore. Set a better example.
10:00 PM on 04/10/2008
Why should he move? His house is now fully self sustaining with solar panels and he only uses green energy.

HOW you live is more important than WHERE you live. The house we are going to be moving into will have solar panels and solar heating for the water. It's going to be about 4,500 square feet for only three of us with one of us only there part time.

We'd love to be able to put in a cistern but that will take some planning.

So this idiocy that someone has to live in a particular place for reasons that only the detractors think are reasonable is just that. Idiocy.

As for how Gore travels and the usage he makes of energy?

I'd rather he did that in trying to get corporations, and countries to cut down their waste. That would more than offset any tiny usage he has compared to coal and oil companies by a million to one.

We can sustain a green economy by cutting down the incredible amount of waste everyday.

Hell I am pretty sure that instead of starting a war of choice, that half trillion and rising, could have installed solar electricity over most of the country. THEN Watch the oil companies start crying and then lobbying to have solar panels made illegal or some such nonsense.
10:12 PM on 04/10/2008
Congrats to you on walking the walk. Just like your cistern example, it just takes a little planning - something most people don't seem to be capable of - like combining auto trips, recycling, proper tire air etc. But Al and his grand approach are misleading many with fake "science" and scare tactics. It is causing people and governments to make poor choices and adopt irrational laws.
While we probably agree on several things, I never say the purpose of tying the $ cost of political war with environmental affairs as if it's a zero sum game. It's not and the objectives are different. Energy companies will find and support any profitable energy solution. simple economics to them is to support anything that makes money. Nothing wrong with that either.
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10:45 PM on 04/10/2008
Is that all you got? get real.