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11:23 PM on 05/15/2012
The best Greek yoghurt I've ever tasted is call Noosa Yoghurt. Greek Yoghurt is a staple for me, I eat it every day. Fage' is my second favorite with Chobani close behind. I occasionally try other brands, but nothing by Dannon or Yoplait...too much sugar and other "unGreek-like yoghurt" ingredients.
08:53 AM on 05/24/2013
Noosa Yoghurt from Australia and Colorado (Not Greece, but inspired by) IS the BEST yogurt in the world! Second is Siggi's followed by Vostok. But no need for any other than Noosa.
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09:17 AM on 05/24/2013
Haven't seen either Siggis or Vostok, but if I do I'll give them a try!
10:33 PM on 05/15/2012
Oikos Key Lime is the best Greek yogurt I've tasted to date. Chobani is also good. Did not care for Yoplait at all. Have not tried any other brands.
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08:35 PM on 05/15/2012
Which has the best probiotic content - anyone know?
12:51 AM on 05/19/2012
Good question. I think if you really want the best probiotic content, Kefir has the most. It's drinkable, and I love throwing it in the blender with some strawberries and blueberries.
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07:55 PM on 05/15/2012
We've traveled in Greece, and while we were staying at a villa on Santorini, we were served heavenly Greek yogurt with Mycenean honey and freshly baked bread for breakfast every morning.
When we returned home, my husband and I started taste-testing Greek yogurts that are available in our area, trying to find the one that was most similar to what we ate in Greece.
Hands down, Chobani yogurt won that competition. It's now the only brand that we will buy.
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06:05 PM on 05/15/2012
LOL. Chobani is the worst greek yogurt I have ever had. Everything else on that list tastes better than it does.
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08:48 PM on 05/15/2012
I agree - the nonfat Chobani is like slightly acidic school paste. IMHO, the best Greek yogurt is 2% Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe's.
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09:37 AM on 05/16/2012
Yes! Slightly acidic school paste, that is a PERFECT description.