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05:16 PM on 04/11/2008
Why is it "creaky", and just what does that mean? $84M for 2 months worth of campaigning sounds like plenty to work with, and a level playing field. It's also something Obama signed onto and now wants everyone to back him up as he changes his mind. Judgment, people, judgment.
09:05 PM on 04/11/2008
*hehe.......I'm enjoying watching him squirm. Bet Edwards is enjoying this, too.
05:13 PM on 04/11/2008
What's new, the only thing you can count on from Obama is the fact that he is a LIAR !
05:46 PM on 04/11/2008
You can't possibly be comparing Obama as a liar to the movie star hillary? Poor baby, sounds like you've had a little of Hillary's Kool-aid. Pour it out honey, because you are loosing brain cells.
04:57 PM on 04/11/2008

Obama is getting positively CLINTONIAN....

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04:48 PM on 04/11/2008
With regard to "public financing", I agree with Sen. Obama 100%.

I am glad that Sen. Obama isn"t taking McCain's bait on this. And for supporters of Hillary Clinton, before you jump on the wagon to attack him on this --- I doubt very much that she would want public financing either given McCain's anemic fundraising record.

Of course, McCain now wants "public financing". Now that McCain sees that he is sadly lacking in his fundraising abilities, he wants to commit to "public financing" along with all of its spending limits and is asking for the Democratic nominee to do the same. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

Too bad for him that he hasn't been able to get the actual "public" to support his misguided campaign for Bush's Third Term.

Why should Democrats handicap themselves when they have a CLEAR fundraising advantage? It is more important to keep this country from going into [an abyss] under a MCBush presidency than to take some lame, self-defeating stand for "public financing".

Besides, as McCain has consistently been bankrolled and subsidized by Washington lobbyists (working for free and lobbying from the back of the Used-to-be-Straight Talk Express) the likely nominee for the Democrats, Barack Obama, has actually been raising gobs of money through truly PUBLIC FINANCING!!!! 1.3 Million individual members of the AMERICAN PUBLIC to be exact!!!!

Sen. Obama's successful grassroots fundraising ALREADY achieves the real objective of so called "public financing" --- to limit the influence of special interests.
06:49 PM on 04/11/2008
So what is the goal here? Real democracy or winning at all costs? Seen it before--Stalin, Hitler, Castro (Chavez?) VOTE ME IN...and then board up the polling places!
08:29 PM on 04/11/2008
let's just put something in perspective: 1.3 million contributors before April is unprecedeted and amazing.

But this is just 1 out of every 300 Americans.

Yes, he's done something where he has so many individual, small dollar contributors that he is only accountable to everyone equally.

But I, for one, gave money to Obama because of his support for good government issues like this. Backtracking on this betrays the very people who made him strong in the first place.