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10:38 PM on 09/19/2011
One word to describe this damn article is RIDICULOUS!!! WOW.. It is definitely not ok to experiment on new borns, young children, And just PEOPLE over all! And on top of that being honored for basically being a murderer? Its a damn shame. People didn't read about this in text books because this is what the government kept from us. And if people did read about the American Mengele somewhere it was sugarcoated and put together in a way to make this corrupt man look like a hero. There is no excuse for this and like the last paragraph of this article said, Obama's apology just isn't enough.. Its not enough because you cannot bring a life back from the dead or cure a std given to innocent people. This is something i can connect to how we are living today and that is because since the people who were being experimented on were blind to the fact that it was happening couldn't do anything about it. The government made them believe their voice wasn't important or made a difference and that's how the government wants to make us feel present day. But students like my class mates and I are aware about whats going on and we will make a difference..

10:20 PM on 09/19/2011
Its sickening to know how these people treat humans as some kind of lab experiment. Just because a person lives in another place other than America, or doesn't obtain much money, does not mean they have no say on whether or not they can be tested upon. It is not fair how innocent beings have to suffer due to the curiosity of scientists who are rather narcissistic by putting the lives of others on the line. I understand that pharmaceutical companies want to advance and obtain cures for diseases that are currently pronounced incurable, but that is by far NO JUSTIFICATION for the numbers of people that have been killed. Awareness amongst this controversy is fundamental, we can not let this keep happening.
10:18 PM on 09/19/2011
This is just plain disgusting. But an apology? Really? That isn't enough no.. Not at all. Thousands of humans were tested like little guinea pigs. Why would they infect the lower class with diseases? I just want to hear their response or answers to what we have to say or question! All this information is just mind blowing because this article includes facts! I love it
10:06 PM on 09/19/2011
After reading this article it gives you a sence of knowledge towards the mengele. Before reading and discussing this issue in pablo's class i had no idea what was a manegele or who did it have to with. injecting people with out there consent is one of the worst thing you could ever do because they would just go home and spread it around because they dont noe there inffected. i think this issue should not be hiden to the world and it should be tought in ever social studies class instead of hidding it to the young adults. life about tryning to fix your errors not hide them. if we but this out there maybe it will never happen again. and as for president obama i think the guatemalans diserve more than just a apology.
09:55 PM on 09/19/2011
This Article had me think a lot. The reason why i say this is because knowing what these people and children went through, and dying because of this medical abuse. These experiments were very dangerous to even go through.. It gave people infections or they either die. So this was a crazy and sad of what Mengele had did!!
09:42 PM on 09/19/2011
This article is just disappointing. Its disgust me knowing Mengele would do such an cruel thing. Why didn't he test it on himself to see how he'll react to having an STD. It was so unfair to those folks who died. Saying sorry isn't going to bring back those lives but its a sign of respect and i truly think Obama feels terrible for hat happened years ago.

- Yaritza Guante
Junior in University Heights High School
09:41 PM on 09/19/2011
It’s unbelievable how people always seem to know about these cases, but action is only taken when it’s already too late. The individuals taking part in these inhuman experiments are called “researchers” or “doctors.” Do these titles make it okay to take part in such monstrous and cruel behavior? The craziest part is that these people see nothing wrong in what they do, and that others admire them. At the moment, an American company is testing drugs on children in Nigeria. Yes, on children. This isn’t a secret; it seems to be out in the public, and what is being done about it? Nothing. The government probably takes action after all the harm is set and done with. Obviously, the government doesn’t care much about anything since there is a statue of Dr. J. Marion Sims in Central Park. This is a statue glorifying a man who turned African American woman into lab rats. I’ll admit it that I never knew that until reading this article, and I’m glad Alan Singer is throwing it out there for the public to know. Now, it doesn’t seem like anybody is looking out for these poor groups of people who have to endure the “experiments”. These "doctors" are taking advantage of people that have no means to defend themselves, and they are getting away with it.
10:22 PM on 09/20/2011
Is there anything that people can do to prevent this from happening again?
09:40 PM on 09/19/2011
While reading this article I couldn’t really believe this apparatus still goes on. How they use African American women and men and Hispanic men and women like if they were guinea pigs like if they didn’t have a right to live on this Earth just because they were colored. It’s comical of what the world has come to and it’s pretty much heartless and frail too how they would just experiment on innocent women, men, and children. And how they crown this man “Dr.Sims” with a statue in front of central park just makes me deem where everyone’s head? that they would actually grant that. And how Obama thinks everything would just be better with just an apology is just humorous.
09:39 PM on 09/19/2011
Shame on mengele I dont understand what type of sick person would invent something like that.I find it mest up because he was using the lower class for all his experiments. I feel like the government always got something to do with anything with putting us the poor people down because of course they wont dare do that to the ritch people.
09:33 PM on 09/19/2011
I am honestly depressed by this article. In almost a literal sense, because this medical abuse and essential slavery done unto the Guatemalans is unjust. Sure some medical advances have been made, but at an unfortunate and very disturbing cause. There is very little that can rectify this. Much less, a very simple and utterly empty: "I'm sorry." To promote Dr. Cutler's accomplishments and showcase him as a revered individual without the locals having proper knowledge of his prior studies, is ridiculous.
09:28 PM on 09/19/2011
While reading this article, I really felt disturbed. I got mental images from a movie I had seen where they tested twins and injected their eyes to change eye color. I find it so messed up that they use healthy humans as tests. I feel angry and ashamed because I love obama and all, but a simple sorry can't make up for what they did to the guatemaleans.
09:24 PM on 09/19/2011
This is legit the worst thing ive ever heard of. Mengele is a sick person for even doing this to innocent people, just to see how they would react / take it. Did he expect these people to jump of joy because they had an STD? Of course no one would react happy about it, most of these STD's include death in them. This is sick. I respect Obama for apologizing to Guatemala's president about what happened even if it was hundreds of years ago, but thats obviously not going to fix anything, actions speak louder than words. if i was him i would burn down that statue they have on 5th ave. we're not suppose to praise people who hurt others, no one should.
09:22 PM on 09/19/2011
I am EXTREMELY ENTHUSED to become a Bio medical Engineer and following up that career with being a doctor who won't treat patients unfairly by class and color. Now on the apology of Mister Barack is very disappointing. I expected better from him and from America at least. Which is sad cause i said AT LEAST If they admit they wrong they have to pay that country. So wheres money ? This world is cold.
09:22 PM on 09/19/2011
I recorded my thoughts before and after i read the article to comment better than what i did last time so this is going to be LONG. (i warned you!)

Before reading the article i took the topic personally off the back. Getting information (feedback) based off the topic and dig at the root of it with Pablo and my classmates made me highly upset; because not only am i mixed with Black PuertoRican and Indian, i am mixed with Guatemalan as well. Which means this is messing with my head not only with me "wearing the same shoes as the Jews" (showing sympathy) I walk in them as well. To add on i do not believe in using others or animals as guinea pigs ESPECIALLY against they will. I cant say this was not expected. But this was heard very much to soon.

To begin with i cried from beginning to end of this article. I am truly Upset. While reading the article i ran down the stairs of memory and i remembered his name from a documentary on channel 13 about him being obsessed with twins in Specific areas Brazil, Africa and India. So we all know that was tweaked and cant happened all naturally now. Now reading the whole profile of this guy and others i am highly angry as a future doctor.
08:56 PM on 09/19/2011
Reading this article is was made me really upset and its disgusting what they do. Experimenting on humans is horrible! What type of person does that -___- many men and women died due to these experiments and they see nothing wrong with it. I especially think the part where they experiment on people of abnormalities is completely heartless and people like that are what's wrong with this place! I really don't give a fuck what there trying to do its killing people and that's not right at all. The people who were involved in the syphilis experiment deserve more then just lifetime medicals benefits! To me what takes things over the top and what outrages me is the fact that now the biggest pharmaceutical company is experimenting on children! -____- ARE YOU KIDDING! That's the worst. I don't care if there trying to find cures for problems they are children and already ELEVEN had to die >:o that will never be right!!! I think president Obama's apology is bullshit and is definitely not enough!