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11:50 AM on 04/16/2008
I would guess the flag that you see is the Mississippi state flag (next to the Indiana state flag). No doubt the photograph who took this spent a great deal of time getting in position to take this particular shot.
11:49 AM on 04/16/2008
Surely that can NOT be a CONFEDERATE flag....can any further explain ? Sure appears to be one... and we all realize Bush just marking off the calendar til he can escape back to Crawford..ALso caught the meet and greet there at the WH this AM, after the usual, Geroge and Laura headed him over to a reception line where one blonde fem grabbed the Popes hand and grasped it to give it a "kiss"....he, the Pope looked a bit amused at the OVERREACH, that is generally NOT acceptable protocol...NOt sure who that was, she was just to the right of the Cheneys (who but nodded) and at the head of the reception line...Did any catch the close up of our dear Bush as the Pontiff's "anthem" played ?..He was bopping his head in time to the musical beats...he has such a problem at functions, his twitchings and etc and then of course, there is the dread that comes when it IS his turn to speak....!!!
11:52 AM on 04/16/2008
Mississippi flag. Same thing though. Gotta be proud of that seditious history. Traitors.
11:48 AM on 04/16/2008
Not often you see a President who condones torture telling an ex-Nazi Pope his speaking style is "awesome."

Our President is truly a cool Dude.

It makes me soooooooooooooo be an American.
11:48 AM on 04/16/2008
Bush was impressed that someone could speak a sentence and not mispronounce a single word. A feat he is incapable of doing.
Information over indignation
12:11 PM on 04/16/2008
Don't misunderestimate!
11:46 AM on 04/16/2008
Wow I see I am not the only one that saw the Confederate Flag flying behind the pope? what the hell ? ( seriously the Ex Nazi- Klan Question is critical)....Another question Has a Pope ever given a Speech at the Whitehouse with An Invited Audience ? ( I don't remember....)
11:44 AM on 04/16/2008
I Missed the "G*d D*mn" America part.
11:44 AM on 04/16/2008
Yeah thats pretty jacked up. He looks evil to begin with anyways so I'm not that shocked.
12:59 PM on 04/16/2008
"He looks evil "...

well his last job before getting 'kicked upstairs' was running the successor to the Inquisition... presumably his Nazi / SS background qualified him for that job as there weren't any more camps to run...

...ah, but the young boys... :-p

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11:44 AM on 04/16/2008
Yeah, what's the Confederate flag doing there?
Bedrock & Barack Rock!
11:44 AM on 04/16/2008
Nice to see he can't even improve his vocabulary for the pope.

What an idiot and embaressement this doofus is
11:43 AM on 04/16/2008
I was going to ask the same exact thing! What's with the single most un-American symbol, the confederate flag, why the yellow fringe around it? Are we rolling out the best or the owrst of us for the pope? Who cares what idiot boy said. We know he will say somethign stupid. I want to know who put that damn rebel flag in there! Damn the confederacy!
11:42 AM on 04/16/2008
Why is a Confederate Battle Flag flying behind that old, ex-Nazi? What is this, a Klan rally?
11:38 AM on 04/16/2008
"Yer doin a hecuka job, Popey!"
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11:38 AM on 04/16/2008
Thank you America for electing the first poet President.

11:37 AM on 04/16/2008
Why is there a confederate flag in the background?
11:40 AM on 04/16/2008
to honor the rich heritage of conservatism
11:40 AM on 04/16/2008
You just read my mind!! How is it possible that this is acceptable?