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ugot 2bkidding
08:39 AM on 09/21/2011
"The acts in question are alleged to have taken place six years ago." And it took so long to report because why?
07:25 PM on 09/21/2011
How about embarrassment, being shameful, thinking it was somehow their fault, feeling sorry for the abuser (the latter sounds strange, but, it's the same thing as battered wife syndrome).
Performing Singer Songwriter
08:32 AM on 09/21/2011
I guess it's OK to be a Cougar as long as you stay away from the Cubs? ":O)
08:30 AM on 09/21/2011
After reading some of the comments, I still find it strange how some persons think. Because it's a woman sexually abusing a boy then it's okay, but if this was a man committing these acts the hanging jury would be out to get him. And for those of you already thinking it: No, I am not a man doing these same things to any underaged person, I am just appauled at the double standard.
Plus que change,plus c'est la meme chose!
03:43 PM on 09/21/2011
And I'm just "appalled" at your poor spelling ability! "appauled"?
You might as well have said "appetered"! (LOL)
Performing Singer Songwriter
08:27 AM on 09/21/2011
The boy that complained to his Mother probably just realized, hey, I'm Gay and that WOMEN abused me...Yuk... ":o)
08:26 AM on 09/21/2011
Sicko! so ugly yet she takes advantage of these 'drunk' youngsters.
08:51 AM on 09/21/2011
I agree she is very ugly but those in glass houses should not throw stones, or at least don't post their photos. You are even uglier than she is, foo.
Life's a series of lil' miseries each 1 different
09:15 AM on 09/21/2011
Live, Laugh and Love.
08:23 AM on 09/21/2011
The boys were probably bragging about it, what did she see in boys that young?
08:56 AM on 09/21/2011
You're kidding... or you're probably so old and demented that you don 't remember how young teenage boys are like the Eveready bunny, only sweeter! ;)
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08:16 AM on 09/21/2011
Lucky boys. When I was that age I would have humped a fence post. Oh wait..... whether we're 13 or 73...... most of us would still hump a fence post. I wish some experienced female had "abused" me like that back. Ahh..... the perpetual erection of youth.

The boy who told his mom was probably not complaining.... he was bragging.
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08:35 AM on 09/21/2011
That's for sure!
09:14 AM on 09/21/2011
Where were these women when I was in Little League?
08:43 AM on 09/21/2011
A-men brother. When I was 19, I was so called "abused" by a 43 year old divorcee. It's one of the best memories that I have. They say they're worried about the teens safety. What exactly are they protecting them from? Maybe underage drinking. The only other safety I can think of is telling them to wear a condom.
08:15 AM on 09/21/2011
'The World of Heterosexuals is a Sick and Boring Life' Aunt Ida
08:14 AM on 09/21/2011
Good ole double'd all be freaking if Daddy was messing with the cheer squad under the age of 16. Why can't we let kids be kids for the short time they can?! I am aware that teens have sex but within their age group is not illegal or disgusting for that matter. I am not condoning teen sex but I'm not ignorant either. A pedophile is what it is, male or female...period!
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08:54 AM on 09/21/2011
We are all Animals when it comes to Sex, Men, woman, yes, and Children.
Education starts in the Home, If not, it starts out of the Home.
The Mom didn't Murder anyone, just provided pleasure that the teens were seeking out.
06:15 PM on 09/21/2011
If you are in fact a parent and this happened to your daughter would you be so smug?
06:23 PM on 09/21/2011
It is most unfortunate that you raised your children as "animals"...your words. Most of us have not. If we were ALL animals as you say then this world would be extremely overpopulated and disease ridden. Speak for yourself and by looking at your picture I'd say you are living in your own little sex filled fantasy land...good luck with that.
08:09 AM on 09/21/2011
The boy probably turned her in because she wouldn't give him some more.
truth be known...
08:07 AM on 09/21/2011
our world continues to amaze
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08:02 AM on 09/21/2011
this probably happens more often than the public hear. i know of a woman who would have her daughter bring teenage boys to her apartment. she tried so hard to be a teenager instead of a mother. i am waiting for the day that the childs mother finds out.
08:01 AM on 09/21/2011
where were these women when I was a kid?
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08:56 AM on 09/21/2011
They were there, you were not agressive enough?
09:52 AM on 09/21/2011
Probably stayed home with TV... shoulda got an after school job delivering newspapers/groceries and mowed lawns... there are herds of lonely/bored/horny housewives out there whose husbands ignore them, and most are darned good looking, and all are extremely grateful. It was very easy to bicycle around to the back door, put the groceries in the kitchen, take the phone off the hook, and spend an hour playing, the neighbors never noticed like they would with a strange automobile parked out front. And age has nothing to do with it, I've seen lots of 44 year old women who in their birthday suit put women half their age to shame. I don't know why one wouldn't think a 16 year old fellow would find a 44 year old women unattractive, every normal 66 year od man would think she's Lady Godiva. They purposely made her look frumpy in that picture... wake up people... most 20 year old women won't leave home without their make up.
08:00 AM on 09/21/2011
whats the big deal she was just pucking around,and they were goal tending
07:53 AM on 09/21/2011
Would it be better those young boys got your young daughters pregnant... that mom was performing a community service. The puritans got their heads where the sun don't shine and they're lying through their teeth... sex wasn't invented yesterday... many of the naysayers are doing the very same. As a young teen I delivered newspapers and on collection day guess how I got tipped, and that was more than 50 years ago, nothing has changed and that's a good thing, youngsters need to learn from experienced teachers, my first serious girlfriend was 15, her mom tended to my needs. That women's only crime was in not being discreet. Supplying alcohol to minors was a far larger indiscretion... and anyone thinks those teens wouldn't drink anyway needs to visit their Proctologist to extract their lying head. And looks hasn't a whit to do with it, hardly anyone keeps their eyes open during sex... homely gals are far better in the rack anyway.
07:58 AM on 09/21/2011
penmart: I've just become your Number 1 fan!!
08:10 AM on 09/21/2011
You sir obviously need to see a therapist. You are the classic example of a victim. While I do feel sorry for you (for too many reasons to mention) I pray to God that you are not a parent.
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09:07 AM on 09/21/2011
I visited a Female Therapist once, she was so enthralled with my conservation about a sex problem to a point that she started touching herself, but refused to solve my problem.
09:24 AM on 09/21/2011
I'm a parent, I'm a grand parent, and I'm an athiest... but mostly I'm a realist. It's healthier (emotionally and physically) for teens to have their first sexual experiences with a mature adult. I don't think any responsible parent would rather their fifteen year old children make babies, not enjoy the one minute act, and be ruined sexually and emotionally for life. Taboos are nothing more than prejudices instigated by the insecure and weak minded. I'm very against the boozing and drugging but sex is healthy... that's how we all got here, even you. People like you want to make masturbation a felony.