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03:41 PM on 04/20/2008
Clinton is focussed on destroying Obama and Dems. She knows she stands no chance at the nomination. She has been trounced at every run and she is now losing on every imaginable indicator. Yet she, her lying philandering husband and a few old Clintonistas are still more interested in nothing but another Clinton regime. Do not donate to them; send the to Chappaqua.
03:21 PM on 04/20/2008
BTW good article
03:20 PM on 04/20/2008
Clinton and "mild" shouldnt even be in the same paragraph. She has been attacking him since she accused him of plaigerism. Then she stood on a stage screaming "shame on you Barack Obama" like he was a child. Nothing mild about Hillary. Her harshness and over emotional lashing out is what makes people switch from her to Obama.
There must be a way...
03:12 PM on 04/20/2008
What is interesting to me is that I don't think people have any idea how much restraint Senator Obama and his campaign has shown in not attacking the Clintons heavily on all sorts of issues and circumstances that they could have....

11:54 PM on 04/20/2008
He's in a no win situation that way...

If he got pissed off and fired back, he's accused of being negative and attacking.
If he shows how stately and unflappable he is, they try to apply the "wimp factor".

The bottom line is even his detractors see what brilliant possibilities are in this man. They just hate that he's not "their guy".

He's got class. They do NOT.
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12:01 AM on 04/21/2008
This is so true. I see many reasons -- not wanting to play the old-style slash and burn politics to begin with, not wanting to hurt a fellow Democrat (let's stick to the issues), not wanting to hurt the Clintons themselves -- stalwarts of the Democratic party, not wanting to be rude to a lady, and finally, not wanting to disenfranchise HIllary's voters.

I can't wait to see how direct, strong, and quick Obama will be with McPander -- it's going to be a new show, and something to see!
01:29 AM on 04/21/2008
I guess the only thing we need to worry as fas as McSame goes is sympathy for his pathetic performance. Let me guess, thats when the media jumps on the "unfairness" of the GE debates.
02:57 PM on 04/20/2008
Great post, I agree with you!!!
Cogito ergo sum. Cogito.
02:52 PM on 04/20/2008
It is funny you attack Clinton for Rovian tactics then riddle your article with a few of your own. Clinton alledgedly says Obama can't win because the Republicans will " " (fill in the blank). You attack Clinton for it. Then you say Clinton can't win because of "Clinton fatigue", "Clinton doesn't represent change", etc. etc.

Clinton has been very mild in her attacks on Obama. She waited far to long to go after him. If you fear the little pinpricks she's created about Obama's patriotism, you'll go apoplectic when the Republicans go after him. The Clinton campaign has been deficient in attacking specifics of Obama's "change". They haven't gone after the obvious contradiction between Obama's necessity to work with the Republicans and any meaningful change. The two are mutually exclusive.

If Obama loses the Pennsylvania primary to Clinton, Obama will not win the general election. You can take that to the bank. He'll be the third coming of Dukakis.
03:17 PM on 04/20/2008
Must be very satisfying to have such a crystal clear, crystal ball. Since you offer absolutely no proof and only conjecture that Obama will be the "third coming of Dukakis" I'll offer my opinion too and say that I think you are wrong and that nothing could be further from the truth. Obama has shown the capacity to attract Independent and uncommitted voters and some Republicans. I think the coalition of voters that will help him win the White House in November will prove the old saying that politics makes strange bedfellows. As far as your worries about working with the Republicans to achieve meaningful change, there are polls that show Obama helps Democrats in downticket races more than Senator Clinton and that we have a better chance of achieving a majority in Congress with him at the top of the ticket.
Cogito ergo sum. Cogito.
04:58 PM on 04/20/2008
My political crystal ball is very good. I predicted Kerry's defeat early in 2004 when he was well ahead of Bush in the polls. The signs were clear. He was setting himself up as the perfect target for the Republicans. As for this election, no modern Democrat has ever won the White House who didn't win the primaries in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There is a reason for that and Obama won't overcome that history.

Obama has been attracting independent voters early on. No doubt about that. But that was before the Republicans go after him. I read these posts about how tough the Clintons are on Obama and can't believe anyone who has ever followed a Republican campaign could even put the Clintons in that league. Evidently, people's political memories are short.

Once the Republicans do their hit job on Obama, his appeal to the independents will fall significiantly. I still think Obama can win the election IF he does well in Pennsylvania. That will show his campaign has resiliency and can appeal to the working class Democrats. If he loses Pennsylvania, he will not win the general election.
03:30 PM on 04/20/2008
No, she has not been mild in her attacks. She has Bill as her tag team out there also not being mild. She certainly has not been mild with her outright lies, and the spin and lies she told to cover up her lie. Bill also, is upfront stage with his lies. So is Chelsea.

They are not mild. This is a primary, not a general election, where it is anything but mild for a Democrat to come out in favor of a Republican instead of the Democrat. She does not have to endorse Obama, but to come out and try to knock down another Democrat and elevate the Republican over him is NOT mild. It is just plain vindictive, mean, cheap and tawdry. That describes the Clintons, the three of them, to a "T"
01:16 AM on 04/21/2008
In all fairness Chelsea hasn't really lied outright our even attacked Sen. Obama in any meaningful way, AFAIK. She has stayed to the stump speech and talking points of her mother.