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07:25 PM on 04/20/2008
all superdelegates who come out for obama can have the next four
years explaining why a mccain whitehouse is better than a clinton one.
07:48 PM on 04/20/2008
That can be explained in one simple sentance: She is even crazier than McCain.
11:40 PM on 04/20/2008
I might not have agreed with you, Notapathetic, until I heard her remarks at the last debate regarding the "nuclear umbrella" and "massive retaliation." Oh, yes, she is even crazier than McCain.
09:50 PM on 04/20/2008
Would you rather have this unstable woman answer the 3AM phone than McCain?
07:23 PM on 04/20/2008
I don't think these superdelegates are connected to the voters enough. I believe if they were to overturn the delegates tally they would tear the party in half. The younger generation of voters would become disillusioned again. African Americans would feel ripped off. The activist base would feel ignored.

If they select HRC at the end of this, I can see protests in the streets of Denver.
07:26 PM on 04/20/2008
I've never been to Denver. But hell, I'm up for the trip.
08:28 PM on 04/20/2008
In 1984 the party wasn't torn in half when Walter Mondale convinced enough superdelegates to give him the nomination before the convention. But of course, that was before he told the world he would raise taxes...not too terribly bright....and he lost to Ronald Reagan.
11:05 PM on 04/20/2008
That didn't include the type of identity politics present today.
11:42 PM on 04/20/2008
There was no candidate with the drawing power of Obama in 1984.
07:22 PM on 04/20/2008
This whole system will be changed after this election cycle. However, if they are elected Super Delegates or planning on running in the future...they better think about some things for a minute.
12:38 AM on 04/21/2008
The system changes each Quadrennial in fact. The big change this year was the enormous frontloading. Most probably this will change by 2012.
07:14 PM on 04/20/2008
They do have a point about not wanting to answer questions, if they did look like they were leaning either way iam sure they would get hammered by both campaigns.