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10:00 AM on 09/26/2011
back in the day, i had a counselor told me ,"you choose to be happy or sad." it always stuck with me ever since. this, added to that, makes complete sense.
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09:31 AM on 09/26/2011
Great article, but the drama of the example of a bad accident probably puts people is a heightened state of action. Seems like the day-to-day reality of some of our more permanent and constant situations are with us 24-7, and we don't always realize our part in it all, since seeing results are anything but immediate.
Not if a pipeline will break, but when.
09:21 AM on 09/26/2011
Many years ago I was driving through Utah. It was a time when there were many crimes happening on the roads. The radio was constantly playing LDS service announcements encouraging people to stop and aid motorists on the side of the road regardless of possible danger. Good samaritanism is prevalent out West.